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Co-Written with Ellie and Tayler
In Romania there are a huge pack of wolves, Grey wolves to be exact, and they have their Royal family like the vampires have the Volturi, their Royal family are the Lupei. The Luepi have one son that goes to America for an exchange program and while there he is accompanied by his friends on four. While there, they each meet their mate, but the girls aren't wolves, they are half wolf, well some of them are wolves and know, but are not allowed to tell the friends that aren't wolves. So how will the guys explain to the girls that they need to go with them to Romania and bond with them?
Each wolf only has one mate, and when that mate dies they die. But they need to complete the mating bond, first the male mate gets a tattoo added onto his tattoo and his female mate also gets a tattoo that fits into his like a perfect puzzle. Also only the alphas have tattoos that go around the front and back of his body, so that no matter how he stands people can see that he is the alpha.
The male wolf will know who his mate is because, first they are able to talk through thoughts and they having the matching tattoos, but also the mates can't stand to be away from each other for long periods of time.
*You can crush on someone, but it doesn't mean that they have to be your mate*
*Also the male wolf usually calls his mate by a nickname like Luna or something*
Name: P/B:






Human Look:

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Chasity Pierce: Sammi


Mate/Crush: Mason:

Chasity is a sweet loving girl, with her mother and father perfectly happy. Chasity knows that she's a wolf and loves it, she can turn into a grey wolf with little hints brown and gold in them. She is a loving person and is very sarcastic when this get serious and pressure is put on her. Chasity loves helping people and knows that once she finds her mate she would go with him to get his female Alpha and help him control the pack. She is serious about her job and doesn't let people control her, she loves to have fun her friends when she is with them though.

Role: Daughter of Alpha, and mate with Romanian Prince.

Other: Chasity is the captain of the dance and track team, but she also plays tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, and is in gymnastics.Wolf Look (If Wolf):Carter Lupus: Sammi


Mate/Crush: TBA

Carter is a good family friend of the royal family. He is the Prince's guard and will protect him at any time. They grew up together so they are great friends. He is about 6'1 in height, just like most wolves. He is charming and a flirt, but when he needs to be he is protective, mean, and is a great fighter. He went with the Prince, because the Alpha of their pack ordered it and he wanted to come anyways.

Role: Prince's Friend/ Guard

Other: He plays football,lacrosse and runsWolf Look (If Wolf):

Parker Brooks : Ellie:3

Age: Seventeen

Mate/Crush: Tba

Personality/Bio: Parker Parker Parker, what can be said about this crazy girl. She basically grew up with Chastity, and most of the pack members. Overall personality, she is stubborn, crazy at times, outgoing, bubbly and laid back. She does suffer from Attention Dephisite Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD). She currently lives on her own in an apartment, with her rabbit she named Mojo. Both her parents are out of the picture. Both died in a accident 2 years ago. She currently works as a waitress at the local diner to pay off bills.

Role: Chastity's Best friend and Pack Member

Other: Captain of the Gymnastics team.

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Andrew Dimir "Andy" ; Ellie

Age: Eighteen

Mate/Crush: Tba

Personality/Bio: Not much can be said about Andrew's History. All he can say is he has a father and his mother left when he was very young. Personality wise, he is more of the silent type enough that people forget that he is there, he is also laid back and easy going. He can also be very protective at times.

Role: Prince's Friend/ Part of the guard

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Addison Pierce: Perry



Addison is Chasity's little sister. She and her sister are pretty close. Addison didn't get any wolf gene. Addison is quirky and strange. She is very outgoing and very smart. She can hack into almost anything. She often talks very fast and has a scatter brain. She loves making souffles. (someone please catch all of the doctor who references in that)

Role: Chasity's sister

Other: she loves to surf and do gymnastics

Mason Rossin: Perry

Mate/Crush: Chasity

He is the wolf prince of Romania. He will remind you of it constantly. He is arrogant and conceited and stuck up. All of it is his guard. Once you really get to know him you will find that he is loving and protective and sweet and caring. He has a very large temper.

Role: The Princey

Other: he loves to play just about every sport there is.

Wolf Look:

Minnie Waters: Peter Pan

Age: 18

Mate/Crush: Carter (

 Minnie comes from a very rich family that moved from Beverly Hills a while ago. She was raised spoiled rotten! Minnie is the mean girl in school. She knows everything about everyone (that's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets ;D). And if you get on her bad side, she can ruin you socially within a day. She is often clashing heads with Chasity but Minnie is a very loyal friend. She is very protective over her friends and hopes her mate is like that too. 

Role: Resourceful friend and pack member

Other: She's very catty

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Oliver Wesley: Peter Pan

Age: 17

Mate/Crush: TBD

Personality/Bio: Oliver is quiet but VERY observant. He is the type that blends into the background but has information about people if asked. He is good friends with Mason and was brought to the US just because he is very persuasive with the alpha ;D. Also because he performs well under pressure and if anything were to happen to the prince, he would be a good resource.

Role: Friend of mason

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Xander Ryde: sail.

Age: Eighteen

Mate/Crush: Mia?

Xander is one of the sweetest guys on earth. He would never ever let anyone be sad around him. He always love being a light in the room. He can be cocky sometimes but usually he isn't, he loves to plays sports and games with all the guys and he loves getting dinner for the ladies. 

Role: Pack member and friend of Andy

Other: He loves cliff diving and photography.

Lacey Brianne Jacobs: sail.

Age: Seventeen

Mate/Crush: She likes Oliver

Personality/Bio: Lacey was raised in a tough family and environment. He older brother died of leukemia when he was fifteen and she was eleven and her mother and father were divorced when she turned 8. She never saw her father ever again after that. When Lacey got to high school her mother got her everything she wanted/needed to be popular. She was happier, but she was also sad every time someone mentioned her brother's name. No one talks about it often anymore. She now is one of the most popular girls in school and one of the prettiest in the gossip world. 

Role: She is one of the pack members' mate.

Other: She loves to bow hunt.

Matthew "Matt" Berringer
He's kind of a shy boy but once you get to know him he's so sweet. He loves his family and friends. He's very smooth with the girls but he makes it sound cocky too where irks don't want too be anywhere near him. He mostly hangs out with the pack but if he's not with them he's out with his family on camping trips.
Role:Pack member
Human Picture:
Wolf Picture

Mia Simmons



Mia is a pretty intelligent girl but she likes to hide it  thouh. Shes from Chicago, lived with her aunt she never knew her father and her mother died when she was 7. Shes usually with Minnie but she loves hanging out with Chasity and Parker. She loves her friends and will do anything for them no matter what.

Role:Friends with Minnie & Pack Member

Other:soccer, gymnastic,cheerleading

Human Look:

Wolf Look:

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Chasity heard Minnie's comment and rolled her eyes and she saw a wave and started swimming towards it wanting to forget about everything, about all of her problems. As a daughter of two alphas she was a dominant wolf, she didnt back down and she didnt like to look weak. Like her father she didnt let her head be lower than anyone's it showed weakness so when there was a room of people she usually just stood. She had to earn respect from the pack and she did the best she could.

Minnie loved Chasity to death but they sometimes didn't get along. It wasn't a big deal. She watched as they caught a wave. She watched them ride the wave until it crashed. "Wooooh!" She cheered, laughing. "That was so cool!" She yelled to them. She sometimes wished she could surf but could never get over her fear

Chasity smiled as she finished surfing looking at the time she swore running towards the beach. "WE'RE LATE!" She shouted as she threw her clothes on started sprinting towards the car. Motioning for her friends she started the car trying to move faster. "Hurry up!" She shouted opening all of their doors.

Carter smiled as he drove the car. They got up to a gated community and he showed them his idea and they let him in. Looking for the house he smiled and as he saw a house right across a huge house. "At least they got us a decent sized house." He mumbled and parked the car in driveway walking out.
Minnie lept up as Chasity ran by her. She had been asleep in the sun and was a bit disoriented. She grabbed all her stuff and leaped into the car. "What are we late for?!" She closed the door and looked at chasity sitting in the drivers seat. After a few moments she remembered "oh! The foreign guys!"

Oliver looked up at the house "it's pretty nice" he said looking at carter "I mean not exactly royalty nice but it's pretty" he said with a smile. He liked to look on the bright side of things like this. So what if it wasn't dipped in gold and sparkling all the time?
Chasity laughed shaking her head, "No we're late for a pack meeting! My dad is going to have our heads!" She shouted and motioned for all of them to hurry their butts up! She tapped on the wheel waiting for them and rolled her eyes seeing them making their way up slowly.

Carter nodded checking the perimeter for anyone else. He smelt the air and smelt the scent of wolves. "This is a good house for like the middle of nowhere." He said smiling and turned his head. "Look at that house." He said pointing to the one across the street. "It's probably the alphas house since like the beta can live there and the meetings are usually there." He said nodding

Addy jumped into the back of the car."Dad is going to kill us!" she exclaimed wanted Chasity to start driving already, but no they had to wait for everyone to be in the car. She was getting more and more nervous about her dad as the time passed

Mason looked at the front of the house with his boys "It's no palace but it will do for the time being" He told them. To him it was quaint, at least compared to his castle. He began to walk to the front door and he opened it walking inside.

"Oh!" Minnie exclaimed, suddenly remembering. "Oh crap!" She put her hands on her head "We're so dead. So dead. I'm a gonner. My dad's gonna come home from Italy and i'm going to be dead" Her dad was the owner of a fashion line and was often gone. She started getting anxious, waiting for the other girls to get in the car.

Oliver walked in and smiled. It was open and spacious and smelled of ocean water. "I like this." He said quietly. He didn't live in the palace. Sure he'd been there a ton of times but to him, this house was really nice. It seemed peaceful and relaxing. Relaxing. Maybe that's what the prince needed. He glanced at Mason and pushed open a door to a bedroom

Chasity nodded and ran into the house and stopped short seeing her dad right there with his arms. Smiling sheepishly at him she looked at him in the eyes and refused to submit. Glancing at her friends she saw them submitting to him since they didnt really have dominant traits in them. "Sorry we were surfing and lost track of time." She told him confidently. "Just let us change and we'll be right back." She said walking away without being dismissed.

Carter smiled and opened a door finding a nice sleek room just like how he liked it he put his stuff down and stared unpacking. "Everyone find a room?" He asked smiling looking out in the hall. "Don't forget we have a meeting with the alpha about staying here." He said walking out to go find a kitchen.

Minnie glanced away from the alpha. He was the only person she submitted to easily. It was out of respect and not wanting to get in trouble. She watched Chas walk away and looked down. She was still in her bikini. "umm." She started, suddenly feeling a bit awkward "I'm going to go change.." She said quietly, ducking into the hallway and into the bathroom with her bag.

Oliver sat down on his bed and smiled, looking around. He must've gotten one of the older rooms because it didn't seem as fancy as the others. But he was ok with that. He put his bags down and walked out into the hallway. He walked into the kitchen and looked around. The house was open and airy. He loved it

Chasity looked through her closet, since she was the alphas daughter she had to dress nicer than others at the meetings. Sigh she dried her hair and let it dry Inuits soft beach waves. Walking out she looked in the mirror one last time before she walked downstairs. "Lets do this." She said stopping herself from rolling her eyes. Walking into the meeting room she saw all the faces of the pack that se grew up with and smiled at them as she sat down on the stage with her mother and even though her sister wasn't a wolf she was still there.

Carter smiled making a sandwich, he put turkey, ham, and cheese into pita bread and put se mayo in as well. Smiling he started eating and went to look for something to drink, "Guys where's princey?" He asked his mouth slightly full of sandwich. "I haven't seen him since we all got our rooms." He said swallowing his sandwich.

Chasitys outfit-

Addy ran upstairs to her room and pulled out a long maxi dress. She didnt have to dress as nice as her sister because she wasnt a wolf but she still had to look presentable. She then ran into the bathroom and turned on her curling iron. she went back into her room and changed before going and curling her hair. Then she put her hat on and headed downstairs to go with her sister to the meeting. She followed her sister and sat down next to her.

Mason laughed when the guys called him princey. He walked out of his room and down the stairs. "Hey guys im right here" He said sitting down on one of the huge couches in the living room.

Addy's outfit-

Chasity yawned as she say down. Getting ready she smiled and sat up straight as her father walked in and started talking. And when he heard him talk about the traps she nodded agreeing, even though she knew the woods inside and out she was still cautious when running since the traps have been found, because when you get into a trap you don't usually get out. She smiled and raised an eyebrow when he started talking about the wolves coming, she hasn't heard about the wolves only the human boys. And she froze hearing him ask her and her friends to stay behind. "Great." She muttered to Addy.

Eric smiled and started talking "Everyone as you know there have been a few traps that our patrol has found when out, but don't worry they are taken care of. I just caution you all when out for a run." He said looking around. "Also you know that there might be an alliances formed with the eastern and northern packs." He said going through the list. "And finally you all know that we are getting a few visitors from the great Romanian pack, but we are getting some humans I think as well..." He said looking at hem. "So don't talk about being a wolf around then unless you are sure they are wolves." He said and finished the meeting. "Okay everyone that is it please feel free to stay and enjoy lunch, that my wife made." He said smiling looking around. "Chasity you and your friends will be staying back." He noted and watched as the pack started leaving. "Oh if you have any further questions please ask me at lunch." He said giving them a smile as he looked for the girls.

Carter smiled seeing Mason, "Wow great, thanks for gracing us with your presence." He said smiling at Mason. Looking across the street he saw a bunch of cars in tr driveway. "Looks like there's a pack meeting." He commented as he finished his lunch. Raising an eyebrow he counted the cars. There were about 10-14 cars not counting any cars in the garage. "Must be a big pack." He said looking across the street. "Oh mason when is our meeting with the alpha?" He asked turning around to look at him and the others.


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