The Twilight Saga

Well there is the Hales Esme is a mother to 3 vampire girls Bella ,Rosalie and Alice.She works at the hospital in forks.The Cullen Boys Carlisle  and his sons JAsper Edward and Emmett.Moves in with the Hales.CArlisle starts working at the hospital with esme.Whats going to happen?






Jasper-Jasper's Girl


Hale girls


Rosalie-♥Alix Winchester Cullen♥


Bella-Jasper's Girl


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I can play rose

ill play emmett

I can play Jasper

sure u guys caan

Cool thanks if you want me to be another person let me know I will be its fine by me.

all we need is edward- then we can start i can play carlisle and esme if i need to .

We can do edward

I can also be Bella then

okay to alix and okay ill p[lay esme and carisle along with alice

So do we get to start now? If so yay!

yeah i gets we can.


Esme-"Girls we got vistors that are staying with us help clean up."


Alice-*i got a vision and drops a vase and starts jumping up and down*We got boys that are stayig here.

I'm sorry I can be Esme I didn't know it said Bella as you until a last looking a second ago.


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