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Tanner was a normal eighteen year old girl, with normal problems hopes and dreams. She was looking forward to college, moving away to the city, getting out of this small town. But everything changed. Tanner's world was turned upside down when she was attacked by a pack of (were)wolves. 

Werewolves don't remember anything from there humans life or what it's like to be human, but Tanner's different. She remembers everything. As Tanner tries to help other's remember what it's like to be human, word spreads, putting her in danger. And on top of everything rumors have been circling about something impossible; a cure. 



- Girl & Guy.

- Don't make it all about you.

- Don't ignore other characters.

- Stick to the plot


Name | Age | Werewolf | Pack | Crush | P/B




Tanner Gage | Eighteen | Werewolf | Dire Pack | Miles | Me

Tanner never believed in fairy tales and she most certainly never believed in the supernatural. Until now that is. She was attacked by the dire pack so I guess she's considered a member. Although she doesn't really view herself as one. She's a new werewolf and is still trying to figure everything else. Tanner has the rare ability to remember her human life, unlike most werewolves who forget everything. She has an ability involving memories which she hasn't quite figured out yet. 

Miles Holland | Nineteen | Werewolf | Dire Pack | Tanner | Roraღ™

Miles is a sweet boy who only knows how to be a werewolf. He was born one and that's all he knows. Since he was never human, he has no memories of a human life. Yet he often finds himself wondering what it would be like to be human. Not that he'd ever tell anyone that. When Miles first meets Tanner, he knows she's different. He immediately is attracted to her. When Miles hear's the rumors about the cure, a small part of him hopes they're real. And that small part of him also tell him to take it. 

Liam Cole | Nineteen | Werewolf | Gray Pack | Tanner | ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™ 

Liam was made a werewolf, but like all werewolves he has no recollection of his human life. His pack isn't to happy when they find out about Tanner and her abilities. They want her dead. But Liam needs her. He wants to remember. He feels empty, like there's pieces missing and he doesn't know how to fill them. Liam doesn't think the cure is real. He is content with being a werewolf. If asked if he would take the cure he wouldn't know. 

Jesse Jordan | Nineteen | Werewolf | Gray Pack | --- | Me. 

Jesse likes being a werewolf. Actually he loves it. When he finds out about Tanner he is furious and wants her dead. He doesn't care about his human life or what happened in it. He doesn't want to remember. Jesse is satisfied with his life now. He also doesn't believe the rumors about a cure. Even if there was a cure he wouldn't take it. He's a cocky, confident werewolf and that's how he wants to stay.


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Liam breath caught in his throat and his heart was pounded against his chest when she asked him what he was doing there; in the woods. And then the other questions followed, which had made him more sure of it; she was one of them, one of him. She must have turned... there was no other way she could have been alive right now, absolutely no way. The way they were just tearing off her flesh, cutting through so many vein vessels... there was barely anything on her when he had returned, and they way she had recovered like that, so fast. Tanner was a werewolf. Liam swallowed, and turned back at her, laughing a bit. "Wait, wait... wolves? Attacked you? Maybe you hit your head while you were here, but there are no wolves in these kinds of wolves. Maybe in Alaska." He joked, seeing the pathway out of the woods and onto the road. There was another thing that he was curious about suddenly; how did she remember that she was attacked?

Tanner growled under her breath. "They were wolves! I saw them. A whole pack. I'm not making things up. If you think I'm crazy then we are you helping me?" Tanner asked sternly as she stopped following him. She followed her arms, waiting for a reply. Her overwhelming fear had suddenly turned into anger. Why had this happened to her. Her out of all people. "What happened to me?" Tanner asked. "Why did those wolves attack me and how am I not dead right now? What's going on?" The questions she has circling around in her head had began to spill out. 

Liam opened his mouth to deny her, but it was clear that she wasn't going to let this go. But there was no way he was going to reveal the truth to her, atleast not yet. "Okay, okay. Maybe, there were wolves, a whole pack even, but even if you do say they had attacked you, where are the bite marks?  The blood? You look perfectly fine, besides the lump on your head, which I honestly think you did hit your head somewhere. And I'm not saying that you're just imagining things... maybe you did see wolves, but they hadn't attacked you." He said, putting some ideas in her head, but had a feeling that she still wasn't going to let up, especially by the look on her face. Liam sighed, scratching the back of his neck. "Look, if you want, why don't we go back and check if there are any wolves out there. If we spot them, we can go call it in and let the officials take care of them." He suggested.

Tanner sighed. "Why are you helping me if you don't believe me. I know what I saw. Those wolves attacked me. I remember feeling there teeth tear into my flesh. I don't know why I'm okay. I can't explain it. Maybe I am crazy, but I know what I saw. Look thanks for showing me out of the woods, but I guess I should go home now." Tanner ran her fingers through her hair, feeling the bump in the process. She knew she wasn't crazy. She knew what she saw. It was explainable. Tanner felt like there was something he wasn't tell her. Something he was keeping from her. 

Liam stood there momentarily, his feet temporarily stuck onto the ground as he watched her walk off. He couldn't let her go out there alone, it was dark and the wolves would come back in any moment, seeing the girl that they thought they slaughtered. He clenched his hands as he growled frustratingly to himself, making his feet move finally. "Wait!" He forced out, sighing. He watched her turn, and then stop. He jogged up to her and he rolled his eyes a little. "Let me atleast walk you home." He pleaded.

Tanner sighed and rolled her eyes a little. "Fine." She grunted. "My house is a ways up the road this way." Tanner pointed before she started walking. She shoved her hands in her pockets as she walked. The wind picked up a little, but Tanner didn't shiver. Which she thought was weird. Tanner was always a naturally cold. She had poor circulation. "Did you feel that?" Tanner asked Liam as she looked at him.

Kami Collins | 17 | Werewolf | Gray Pack | Jesse Jordan | p/b ~ Emmilynn Summers

~She's kind of shy a lot of the time, but she's wild and crazy once your her friend. She lost her parents in a car accident when she was 12, and almost got sent to foster care. Luckily a family within the Gray pack that was good friends with her parents adopted her.


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