The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella/Vampire/Werewolfs/Other Supernatural Creatures

Everyone has a secret....will it bring them together or tear them apart?

Plot: Bella is broken when Edward leaves her so she moves to the outskirts of England into a house..but the house is Haunted.When she meets the One Direction boys, she knows something odd is up, they all have a secret. What will Happen?


Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me

Bella is a human and when she moves to the new house, she starts to have nightmares about a boy she never met, and his death, but then she sees him and see that he is alive, but things soon spin out of control, the dreams keep coming back,the blue moon is lurking about and she wants to find out what's going on. She falls for Louis, she sees goodness in him.

Louis William Tomlinson~Katerina

Louis is the oldest and he died in the house when a fire erupted. He is a Ghost, during the day light you can see him in his human form, when the moon is out you see him as a ghost, but with each blue moon you see him as a ghost and you can see the scars on his face caused by the fire he died in. He Falls in love with Bella.

Emily Amelia Jones~Me

Emily is a friend of Bella that lives in England, she has not seen Bella for ages and she is walking through the woods one day, only to get attacked by an un kown Vampire, Zayn comes to her aid and when she awakes, she soon starts to fall for him.

Zayn Jawaad Malik~Katerina

Zayn is the second oldest after Louis, he got turned into a Zombie in a blue moon and he hates the blue moon like Louis. It causes him to the most mean and he is always after Louis during the blue moon. He falls for Bella as well and is jealous when she likes Louis over him, But he then falls for a girl that gets attacked in the woods.

Liam James Payne~Me

Liam was attacked by a Demon in the woods, he thought he was dying but he got turned into a Demon him self. He tries to keep Louis safe during the fool moon from Zayn, but it's not easy. He is the most level headed out of them, even though non of them are humans.



Harry Edward Styles~Me

Harry got turned into a Vampire, he was the last one to lose his humanity. Being the youngest.He tries to help Zayn out when he can, but he worries for both of his friends mostly during the Blue moon.


Niall James Horan~Me

Niall is a werewolf, he died in a car crash, or so he thought, but he found him self lying on the floor in his wolf form when a wolf bit into him. He howls at the moon sometimes, but other then that, he can control him self and when he is human or werewolf.

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Bella: It's been hard since Edward left, I been hurting too much, I knew I wanted and needed to get away. I brought a house in England so I got my things in the car and I drove to the house, it took me hours, when I got there, it was 10pm in the evening. I walked in with my bags and saw pictures of 5 handsome boys on the walls, they must have been the last owners. I carried my bag upstairs, I would unpack later, I flopped on the bed and fell asleep.I needed sleep and I was tired. I turned in my sleep and winced in my sleep, as I felt like fire was around me, I could feel the warmth on my skin, but it didn't burn. I heard some screams...screaming for one boy..I could hardly make out the words, but then it became clear. Louis, they wanted a boy named Louis. I woke up screaming and sweating from my dream and I ran a hand through my hair and shivered as the window was wide open, and it was in the middle of Winter here. I could see blue eyes staring at me, but I ignored it as It was nothing, my mind was just going around a twist. I got up and closed the window and then went back to bed.

I woke up the next day and I cleaned my self up in the bathroom, I then unpacked and cleaned out the cupboard that was covered in dirt and dust and tidied away my clothes. I then walked down to the kitchen and looked around, the kitchen was big and spacious, I must admit the house looks somewhat creepy on the outside but on the inside it's lovely and olden style. I saw a picture of a handsome young boy with blue eyes on the counter. I picked up the photo and blinked, the eyes that stared at me last night. I looked at the back of the photo. It read Louis William Tomlinson October 2012.

I was not really sure what it meant, but it must have been taken at that time. I set it back down, then I headed into town to do the shopping. I came back after 3 hours and saw the front door of the house was open. "Odd I locked the door" I told my self and I walked inside with the bags and frowned when I saw 5 boys in the kitchen "Umm what are you doing in my house?" I said and raised an eyebrow at them.

Liam: At night me and the lads stayed away from the house..our house and now Bella's house, it was on the market as everyone thought we were all dead and no one lived here. but they were wrong, we were all the undead. Later when she was out shopping we were back at the house, she came back and saw us in the kitchen. I looked over at the girl who carried in the bags with the shopping. Poor thing didn't know what was going on. She didnt need to know, or she'd be freaked out. There was no need to scare her. I looked over at Louis and Zayn wondering what they would say or do at Bella's comment

Louis-I noticed her, and looked at her. She was the one I was staring at last night. I looked at her, "We are maintenance. Since the house is really old we try to clean it up more and fix it up. Some of the doors and stairs needed some fixing." I said as I stared at her. Hopefully she didn't notice my eyes-the ones she seen in the picture and/or from her just seeing my eyes. "We weren't aware that a new residents was here...well they didn't. I knew but forgot to tell them about it. "Sorry to disturb you...or more of creeping you out by being here."

Zayn-"Yeah we didn't mean to. We apologize, next time we'll ask first." I said as I  stared at her too. She looks...just woah. She was absolutely stunning. I smiled a little at her. "I'm Zayn." I said, and walked to her but not too close so she wouldn't notice anything that looked "wrong" with me. I watched her and smiled a bit.

Louis-I looked at the clock, then outside to make sure that the blue moon wasn't arriving or else she'd probably be dead. Especially by Zayn...when a blue moon hits, he's at his worst. Literally. He hated it as much as I did. It was always a hassle to stop him when he was his "ugly" side. He'd always tried to get me and kill me. I looked at Bella then looked away trying not to make eye contact with her so she wouldn't notice my blue eyes.

Bella: I looked at Louis who spoke first and blinked when I saw those blue eyes, but didnt say anything to let him know I saw his eyes in the middle of the night "Oh, I brought the house as it was on the market and I didnt know the maitenance were supposed to be coming today, I was going to call for them later, but seeing you here saved me the job of doing so." I said and smiled at him softly. I nodded "I noticed, I think the window in my bedroom is bit old, it keeps opening up in the middle of the night, so it might need some fixing, like the stairs,the ceiling in one of the rooms too. I could make a list of all the things that need fixing later and give it you, if that might help you with the fixing up." I said as I set the food bags down on the counter and looked at him "It's alright, no harm done" I said and smiled at him softly and I looked at Zayn who stepped to me slightly and I nodded "Alright, I'll keep that in mind" I said and smiled softly "I'am Bella, it's lovely to meet you Zayn." I said and gave him a warm smile. It was only 12pm, in the afternoon. Almost 1 in the afternoon really.

Liam:I looked at Louis and Zayn, thank god he managed to make up a story that she would believe, I nodded"Oh yeah, the list will help" I said and gave her a smile "You'll see us around for a bit. till the house is fixed." I said and noticed Louis checking for the blue moon. I knew he had a fear of it and Zayn did too. We would have to keep an extra close eye on Zayn when the blue moon hits so he does not harm Bella or Louis.

Zayn-"It's lovely to meet you too Bella." I smiled at her and looked at her. "You have beautiful eyes." I said as the light lit them up, making the sparkle. They looked so beautiful to me, as I looked into her eyes. "They sparkled when the light hits them." I smiled.

Louis-I looked at them,then I noticed the blue moon was starting to come. "Oh we have to go. We'll be back soon to fix the stairs, and the ceiling, and everything else that needs fixing. We'll come back over tomorrow. Well notify you first if we come early or when we come." I said and looked at Zayn. "We gotta go Zayn. And we shouldn't be bothering Ms.Bella anymore now."

Zayn-I sighed, "Fine." I looked at Bella one last time. "I'll see you tomorrow. Hopefully sooner then that." I smiled a bit at her. I knew the blue moon was coming soon and I couldn't be around here when Bella was here. I didn't want to hurt her or anything so I knew we had to go.

Bella: I smiled softly and blushed at Zayn's comment "Thank you Zayn, that's sweet of you to say" I said and gave him a warm smile "They do"? I asked suprised and smiled at him warmly. I smiled softly then looked confused at Louis and looked at him "Umm alright, I'll guess I'll see you tomorow" I said and watched them as they left, I sighed and unpacked in the kitchen before I made my self something to eat and went to the living room and sat down eating and turned on the Tv and flicked through the channels. I looked around and noticed the blue moon was out "Aww, how beautiful" I muttered to my self

Zayn-"Bye..." I smiled and we "left". Now all I could think about was her. My thoughts only filled up with one thing...Bella. I smiled then I looked at the blue moon and felt it was coming. I was starting to change, noticing my skin tone was becoming more and more pale. I was starting to walk slower, and my back wouldn't be straight up. My back would be hunched over, and I looked at the others.

Louis-"We have to get him out of sight. Nobody can see him like this." The others nodded in agreement. "And of course we have to keep him distant from both Bella and myself. Only so he wont kill us or anything like that. I looked around just to make sure that nobody could see us or Zayn...and especially Zayn.

Liam: I looked at Zayn and I looked at Louis "I'll take care of Zayn with Harry, you stay with Niall Lou" I said and I grabbed Zayn with Harry, Zayn struggled as always but he was not attracted to killing me or Harry, mostly Louis. we carried him to the middle of the woods were no body ever was and I set him down with Harry keeping a close eye on him. I watched him, he hated the blue moon like Louis, it did not affect me and the others like it did those two

Zayn-"I NEED TO GET LOUIS!!!!!" I yelled at them as they took me away. "LET GO OF ME!!!" I yelled, snapping. I hated the blue moon because I always had the urge to kill Louis.

Louis-I nodded and looked at Niall as we heard Zayn yelling. "He can't wait to rip my throat out." I looked at her and bit my lip lightly, thinking about Bella. I knew she noticed my blue eyes.

Liam, Harry: "We gripped onto his shoulders tightly" "No you don't need to get Louis, he is your friend, remember that Zayn, the blue moon makes you act out like this, it's not good." We said reminded him and we looked into his eyes, we hoped the blue moon would pass soon.

Niall: I sighed and looked at Louis "I know, I am sorry mate,it's the blue moon making him go bit crazy"

Zayn-"HE'S NOT MY FRIEND!!" I yelled and looked at him, then started thinking about what he just told me. Maybe he, don't let Liam get to you. Louis was never my friend...only my victim.

Louis-"It's okay, and it's not your fault. It's nobody's fault...not even Zayn's.

Liam: I looked at Zayn "Yes he is Zayn, remember, when you were 9 you broke you arm falling from a tree, who took you to the hospital? Louis did, he nursed you back to good health, you two sometimes argue but you're always there for each other, the blue moon just makes you think he's your enemy and that you want to kill him, don't let it control you Zayn, fight it." I said looking at him

Harry: "Liam's right Zayn...just think about happy things...think about Bella, she's sweet and beautiful, her smile lights up the whole room, think about her and calm down." I said looking at him

Niall: I nodded "Yeah I guess, but still."

Zayn-I smiled when Harry spoke about Bella, "She is beautiful. Her eyes sparkle beautifully." I looked at them, "You are right. Louis is my friend...but I don't think I can fight this." I looked at them, "I mean I know he's my friend but I still want to kill him."

Louis-I nodded, "What should we do now?"


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