The Twilight Saga

A few Greek Gods have been punished by Zeus, the ruler of the Gods, and have been banished to Earth. They're appearances have been changed to look like mortals. They've been forbidden to fall in love with a mortal. They still possess the same personalities and powers of the Gods they once were. How will they redeem themselves and return to Mount Olympus? 

Boy and girl

Don't Ditch! It drives me up a freaking wall!!!

More than 2 lines per character

You can change the picture but make sure you stick to the personality.


*Note* Some of the stories are changed up a bit but most are accurate


Mortal age: 18

Hercules is known for his strength, heroism and bravery. Ethan, on Earth, is known for being the captain of the football team. To humans, he can do no wrong. He has the looks, the muscles and the brains. He's the one to save the football team. He's the one to take the blame for someone else's deeds, knowing that he wouldn't get in trouble. Guys want to be him and girls want to date him. He doesn't let this get to his head though. He is quite humble, which makes him even more likable. The only thing that could be wrong about him is his temper and his habit of holding grudges.

His strength passed over from Mount Olympus. It is very impressive on human AND God standards.



Mortal age: 17

Poseidon is the 2nd powerful God, behind Zeus. He is the God of the Sea. On Earth, Luke is the captain of the swim team. People can't understand how in the world he can swim so fast or hold his breath for so long but they don't question it. In a world of people like Usain Bolt, things like this aren't questioned! Luke is pretty popular but he lets it get to his head. He is quick to pick a fight with anyone who disagrees with him. As a God, his love interest at the time asked him to create the most beautiful creature for her. And by golly, he did(The horse). If Luke ever finds a girl right for him, he will go the distance for her.

His ability to conjure up and control water passed over from Mount Olympus.



Mortal age: 17

Athena is the Goddess of war, wisdom and the arts. On Earth, Lucy is pretty quiet. Her artistic abilities are amazing and her intelligence. Wow! She is very smart and is always in the chem lab mixing chemicals and doing experiments, trying to understand Earth. She isn't too popular but that doesn't bother her. Why would she let something so petty bother her?! Don't insult her because she is quick to come up with a sarcastic remark.

Her intelligence is impressive on human standards and God standards.



Mortal age: 18

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, lust and beauty. Aphrodite has a natural ability that draws people to her. On Earth, Kalina's name literally means love. She is that girl everyone loves to love. She's beautiful, sweet and likable. Kalina never uses her power for evil. She knows how love works and knows what to do with it. A few people don't like Kalina because of her popularity but she is so busy with her important job that she is completely oblivious to it. She is very strict with the others. NO LOVE WITH MORTALS.

She is still in charge of the love in the world, because theres no better person to do it.

P/B: Peter Pan




love interest





love interest: Lucy

Oliver is your typical jock. He plays football, runs track, and plays hockey all in the school year. He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but he means well. He's a sweetheart once you get to know him. He really does try in school but he always comes up a little short. If theres one thing he loves, it's the history of Greek Gods. He could read about them all day.

Peter Pan

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Looks interesting

Aspen; Perciphony
mortal age: 17
Perciphony is known for being kidnapped from her mother by Hades and then being forced to marry him. On Earth, Aspen is known for being gentle and loving flowers like her mother. She is shy and especially around boys after the whole Hades thing. Guys love her, girls are friendly to her face but are jealous behind her back. She takes it all in stride though. She is very sweet and humble, which makes her friends with Lucy.

Can i also play ethan?

I'll join!

And, um, since I'm an awful person, it's spelled Persephone. c: 

Ik in some cultures it's spelled like that, but because it's my middle name and my mom spelled it this way i figured it would be ok to write it like so :/ if you would like me to change it i will though

yeah, but that's how it's spelled in the greek mythology. 

In certain greek mythology texts yes.

Kasadee Talbott



Kasadee is unquestionably confident. The reason being? She couldn't care less about high school drama. It really doesn't matter in the long run. She's kind of sassy, almost without realizing so, she just has a natural response to reply when people say things to her. It's almost as if she doesn't have a brain to mouth filter. She gets distracted easily, things just don't easily hold her attention, can't really sit still for too long, which is why she does so much. You name it, soccer, tennis, track, swimming, dance, she does everything. It's like she has endless amounts of energy, never running out. She's horrible with rules, if you tell her not to do something, it's like she absolutely has to do that. Reverse psychology doesn't work on her, either, she's not stupid. She's actually smarter than more people would expect from her; aside from the blond stereotype, she has so much on her plate that it seems like she just can't possibly have time for anything else. She doesn't like for people to see her when she's weak, and absolutely hates crying. She's not a goody-two-shoes, and people who act like they're perfect annoy her. She loves to argue with people, and rarely lies, she knows you can get mixed up in them, and it's too much drama for her.

riot | / astrid 

Alec | Hermes


Hermes is - was - the messenger of the Gods, free to move between the human and mortal worlds as much as he wanted to. He was actually under-appreciated on Olympus, humans never knew what he did totally either, but he was the god of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, fish, even a guide to the Underworld. But still, he's only known for being the messenger. It's probably because he never knocked anyone up - cough, cough, everyone else. On Earth, his sarcasticness transferred, but he's definitely more popular among the humans, though notably less than everyone else. He makes sure that he spends less time with the other Gods, but he probably blends in with the other humans most, and not his siblings. After, and during school, it's hard to find Alec, and he still doesn't really answer to Alec, if he had the choice, he would've kept the name Hermes. It's better than anything else, anyways. He's good at watching things, and pretty much knows everything that goes on with the others, because who would be the messenger if you couldn't read between the lines? While Aphrodite keeps warning them about falling in love with the humans, he'd just roll his eyes. Because he'd been going to Earth longer than they'd been there, he's seen more humans than he can count. He doesn't need her advice, thanks.

He's still a pretty good thief. Never gets lost, either.

riot | / astrid

// sorry it took so long, started to draw & got distracted :3

Athenea? Boy coming

Yeah I realized that but I liked the name Hercules better. And yup all of you are approved. Sorry it took so long! The barn I work at was doing hay today. IT TOOK 8 HOURS.

Plus Hercules is a demigod. I really want to join this rp.

I don't double. I want to join but I don't like to double.


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