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Tanner was a normal eighteen year old girl, with normal problems hopes and dreams. She was looking forward to college, moving away to the city, getting out of this small town. But everything changed. Tanner's world was turned upside down when she was attacked by a pack of (were)wolves. 

Werewolves don't remember anything from there humans life or what it's like to be human, but Tanner's different. She remembers everything. As Tanner tries to help other's remember what it's like to be human, word spreads, putting her in danger. And on top of everything rumors have been circling about something impossible; a cure. 



- Girl & Guy.

- Don't make it all about you.

- Don't ignore other characters.

- Stick to the plot


Name | Age | Werewolf | Pack | Crush | P/B




Tanner Gage | Eighteen | Werewolf | Dire Pack | Miles | Me

Tanner never believed in fairy tales and she most certainly never believed in the supernatural. Until now that is. She was attacked by the dire pack so I guess she's considered a member. Although she doesn't really view herself as one. She's a new werewolf and is still trying to figure everything else. Tanner has the rare ability to remember her human life, unlike most werewolves who forget everything. She has an ability involving memories which she hasn't quite figured out yet. 

Miles Holland | Nineteen | Werewolf | Dire Pack | Tanner | Roraღ™

Miles is a sweet boy who only knows how to be a werewolf. He was born one and that's all he knows. Since he was never human, he has no memories of a human life. Yet he often finds himself wondering what it would be like to be human. Not that he'd ever tell anyone that. When Miles first meets Tanner, he knows she's different. He immediately is attracted to her. When Miles hear's the rumors about the cure, a small part of him hopes they're real. And that small part of him also tell him to take it. 

Liam Cole | Nineteen | Werewolf | Gray Pack | Tanner | ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™ 

Liam was made a werewolf, but like all werewolves he has no recollection of his human life. His pack isn't to happy when they find out about Tanner and her abilities. They want her dead. But Liam needs her. He wants to remember. He feels empty, like there's pieces missing and he doesn't know how to fill them. Liam doesn't think the cure is real. He is content with being a werewolf. If asked if he would take the cure he wouldn't know. 

Jesse Jordan | Nineteen | Werewolf | Gray Pack | --- | Me. 

Jesse likes being a werewolf. Actually he loves it. When he finds out about Tanner he is furious and wants her dead. He doesn't care about his human life or what happened in it. He doesn't want to remember. Jesse is satisfied with his life now. He also doesn't believe the rumors about a cure. Even if there was a cure he wouldn't take it. He's a cocky, confident werewolf and that's how he wants to stay.


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Liam and I will make a girl :]

Thank you both!

The sky was a dark blueish blackish color. The stars sparkled brightly illuminating everything around. The night was a bit chilly make Tanner shiver. Her car was in the shop and neither of her parents were answering there phones, forcing her to walk. Tanner had an eerie feeling like someone was watching her, but she brushed it off. She decided to take a short cut through the woods. Her pace was faster than normal. She just wanted to get home. Tanner heard twigs snapping behind her. She stopped abruptly and turned around. Nothing was there, but the vastness of woods. Tanner started to walk again, but heard the same thing. Her heart pace quickened. She turned around again to see wolves. And they were running right for her. Tanner took off running. She was to terrified to look back and so kept her attention forward. One of the wolves leaped toward Tanner, tackling her to the ground. They bit and tore her flesh with there razor sharp teeth, All Tanner could do was scream. 

Jesse was in the surrounding forest just going for a run until he heard screams. This alarmed him. He ran toward the source until he saw a pack of wolves devouring a girl. It wasn't his pack. What was there purpose? Where they turning her? Eating her? Jesse wasn't sure, but he decided it best to leave them alone. The last thing he wanted was trouble. He slipped back into the darkness, unseen and unheard. 

(Miles does not partake in Tanner's attack.)

[ I will make my girl after school!! ]

Liam pushed in with the pack, just as famished as they were, his stomach eating him from the inside out. But one look, and that was all it took, made Liam decided not to take part in this. It made him sick that the pack would take advantage of an innocent girl, yet he was swooning over the smell, mouthwatering, but unsatisfied. He whimpered, licking at the blood splattered on the young girl's face, nuzzling her softly with his nose before the other wolves had realized he wasn't feeding and forcefully pushed him out of the huddle. How could he stop this? How could he prevent them from tearing off anymore flesh from the poor girl? And the answer was, was that he couldn't do anything. He was weak against them all, so he just watched, unable to do a thing until he heard one of them howl loudly.

All Tanner could do was scream until her voice fell silent. 

- A few hours later - 

Tanner's eyes shot open as she gasped for breath. She looked around terrified, but there were no wolves in sight. There is no way she would be alive. There was so much blood. They ripped her apart. She would never forget the feeling on there teeth ripping and tearing her flesh. She checked her body and it was untouched. Tanner stood up a little dazed and confused. "Help!" was all she could say. "Someone help me." 

[ Should I be coming out as my wolf form or human form? ]

(It doesn't matter.)

Liam stayed behind, as the others had scurried off after Miles' howl, deciding to watch if the girl had died, or turned, but either one would be a tragedy for her. He kept his distance from her, a few yards away where she lay, so she wouldn't be frightened. He heard her heart pick up speed, and then her cry for help. He stood up abruptly, dropping the leaf he had played with, and then began his way towards her, picking up her scent through his sensitive smell. After he spotted her, he shifted into his human form, jogging in one place quickly before running up to her. "Oh God... Miss are you alright?!" Liam said, pretending to be startled. He wanted to make it seem like he was near by and heard the scream.

Tanner looked at him frightened. "I don't know. I can't explain it." She sighed. Her eyes darting around. Tanner was paranoid. She was terrified that the wolves would come back. "Can you just stay with me? I don't know where I am." Tanner asked looking at the boy. "I know I don't know you. You probably think this is weird. A random girl in the middle of the woods by herself." Tanner smiled crookedly.

Liam bent forward, putting his hands on his knees as he caught his breath. He chuckled to himself, and then at her and wiped at his brow, though there was nothing there. "Yeah, I guess so." He responded as he looked up at her. Standing up straight he looked around, seeing that it was getting dark, and the pack would be back soon to hunt again. "Come on. I'll take you home." Liam said, leading her through a shortcut out of the woods. "I'm Liam by the way."

Tanner looked around and followed him close behind. "Tanner. Nice to meet you." She scratched her head. "Why are out out in the woods anyways?" Tanner asked a little curious. "Sorry if this is weird for you. You didn't have to help be, but that's very kind of you. Do you know why those wolves attacked me? How am I still alive?" Tanner had so many questions. She didn't know who to asked. He seemed like a reliable source. Even though she barely knew him.


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