The Twilight Saga

Ben and Autumn cannot stand each other.  They can't be alone in the same room for more than five minutes before they start screaming at each other.  But one day, in the middle of a fight, they started making out.  It's been a few weeks and they think they have feelings for each other, but they can still barely stand each other.


Autumn; Me.

Claire and Derrek are best friends, and Derrek imprinted on Claire when he was sixteen.  But Claire has a boyfriend.  A boyfriend who hits her.  She hasn't told Derrek, but he has his suspicions.

Claire ; 

Derrek : Me. 


Boy & Girl.

Don't ditch.

Long replies.

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Can I make my own character?

Sure, as long as you're a boy and a girl.  :)

Cool :)

Claire and Ben?


& Can I make two more people?(:


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