The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella/Vampire/Werewolfs/Other Supernatural Creatures

Everyone has a secret....will it bring them together or tear them apart?

Plot: Bella is broken when Edward leaves her so she moves to the outskirts of England into a house..but the house is Haunted.When she meets the One Direction boys, she knows something odd is up, they all have a secret. What will Happen?


Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me

Bella is a human and when she moves to the new house, she starts to have nightmares about a boy she never met, and his death, but then she sees him and see that he is alive, but things soon spin out of control, the dreams keep coming back,the blue moon is lurking about and she wants to find out what's going on. She falls for Louis, she sees goodness in him.

Louis William Tomlinson~Katerina

Louis is the oldest and he died in the house when a fire erupted. He is a Ghost, during the day light you can see him in his human form, when the moon is out you see him as a ghost, but with each blue moon you see him as a ghost and you can see the scars on his face caused by the fire he died in. He Falls in love with Bella.

Emily Amelia Jones~Me

Emily is a friend of Bella that lives in England, she has not seen Bella for ages and she is walking through the woods one day, only to get attacked by an un kown Vampire, Zayn comes to her aid and when she awakes, she soon starts to fall for him.

Zayn Jawaad Malik~Katerina

Zayn is the second oldest after Louis, he got turned into a Zombie in a blue moon and he hates the blue moon like Louis. It causes him to the most mean and he is always after Louis during the blue moon. He falls for Bella as well and is jealous when she likes Louis over him, But he then falls for a girl that gets attacked in the woods.

Liam James Payne~Me

Liam was attacked by a Demon in the woods, he thought he was dying but he got turned into a Demon him self. He tries to keep Louis safe during the fool moon from Zayn, but it's not easy. He is the most level headed out of them, even though non of them are humans.



Harry Edward Styles~Me

Harry got turned into a Vampire, he was the last one to lose his humanity. Being the youngest.He tries to help Zayn out when he can, but he worries for both of his friends mostly during the Blue moon.


Niall James Horan~Me

Niall is a werewolf, he died in a car crash, or so he thought, but he found him self lying on the floor in his wolf form when a wolf bit into him. He howls at the moon sometimes, but other then that, he can control him self and when he is human or werewolf.

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Liam: I looked at Zayn and nodded "Yes, they do." I said and sighed when he said he still wants to kill Louis "Zayn fight it, remember it's just the blue moon trying to mess you up." I said and looked at him "Don't think about trying to kill Louis, think about Bella, what do you like about her? just say the things you like about her in your head or out loud, so you can concentrate on that and not on the blue moon and trying to kill Louis for no reason, but for the fact that the blue moon wants you to do so." I said and set my hand on his shoulder "I know you hate this as much as we do, not being human anymore.We hate it too, we wish we would be normal again, but there's not much we can do about that." I said and sighed and patted his back. I looked at the sky and I noticed the blue moon was going away, it soon hid away and the normal moon was out again. I looked at Zayn and I noticed he turned back to his normal self "How do you feel mate?" I said and smiled at him softly

Harry: I looked at Zayn, it was clear he was falling for Bella, let's hope he would be able to control him self around her. For our sake as well as her safety. I smiled at him when he changed back to him self "We better head back inside." I chuckled before I even finished Zayn ran off, he was probably exited about seeing Bella again, we ran after him and we ran to the house and walked in, we all stopped as we saw some sketches, some were of Zayn and some of Louis, One of them was of Zayn and Bella, one of Bella and Louis too. I guess she developed a soft spot for both of them. She was a good artist, they looked like real black and white photographs.

Bella: When I woke up an hour later, I tidied up then I got my art kit out,. I liked to sketch, I took art classes in forks, I had a talent for that. Zayn and Louis were in my mind, so I decided to sketch them. I still picture Louis's shyness in my head, those blue eyes that seemed to be searching for something but were filled with sadness, but Zayn however, the mystery about him, that intrigued me, his warm smile, the way he said he would want to see me later, rather then tomorow morning. All of the sketches looked like black and white photos, every detail correct, to the notch. I then started to picture how I would look like standing next to them, I got out an old photo of me and my dad, I covered my dad up and sketched me and Zayn first, I had no idea why, I guess he was sticking around my mind the most at the moment. Then I sketched Louis and Me, I had to admit, I looked pretty good with both of them. I bit my lip and went upstairs cleaning up my things. When I came back, I walked right into Zayn as I was deep in thought and I blushed and bit my lip as I saw him looking at the sketches "I...I was...just umm...I.."

Niall: I shrugged and walked back in with Louis when we saw Zayn, Liam and Harry running back in the house since the blue moon was gone. I walked in with Louis and blinked when I saw the sketches "Woah.." I blinked "They are amazing" I said as I picked up one, they looked so live like, Bella was really good artist.

Zayn-"I feel much more calmer I guess you could say..." I looked at them then saw Louis. "I'm sorry Louis for trying and wanting to kill you so badly." I felt myself changed then when Harry said something about heading inside, I ran off. I looked at her sketched and smiled. I especially like the one of Bella and me. I saw Bella as we bumped into each other. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you right there. And you have an amazing talent. I really like your artwork especially the one with us two." I smiled at her.

Louis-"Well, dang." I looked at her art work. I smiled when I noticed the one with both Bella and me. I smiled at her. "These are absolutely stunning." I looked at them, "Where did you become an artist? You have a natural gift Bella." I smiled at her, then looked at the other drawings as well. "You should be a professional artist or something."

Zayn-"Yeah you should. You are really good at what you do. I suck at drawing. I can draw stick figures, that's how good I am." I said sarcastically, and laughed a bit. "I mean I can color them too, to make them look pretty. I color in the lines, and don't color outside them." I smiled, looking into her dark brown, mesmerizing eyes.

Louis-I looked at her, and felt something clicked. I felt....I don't know. I felt like I needed to be closer to her-to be more than just friends. Like lovers or something. I needed her to know that, but what if she doesn't like me that way? What if she likes Zayn that way? I mean I see how the way she looks at him. And the way he looks at her....

Bella: I blushed as Zayn bumped into me and I bit my lip "It's okay, my bad I was just daydreaming, which is probably not the safest thing to do in this house while walking down the stairs" I joked and giggled softly "Sorry bad joke" I said and I looked at him "Aww thank you, About the one of us and then the one of me and Louis...that's just well an experiment really, I was bored around the house after I finished tidying up and Art always helps me to relax and calm my self down." I looked at Louis "Oh, back in America I did an Art course for 4 years, I got my degree in Art, History of Art before I moved here.I always liked Art since I was a young girl so I wanted to do in College and get a degree, I am still Persuasing being a professional, when I was in town buying food and what not, I saw an Ad for an Artist, so I'll go down there tomorrow and see if I can get somewhere with this." I smiled softly and looked at Zayn "It's a start Zayn, all artists have to smart somewhere, the main thing is to know how to use pencil and colors, then it's all about technique and perfection. In my art college, they taught us quick methods of how to do portraits, it's really easy and it has only a few steps that are not hard to learn, I could show you if you want, so you can learn more about the art and maybe get better at it your self." I said with a soft smile looking back into his eyes and I bit my lip slightly, I had an odd feeling, it felt like I was falling for Zayn but at the same time for Louis aswell. I felt my heart being torn between the two, I was not even sure why I was falling for both of them, but I knew I was. There was just something about both of them that I found attractive, Louis was more of the mysterious one as he barely looked me in the eyes properly, but Zayn...he was like a bad boy or something, the look in his eyes said it all. It intrigued me.But I didn't want to fall more for either of them, since Edward left, I was scared of getting my heart broken again.



Zayn-"Well I know how to write so that means I know how to use a pencil, and I know how to color drawings. "And it's not a bad joke actually." I smiled. "And I'd lov so that means I know how to use colors. Its just the technique and perfection that I don't get. My technique is just to draw stick figures."I smiled a bit as I looked at her. "I'd love for us to be alone together...I mean like um....together so we can draw...together. I'm sorry I'm not making any sense..." I felt my cheeks turning slightly red. Hopefully, she didn't notice. That would be pretty embarrassing. "What I'm trying to say is that your really beautiful and hot..." My put my hand over my mouth and closed my eyes, wishing that I was invisible. Great Zayn, now sh;es gonna think your like her stalker or something. I can't believe I just said all of that nnosense...well that last part wasn't nonsense. I actually meant that part sort of. It's complicated.

Louis, Niall-We stared at Zayn acting a fool around Bella. Wow...he really knows how to talk to the ladies. We looked at Bella, to see how she was reacting to his foolishness. We tried not to laugh at him, but it was kind of hard not to.

Niall-"What I think Zayn meant was he would like it if you taught him how to draw a self portrait. And he's sorry for acting slow today." I smiled at him, my eyes telling him your welcome. I looked at Bella, "He's just a bit nervous around you."

Louis-"A bit? Stumbling on a few words is a bit. He is talking like he has no brain.."

Niall-"Louis not the time."

Bella: I giggled softly and smiled "I am sure you are not as clumsy as you say you are when it comes to it" I said and looked at him "It's not hard a technique once you get it under control" I smiled at Zayn with a warm smile that reached my eyes and they had the sparkle in them once again and I bit my lip at what Zayn said "It's okay. I get what you mean Zayn, at least I managed to get it from what you said" I said and blushed when he called me beautiful and hot, I noticed him blushing and smiled, it was so cute. I patted his arm softly and then frowned at what Louis said "Louis! What a god Aweful thing to say that about Zayn, just because he stutters a bit when he's nervous does not mean he has no Brain, that would be like saying someone disabled is not a person or that one legged puppy deserves no life!" I snapped at him and glared at him annoyed "How could you be so mean about your friend? he's done nothing wrong, if you're just jealous then you shouldn't be mean, it won't get you anywhere and won't impress me either!" I said and frowned "I suggest you think before you speak and say something insulting about Zayn again in front of me, you're lucky you didn't get a slap from me" I said and shook my head at him and looked at Zayn "I am sorry about what Louis said to you, it was mean and insensitive, it's like he doesn't consider your feelings or mine for that matter, it's not your fault you're nervous,he should know that"

Zayn-I smiled a little, "It's okay. Thanks though." I walked over to her, getting closer to her and looked into her eyes. "I'm sure he didn't mean it though.And yeah...I know I was stumbling sorry about that" I laughed a bit.

Louis-I frowned. "First off, I wasn't trying to impress you. And what are you my Mother? I'm a grown ass man, who doesn't need to be told what to do or say like a child. And you have no idea about anything. And\ I really doubt that he's considering my feelings when he's trying to kill me. So yeah, I'm the one be inconsiderate. Next time you want to say some crap to me about being inconsiderate how about YOU GET A CLUE about Zayn before pointing at fingers at ANYONE! And anyways, it's not my fault either what he tries to do when the blue moon comes, NOW IS IT!!?!?!" My eyes lit up light blue, and now it was more noticeable then before. I walked out of the house to cool off, I started walking down the sidewalk and looked down. Maybe I did go a little to harsh on her. She was only sticking up for Zayn. I mean I was supposed to be his friend, not his enemy.

Bella: I looked at Louis and frowned at him glaring "You have no right to talk to me like that, I am sticking up for your friend here and you just attack me with words...guess you're not as nice as I thought you were." I noticed his blue eyes and frowned and I turned and Zayn was close to me, I nodded at him and sighed, I walked to the kitchen and grabbed something to drink and drank it down, and frowned, I was not in the mood to argue about this with anyone, I was mad at Louis, he seemed so nice yet he lashes out against me when I am sticking up for Zayn, I was confused, I felt attached to both of them, what was wrong with me? I shook my head, I could not let my self fall for either of them more, I'd just get hurt again, I set the glass down on the counter in the kitchen

Louis-I sighed and decided to go back to the house and apologize. I walked into the house and walked pass the boys, not looking at them. I went into the kitchen, "Bella. I'm sorry for yelling and getting mad at you. You didn't deserve to get yelled at. You were just standing up for Zayn, and being more of a friend to him then I am to him. I just got jealous of the way he was with you. I just...I don't know.." I looked down, then looked back up at h er ."I know you probably hate me now, and I guess I'm okay with that. I understand if you don't want to be friends with me anymore." I slowly walked away

Bella:I looked at Louis as he came in to talk to, my eyes filled with sadness and hurt. I listened to him and just kept silent and I looked away as he walked off outside.I closed my eyes and sighed deeply and hugged my self and suppressed any tears.I walked to the hall way and grabbed my coat and walked outside and broke into a ran I needed to clear my head, I ran through the woods in the snow, the snow was still falling and it kept landing in my hair, it made my brown hair sparkle, I kept running and didn't look back. I stopped and leaned against a tree and tears slid down my cheeks. Why was I crying? I had no idea, I was crying over a guy I had an argument with about his best friend, was I am In love with Louis or Zayn? I was sure I was...but it just confused me, I didn't want to get hurt again, I always ended up getting hurt one way or another. My heart could not take any more pain and heartache than it already did, it would just kill and tear me apart.I buried my face in my hands and sobbed into them and I dropped to my knees in the snow.I somehow fell asleep in the snow in the middle of the forest and the snow fell down on me covering me up slowly, I was out cold and freezing, my heart and breath were growing slow and shallow, the cold was getting to me and I was asleep, I could barely move, it was like every inch of my body was frozen, it was dark and I heard odd sounds that woke me up, yet I could not do anything, I could not push my self up or make my muscles work and ran off. I closed my eyes letting the snow fall on me, the snow was dying down now.I took a shaky breath and shivered and closed my eyes tightly, my muscles were aching from the coldness and were rather stiff.I felt my self passing out, blackness swallowed me and I did not open my eyes again. I felt like I was dying...was this death? was God releasing me from my pain and sorrow, if he was, then it was a cold death.

Liam: I was sitting with Zayn and I watched as Louis walked in to talk to Bella, but then she walked off and I sighed. I looked at Louis and at Zayn, this was not going to be easy, if they would argue over Bella like this all the time, poor girl. I sighed and shook my head and I switched on the tv, but Bella was not coming back, she was gone for hours, Zayn was pacing up and down and the others looked worried. "That's it, I am going to find her!" I said and I ran out of the house into the woods, I caught her scent and heard Zayn behind me with Niall and Harry. I followed the scent with the lads until I stopped when I saw Bella laying in the snow, she was covered in snow and her hair looked like it was frozen. I scooped her up and her head fell back as I did, she was stiff and her muscles were barely moving, her heart beat was slow and not that steady. I carried her back to the house with the lads and I laid her down on the bed and covered her up, she looked paler than usual and she was not waking up. I sighed, I saw the tried tears on her cheeks.

Bella: I felt the warmth of the house of the house wrap around me like a blanket and my hand moved a bit after a while, my muscles trying to get used to movement again, my hand searched and it gripped onto something, a cold hand, but yet soft. Louis hand. My breathing was shaking as I struggled to open my eyes and see something, my vision was blurry. I let out a groan of pain and shivered, my body ached from the cold and It was rather painful. My vision became clear and I looked at the lads, who all looked worried for me, I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out, only a shaky cold breath. I took a shaky gasp for breath trembling


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