The Twilight Saga

Melinda Gordon has been able to speak to earthbound spirits since she was little. She helps them cross over into the light. She moves to Lapush to expand her antique store with her husband Jim 6 year old son aiden and 3 year old daughter Lily along with her business partner delia. Both children can see spirits too. One day she meets the spirit of a 16 year old boy called Liam. Liam was a werewolf in life. what's keeping him from crossing over?

Melinda- me

JimSylert Cullen-

Aiden- Chloe

Lily- Natyna







human or ghost

if ghost why have you come for Melinda's help?



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yeah me too,we helped someone before

Right when I started to give up hope I felt her presence."Momma,"I whisper,"she's here."

"carly? come on out

CARLY:"I am here,and I need help.There after me.The'll hurt my family if they don't find me soon.They call themselves the takers."

"Carly you're safe now

"NO!"I scream."I'm not safe until they are gone.They'll hurt my mom and my little brother Kaden if I don't warn them.I vowed to my father before he died that I would carry on his journey.I slipped up once and now i'm dead,with no one to protect my family"

we can help you with that


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