The Twilight Saga

Hey guys! As some of you know ive been on vacation the past week after finals so I haven't been on to RP much. I haven't deserted! If you want to start up on one of my
Rps just let me know. If you want me back on one of yours, same thing just let me know.

It's officially my birthday and I fly back to Calofornia in like 16 hours or something. Then I'll be back and replying like usual :)

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Wanna continue Bucket List and  mine which I just forgot the name of? :P

Haha yeah sure. If you're waiting for my reply it'll get there by the end of tonight CA time (I think it's like 12:30 there now or something).

Would you like to re-start a new rp with a new idea? :D

Sure! What kind of ideas do you have?

I am thinking about Modern version of Romeo and Juliet but with happy eneding like Twilight related lol xD

Awh you don't want everyone to die? ;) give me a bit of time. Im sitting in the airport early for my flight anyhow so I have not much else to do but think of a cool summary.

Yes please! Well yeah lol I really dont wanna cry while I am killing my characters lmao xD

okay so I am finally officially back in my hometown with my room actually cleaned and organized for the new quarter so I can start new RPs now :D

Yay! So shall I make rp? :D
For sure!


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