The Twilight Saga

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Name/Nickname:  Liyla Swain                                                       

Age: 16

Species: Witch (Good and Evil)

Crush: TBA

Power/Talent: Master of potions and spells,

Personality: Nature person, Protective, Stubborn, Bubbly, Funny.

Bio:  There isn't much about her past, except her mom and dad's divorce and fights with her half sister Madi.

She always felt weird that she is a witch sense only her and her sister are supernatural creatures and gets put down by her family because they don't believe in good witches.



Name/Nickname:  Madi Swain                                                     

Age: 17

Species: Vampire

Crush: TBA

Power/Talent: Sing and draw, Mind reader

Personality: Nice, Sweet, Smart, Sassy, Great listener.

Bio: Doesn't get as much heat from the family then Liyla, she is also the favorite child of the family too but always helps her little sister.





  If you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me.








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Name: Aeorth White
Age: 16
Species: werewolf
Crush: none
Talent: manipulation of others emotions
Personality: quiet, shy, abrasive
Bio: only child, born wolf of two werewolves, immune to silver poisoning and telepathically able to influence others
Name: Ennahleis.
Nickname: Enna.
Age: 17
Species: Immortal.
Crush: Unattached.
Talent: Telepathic. Alters your thoughts, can hear them, and can put thoughts into your head.
Personality: Quiet.
Bio: Ennahleis isnt mean, people who were in her former life made her quiet. She was abused, treated like trash. All her friends have died, moved on, or abandoned her. All she wants is to be accepted.

Hey I created a new account because something happened to this one I don't know what or why but this is my new account and I don't know if their going to delete this RP sense I can't get log in on my old account so I don't think we can RP, Sorry.

As far as i understood, as long as it had activity, comments and so on, it wouldnt be deleted.

Oh ok, Thanks

name: Jabberwocky 

Age: 567

species: vampire

crush: unattached

power/talent: telekinesis

personality: misanthropic, shy, protective

bio: nomad.

Hi, I'm new to this. May I join?

can i join too


Name: Braelyn Taylor
Age: 17
Species: Elf 
Talent: Premonitions
Personality: Outgoing, friendly, funny, caring, and clumsy
Bio: No matter what happens she always knows how to stay happy, or at least makes it seem that way. She's always putting others first. Her parents are very distant from her and her brother but her brother and her are very close.

Name: Xavier Taylor
Age: 18
Species: Elf 
Talent: Healing 
Personality: Shy, sweet, quiet, and caring
Bio: He's very protective of his sister because his parents don't act like parents so he treats his sister more like a daughter.

Kiana M. H. Davis
Age: 15 1/2
Species: Siren/nymph
Power: controls the elements
Talent: talks to animals, sings, dances, reads fast, and plays the drums, harp, piano, and the guitar
Personality: loyal, protective, creative, an advisor, and sarcastic/smart mouth
Bio: doesnt like to talk about her past.


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