The Twilight Saga

Two years ago Abigail Vastalle's body's was found. It was claimed to be a murder, a murder that know one can explain. Over time life went back to normal for her family, for her friends, for the whole town. Life got in the way of it, soon people forgot but didn't, until A got in the way. 

I'm still here and I know everything. 



1.  Boy and girl please 

2. Twilight relation: Abigail and her friends are vampires

3. No ditching. 

4. Drama, drama, drama!

5. It is based off Pretty Little Liars, so using some of the plots are okay! 

6. Have fun! 

Character Form: 

Name|Age|Role|Crush| PB|Other 



Alaska Finn|Sixteen|One of Abigail's friends|TBA|Hannah|

Alaska is sweet, smart, and just a little reckless. She does what ever she wants with out thinking of the consequences. However, this doesn't affect her grades, and everybody wonders why- she just has brains. She was one of Abigail's closest friends. They always hung out and pretty much did everything together. 

Cole Vastalle| Seventeen| Abigail's sister|TBA|Hannah 

Cole was the complete opposite of her sister. He could be loud, but usually wasn't. He cared about people's feelings, and often hides the truth, as of Abi was bluntly honest. Cole and Abi got into plenty sibling fights, but never hated each other. He was always protective of her. 

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Dakota Morris| Sixteen| Abigal's Friend| TBD| ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™ 

Dakota is very flirty, funny, and brave, and she usually doesn't like to keep secrets, but there are somethings she just HAS to keep. She was one of Abigal's best friends, and when she went missing, Dakota was torn. She was the one who cared the most about Abigal, and they had feelings for one another, very close feelings.


Trevor McCormick| Seventeen| _____ Step Brother/ Abigal's Enemy| TBD| ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™  

Trevor is a quite kid in the neighborhood, and in this small town, things go around quickly. Ever since Abigal's death, some events had occurred, where it led to him being considered as Abigal's killer, thus him being very unpopular in the town still. Trevor doesn't really care for Abigal, nor did he care for her friends. He's just an accidental, well-known guy who lives with his step sister, who's a little too close to him, and is a mystery to everyone.

Thank you! :) 

Oooh! Can I make a spencer like character!?

I made Emily & Toby based characters, if that's okay with you :]


Danielle "Dani" Johnson|Sixteen|Abigail's Friend|TBA|Perry the Platypus

The "smart girl" of the group. She is an extreme perfectionist who always tries to please her wealthy parents who clearly show more affection towards her older sister. Dani had been the only person brave enough to stand up to Abigail. She is captain of the lacrosse team and hopes to get into UPenn.

Eric Rossin|Twenty-Three|Teacher|TBA| Perry the Platypus 

Eric comes from a really rich family that he doesnt like to associate with. He is the current English teacher at the high school. He is really kind and loving and he is a really cool teacher. He is very smart and loves reading and art and movies and photography.

Thank you! We just need one or two more people to join! 


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