The Twilight Saga

Well there is the Hales Esme is a mother to 3 vampire girls Bella ,Rosalie and Alice.She works at the hospital in forks.The Cullen Boys Carlisle  and his sons JAsper Edward and Emmett.Moves in with the Hales.CArlisle starts working at the hospital with esme.Whats going to happen?






Jasper-Jasper's Girl


Hale girls


Rosalie-♥Alix Winchester Cullen♥


Bella-Jasper's Girl


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Rose*smiles* suprise me

Edward* smiles jumping around the top of the trees*

Bella- giggles


Emmett- "umm lets see" he said as he ran just anywhere

Rose*giggles holding on as trees and other things pass us*

Edward*smiles placing her down once we get to a small meadow

Emmett- he ran past of trees


Bella- "its beautiful" she murmmured

Rose*smiles* we going to pass the state lines* she smiles jokingly*

Edward* smiles* yes you are

Bella- she blushes "thanks" she said shyly


Emmett- "why not" he said

Rose*smiles* ill go with you anywhere you want*lays my head in your shoulder *

Edward* smiles and kisses her cheek*

Emmett- "where in Alaska" he said as he watched her felt her head on his shoulder


Bella- I lay on the grass.

Rose*smiles* what's in Alaska?

Edward* smiles laying down beside her*

Bella- I smile at him


Emmett- "Um honestly I have no idea" I told her

Alice-i ran back home .

Esme-i walk through the door to the house and sat down.
Edward*smiles* this is my favorite place to come and think

Rose*giggles jumping down and taking his hand* then we can figure it out together


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