The Twilight Saga

This wolf pack and group of best friends thought they have seen it all.

From fights to vampires to failing the midterms.

But there is one species they didnt knew was real.


A group of girls have showed up at school and no one knows what they came from.

The girls dont even know,

They know nothing about the human world.

Strange things start to happen now that these girls are around, and the wolves are set to find out what it is. But can they stop themselves from imprinting?


Boy and Girl

Dont Ditch

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Rain Triton


Rain is very hyper and bubbly, she normally acts like a child. Everything catches her attention. She loves to ask questions and find out everything about everything she knows nothing about. She is very friendly and talks to everyone. She also loves bright colors. She can control weather to, just like her father


Brad Hayes


Brad sometimes thing he is leader of the pack, but knows he is just the brother of the leader. He can be hard headed and is the bad boy of the group. He has a soft spot for animals and for some reason has a thing for cats. He will come off as a jerk but once you get to know him he is a sweet heart


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Rain kept watching the fish "it's....barnacles" she said. "I hate it. I never get to do what I want. I have to play bye the rules. It's not fun. It's horrible" she said

Ryan watched as brad pushed opened the door. "Brad?" He asked but his brother just pushed bye them be grabbed arlette's hand and pulled her on inside

Brad blinked as he saw them standing there. "Wh...what?" He asked as he ran that way his sister just grinned at him. He had to being seeing things
Red tilted his head to the side "but you guys came here. That can't be playing by the rules right?" He wondered why she hated it so much. If he was royalty he would love it. A beautiful castle, people love you etc. he chuckled a little "barnacles? Really?"

Arlette watched as Brad ran out the door. She followed Ryan inside "who's that girl standing with Penny?" She asked, looking out the window. It was another wolf and she looked just like Brad. She looked at Ryan who looked shocked. "Ryan?"

Breana ran towards Brad and hugged him tightly. "Ooh I haven't seen you in forever!" She said into his shoulder. Penny smiled at Brad and started backing up, giving them their moment. Brad looked completely shell shocked. "Yeah she's there you're not imagining things" she told him with a grin
Rain giggled "that's a cuss word back home and we are only here because we begged and begge and if a princess begge enough daddy gives in" she said and smiled softly as the waiter came back with water. She looked at it the picked up the salt off the table and poured some of it in her water

Ryan blinked "breana" he said as he went back out side "how?" He asked as e walked down to his brother and sister. Brad has tears in his eyes as they both turned to look at him

"I don't know how but she is back" brad said as he grinned happily looking at his sister. She looked a little older then what she was when she died but that was fine with him

Red laughed when she said that. He watched her pour salt into her water. " the world. Why?" He looked at her. He grinned and took a sip of his water. "Remind you of home?" He said with a chuckle. He watched the fish swim around behind her as if they recognized who she was.

Arlette watched out the window and looked at the girl. She was definitely their sister. Had she been gone for a little bit? Why were they so excited? She slowly walked outside with a puzzled look on her face.

Breana hugged her big brother then looked at them with tears in her eyes. She looked at Brad then pointed back to Penny. "She did. I woke up underwater and she dragged me to the shore." She said. Penny sheepishly smiled, not wanting to interrupt the moment. "Well it was my friend who did everything..."

Rain looked at him. "What? That's how we drink it back home. The water there is salty" she said as she looked back at the fish and smiled. She waved at them and all of the fish started blowing bubbles. "They want to go home"

Ryan blinked "I didn't think this was possible. It was a year ago today when that vampire got a hold of you and now where you are" he said as he hugged his baby sister "wait till mom and dad see you!"

Brad looked at penny and smiled as he wipped the tears from his eyes. He went to her and hugged her tightly "thank you so much"

Red chuckled then watched the fish blow bubbles. He sighed. "Honey you know I would do anything for you but unfortunately that can't be done without both of us getting arrested" he said quietly. The waitress came up and took their order. He asked if they had raw shrimp, saying that in her culture it was really good. She just nodded and agreed to it.

Arlette bit her lip. The girl had died from a vampire attack. She backed away from them. Maybe being here wasn't such a good idea. Brad would be shooting her glares and it would just be uncomfortable. She glanced over at her car. She could just drive home and see Ryan tomorrow right?

Penny hugged him gently back then looked at him "Go hang out with your sister" She said with a grin. "I can go spend the night with Red and Rain". Breana looked back at her and put her hand on her hip "Uh no. I want to get to know my brother's imprint. Considering you're going to be around A LOT" She said with a grin.

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Rain looke at him "why? These fish are being kept here against their will they don't want to be where"

Ryan looked at arlette "where are you going?"

Brad ginned "she is right your stay here"
Red felt bad telling her no "humans don't know that." He said quietly "they think they own the fish and if you were to take them you would be in pretty big trouble" he said softly, wishing she would just drop it. He felt like they were going to start arguing.

Arlette froze and looked at him "um." She glanced at the girl then at Brad then back to Ryan. Breana smiled at Arlette. She had never been afraid of vampires which is probably why she was attacked. "Who are you?" Breana asked, looking at Ryan with a smile

Penny walked up next to Brad and looked at him. She didn't want Breana to feel like she was taking her brother and best friend. To penny, this was a little bit awkward. She smiled a little at Breana and looked at Arlette. "Arlette is Ryan's giirrrlfrrriieend" she teased

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Rain looked at him "they dont like it though, and the humans scare them, Its not fair and its cruel!" she said as she crossed her arms and looked back at the fish, she felt bad for the poor creatures.

Ryan smiled and went to Arlette "this is my imprint, and she is also a vampire, but she wont hurt you are anyone" Ryan said and smiled at Arlette. He kissed her cheek softly and smiled again at her

Brad smiled at Penny then at his sister. He felt so much happier now "and Arlette you can stay here i dont have a problem with it" he said and smiled as he put one arm around Penny and one around his sister


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Red bit his lip looking at her "baby you know I would help them if I could" if he got arrested...the consequences he would face with his family and with his pack would be scary. He felt awful telling her that he couldn't do anything but...he couldn't.

Arlette leaned into Ryan a little bit. She smiled at Breana. "It's nice to meet you" then she looked at Brad. His attitude was so much different when his sister came back. It definitely took her aback but she wasn't going to argue with it. She smiled "oh...thankyou"

Breana skipped to the house and opened the door. She stopped in the kitchen and closed her eyes, remembering everything about it. Penny smiled and walked into the house. The atmosphere felt so much different with Breana in the house. It was happier

Rain just looked at him "but why not? its not right to keep them locked up in there, they havent done anything!" she said as she kept her arms crossed over her chest, she didnt like seeing fish locked up like that"

ryan smiled as he wrapped his arm tightly around her and smiled, he kissed her cheek. "you need top hunt, go while we get all of Breana's stuff back into the house" he said

Ryan smiled he was glad everything was back in place. He looked at his sister "you have missed so much" he said and smiled

Red stared at her "because if I get in trouble, not only do I have to face my dad, which is scary enough, I have to face Ryan" Ryan was always stressing never to get into serious trouble. He couldn't believe they were arguing over fish.

Arlette nodded and took off into the woods. She was incredibly thirsty. She quickly took down a bear and drained the blood from it. After catching a few squirrels, she was finally full. She wiped the blood from her mouth and started walking back to the house

Penny leaned against the counter and watched them reunite. She sighed, wishing she could bring back her mother. But she had been gone for 14 years now. She swallowed and watched how happy Brad was. Breana grinned and looked at her brother. "Well like what?"


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