The Twilight Saga

5 Years Later

Emerald Lea Lahote

Emerald is your typical girl. She is thirty seven and has two children, Jason and Emily.

Before she had Emily, Emerald was with her parents and Jason. Her best friend Eric had abandoned her when he found out she was pregnant.

So Emerald lived, had her son and stayed with her parents, still hurting from losing her best friend.

But when Emerald goes shopping for groceries she runs into Eric and he imprints on her. Since then she has been through a lot, with how Eric treated her, how her dad handled it, and how she lives through it.

Emerald is now married to Eric, and that's when her second child came along, and all in her life is going well, that is until Embry comes along and imprints on Emily, Emerald and Eric's daughter.

Emerald has a full life, and not one day goes by where something big, be it bad or good, happens.

Emerald loves her life and wouldn't trade it for anyone.




Emerald | Thirty nine | Married to Eric Five Kids | Taken By Rebekah




Eric Jake Uley

Eric is the son of San and Emily, and the biological father of Emily, step fathering Jason.

His parents raised him to think that having kids before marriage is a sin, let alone getting pregnant.

So when Emerald gets pregnant with Jason, Eric abandons her, and lets her do it alone with no help, when Jason's dad want's nothing to do with him.

He was alone, dating Macie, now a wolf, having a good life, but part of him still misses Emerald.

When he runs into Emerald, while going grocery shopping, he finds out that he will miss Emerald a whole lot more if he's away for to long. He imprinted. 

So now he has his own child and is married to Emerald, seeing Jason as his own son, and has a daughter. What else could he ask, until his parents start bugging to see Emily, and not Emerald or Jason.

Eric keeps trying to tell his parents that Emerald and Jason are part of his family also, and if they want to see Emily so much, they will see Emerald and Jason also.

He know's the only reason that his parents want to see Emily so much is that she is blood, and Jason isn't.

Things aren't going his way lately, especially when Embry imprints on Emily.

Eric | Fourty two | Married to Emerald | Five Kids | Taken By Skylar

Jason Kyle Lahote

Jason is currently twenty five, married to his long-time girlfriend Cassie and now has a family with her.

He has moved out of his parents basically right after he and Cassie got engaged, and they have decided to start a family, where Cassie is pregnant.\

He gets along well with his younger siblings, and basically lets Jessica or Jordan stay a night as long as he knows ahead of time.

He is very caring and will think of others before he thinks of himself, wants to make sure everyone else is happy before he thinks of himself.

Jason | Twenty five | Cassie | One Parent | Taken By Katerina





Emily Rachel Lahote-Uley

Emily is now a young parent of two. Though she's wanted kids for as long as she can remember, she didn't expect to have them so young. But she did, and is now a young parent of two kids.

She has moved on from Danny, and has gotten with someone else, someone better than Danny, who is definitely NOT Embry.

Her and Danny still communicate, though it is not frequently. They mainly communicate when it comes to the kids, and thats about it. Though they both want to go back to how their friendship was before they ever got together, they can't, because Emily has a bit of trust issues when it comes to him.

Her and Danny have sorted out a custody agreement where she gets the kids through the week, and he gets them on the weekends.

Emily | Twenty-three  | |Embry's Imprint| |Two Parents | Taken By Rebekah 

Embry Kyle Call

Embry has watched Emily grow, and is impressed with how not only how she has grown physically, but mentally with the typical teenage girl attitude. The attitude is mainly directed at him and Eric and Emerald.

He had just gotten trusted enough to babysit her when Eric and Emerald go out, to having to be supervised again, not even six months after. Eric's reasons, Emily is a teenage girl now and being a teenage girl comes hormones, which Embry might not be able to stop if they are aimed at him. So Eric has it where Embry needs someone in the house when he is over. He is trusted enough to pick her up from school and bring her to the mall since in society's eyes it is not legal for them to romantically date. So he is seen as her driver in public.

Embry | Fourty Seven | Imprints On Emily | No Kids | Taken By Katerina




Jessica Ashley Lahote-Uley

Jessica is now 17. In grade twelve. She doesn't like the favt that everyone moved, and is rebelling out in ways that she knows will get her parents attention. She can't bring her problems up, you have to make her talk about them, though she does give big hints that something is bothering her.

So, she is skipping her Math class, therefore failing, hoping her parents will notice, and figure out somethings wrong, and get her to talk. She needs to talk to someone, but doesn't like making the first move of talking about her problems, therefore does something she shouldn't do, to get someone to bring it up, and make her talk about them.

Her and Jordan never get along. Either she does something that annoys him, or he does something to annoy her. She hates how he uses the excuse of being older than her to justify everything he does, though they are about two minutes difference in age. She in, unfortunately, the younger one.


Jessica | Seventeen | Seth's Imprint | No Kids | Taken By Rebekah




Jordan Ashton Lahote-Uley

Jordan is one of the twins-with his twin brother Jessica.

He is the older one, and does not get along with Jessica at all. He likes to use the fact that he is older, even if just by two minutes, to justify his reasons for doing things, that he knows annoys her. He is mainly the person who starts everything, getting Jessica going.

He is considered the better one of the two, when it comes to school. If he's ever had a problem he talks about it with his parents, instead of doing things that are wrong to get their attention.  He doesn't do anything he shouldn't or anything like that.

Jordan | Seventeen | None | No Kids | Taken By Katerina



Rebecca Hunter

Rebecca is Danny and Emily's second child

She currently lives with her older brother Isaac, her Mother, and her Step-father. Her and Isaac still see their Father though



Rebecca | Four | None | No Kids | Taken By Katerina

Isaac Hunter


Isaac is Danny and Emily's first child

He currently lives with his younger sister Rebecca, her Mother, and her Step-father. Him and Rebecca still see their Father though



Isaac|Seven | None | No Kids | Taken By Rebecca

Danny Hunter


Danny and Emily used to be best friends growing up, and in High School they were pressured into dating.

It was good in the beginning, but Danny started becoming obsessive. He would get jealous whenever she was with Embry, and if other guys tried to talk to her-he would accuse her of cheating. Their relationship started becoming an abusive one, and Danny would leave marks and scars all over her. 

Soon enough afterwards,Emily found out she was pregnant with Danny's child. She finally left Danny and shared custody with Danny. He's been wanting to be with her ever since she left him. Later on, Emily found out she was pregnant again with Danny's second child but refuses to be with Danny.

Danny can see and have his children every other weekend


Danny|Twenty four | None | Two Kids | Taken By Katerina

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yeah sure

Jordan-I was sleeping and snoring in my bed, hearing my stupid alarm clock go off. Today was Jessica and my 17th birthday.

Eric-I was already up, and headed into Jordan's room. "Jordan come on buddy, wake up." All I got from him was groaning and him saying '5 more minutes'. "Oh come on Jordan, it's you and your sister's birthday."

Jordan-I grabbed one of my pillows and hit him with it

Eric-"You better be lucky it's your birthday."

Jessica woke up to her alarm clock, and looked up to read it was 6:30am. She yawned, and put her face back in her pillow. It was Monday morning. Her birthday just had to fall on a Monday. Maybe the fact that it was her birthday would erase some of her Monday-hating-attitude. But of course, she was fully awake when she heard banging on her door.

Emerald had gone to wake Jessica up, but found the door locked. She sighed, and started knovking on the door, to no prevail. She then hit the door harder. "Jessica Ashley! How many times do I have to tell you. Don't. Lock. This. Door!" She says, still hitting the door.

Jessica sighed, getting out of bed, pushing her hair back, and went to open the door, yawning. "There. Happy?" She asks. "Let me get ready for school." She says, closing the door, and locking it again. She then went to sit on her bed for a few minutes. Her room was smaller, since her parents Jordan and her had moved after Jason and Emily had moved out, so it was a smaller home, which she was still getting used to.

Emerald sighs, before walking to the kitchen, to make breakfast. None of her kids were morning people, but Jessica had always been the worst when going to bed at night, and waking up in the morning. It was a fight to het her to get dressed, since she never liked gettingout of bed.

Eric-" Now get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast." I closed the door and headed downstairs. "Morning beautiful." I said as I walked into the kitchen. I kissed her cheek, "So how was your plan on trying to get Jessica out of bed?" I smiled.

Jordan-I finally got up and got dressed, then I made up my bed. I headed into the bathroom, locking the door and went to brush my teeth. Jessica always hated when I lock the door when I'm not using the bathroom or taking a shower.

Jessica sighed and got dressed. She made her bed and went to go to the washroom to finish getting ready. She tried openeing the washroom door, to find it locked. She groaned. She knew it wasn't her parents since they had an ensuit washroom in their bedroom. She then started banging on the door. "JORDAN! I swear your worse than a girl! OPEN THE DOOR!" She yells, banging on the washroom door still.

Emerald looked up at him. "Its Jessica. What do you expect?" She asks, looking at him. "Oh, I did find this in her school bag. It looks like sbe was waiting to show us, since it was dated a week ago." She says. "She's failing Math Eric. None of the kids have ever failed anything, and here Jessica is, failing her Math. I don't understand. She used to be so good in it." She says.


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