The Twilight Saga

Violet Hill is only found by people who aren't looking for it. Nestled deep in the woods of Forks, Washington, it's the Burmuda Triangle on land.

One by one, several human teenagers find their selves in an unknown, Narnia-like place. When they finally come across a town it looked like a normal city in the US but no body there has ever heard of Washington or even the USA. They keep saying they're in a land called Violet Hill. And these people aren't just humans, but fairies, werewolves, vampires, and other fairytale species. Do the teenagers ever find their way back home? Do they want to?







- Make at least one boy and one girl -

- Long, detailed replies -

- Keep the drama in character, no outside drama -

- Don't ditch -

- No anime or emo pictures, please -

- Don't be your own couple -

-  Ages 15-20 for characters -

- If you're from Violet hill, you're some kind of supernatural species. If you're from Forks, you're a human -

- If you read these rules comment "SPOONS" when you join -



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Blue Evon McElligott | 19 | Human | Single | From Forks | Delirious Eyes (Me)
Blue's sweet, innocent, and naive. She's afraid of disapointing people, especially the ones that she loves and the ones that she's close to. She has always been socially awkward. People are never really rude to her, but they just don't notice that she's there because she doesn't talk much and when she does talk no one listens to her. She tends to keep things to herself alot because she doesn't like to burden other people with her feeling and such. She's a Necromancer, so she almost constantly sees and/or hears ghosts and spirits around her. She struggles with depression occasionally, and she also plays ukulele. She was just walking through the woods one day when she came across the village in Violet Hill.


Max Rane Harvard | 19 | Elemental Control | Single | From Violet Hill | Delirious Eyes (Me)
Max is the typical nice guy and he's super sweet. He's scared of telling people how he feels about them, so people alot of times think that he doesn't like them at all or that he's very stuck up. He definately falls too easily and hard if he likes a girl even the slightest, and he's been hurt alot by girls because of that. Max doesn't mind getting himself into situations that are dangerous, because he doesn't hardly ever get caught or get into trouble, and he usually gets out of them easily. Usually. He's just too precious to ever get in real trouble.


Giselle Calypso Hoult | 18 | Angel | Single | From Violet Hill | Delirious Eyes (Me)
Giselle definately pushed the limits, especially being an angel. She's flirty, out-going, deceptive, and a party animal. Most people think she's a *edited by mod* because she doesn't always dress appropriately, and that also gets her in trouble alot with the school. She's had a countless amout of boyfriends, but she knows her limits and doesn't cross them. And though she seems confident, she's actually very self concious. She pretty much sees herself as a fallen angel, because she's done so many things wrong in her life, and she's given up on trying to fix any of it. She doesn't believe in true love. She helps her mom run a general store in Violet Hill


Christofer (Chris) Jett Evans | 18 | Human | Single | From Forks | Delirious Eyes (Me)
Jett is cocky, prideful, and maybe a little too over self confident. To put it lightly, he's sexy and he knows it. Almost all of the girls fall for him so he has plenty of girlfriends to choose from, but he has relationship-phobia so he stays as away from any commited relationship as he possibly can. He's put up a stong outter wall around him that keeps everyone out because when he was younger his father beat him, and that's what he's scared of relationships. Plus, he doesn't want anyone to know his father beat him. He ran away from home, and he was traveling through the woods when he found himself in Violet Hill


Lucy Rose Heart| 18| she can cause others to see unpleasant things | TBA | From Violet Hill | Lucy

Lucy was abanded as a baby and a older couple took her in, though as she got older she started to have some mental issues. She sees things that isnt there, there is a name for that but she doesnt like to use it. The things she sees are also able to talk to her. Lucy on the other hand loves life and music but she has to get past her problem first. She also has a power, those things that only she sees she can force them upon others


Joespeh Adam Raines (Joe)| 21  | human | TBA| From Forks| Roleplayed Lucy

Joe is a book worm, he loves to read. In highschool he was the dork and that was fine with him. He will always have a book in his hand. He doesnt remember much about his parents. His mom died a few years after he was born and he has no clue where his dad is. He also loves music and painting and drawing

Heather Audrey Golden | 18 | Shield | Single | From Violet Hill | astrid

Heather is a piece of work. She's not the type of person to pretend to be anything else, and she'll let everyone know what she thinks of them, to their face. She's never sat around, and kept quiet when people are saying things she doesn't agree with. Her father left when she was a baby, so she doesn't remember him, but she's fine with living with her mom, they had fun. It was her mom that found out she had a mental shield, and helped her develop it; now she can protect herself without thinking about it, and can tell when people are trying to do something to her. When she turned eighteen, her mom died in a car accident, so she's been living in their house alone, though now she's legal, so she doesn't really have to worry about anything. She has friends, but no one too close because she has a bit of an attitude problem. She was always getting into trouble in school, which was why she was glad to get out of there. She's a naturally flirtatious person, but almost doesn't notice when she's crossed the line from friendly to flirting. Just because she may be flirting doesn't mean she likes you.

Tate Andrew Ripley | 20 | Human | Single | From Forks | astrid

Tate grew up in a fine family; the normal families you'd expect from the average American teenager. He had two sisters, one older, one younger, both of them taking too much time in the shower. He's never been the type of person to be obsessed with appearances, whether it was his, or other people's. They were a musical family, both of his sisters were singers, his mother played piano, and his father played the cello. He learned how to play the guitar at a young age, and was able to learn it very quickly. As he grew up, he learned how to do more things, and joined bands, grew popular with the ladies, though he's a bit too awkward and embarrassed around girls he liked, they would think he didn't like them. He's not good at expressing his feelings, even though song, he can get flustered about it. He gets lost, constantly, and is late all the time. He was almost an hour late to his own graduation, seriously. He's always wanted to - secretly - leave Forks, not to try to make it big in LA or anything, just to get away from the small town. But, he's stayed with his family for two years after he graduated. He found Violet Hill after getting lost, trying to find a house deeper in the woods than he'd ever been before.

Alejandro Daniel Salazar | Twenty | Demon | Single | From Violet Hill | Roleplayed by Ran-chan

Nobody would have guessed that he was a demon. Demons are suppose to be evil beings right? Well, that is true, but Alejandro is far from evil. He is a very bright and cheerful guy, and hates to see people sad. He is the act-before-thinking kind of guy and is often called an idiot because of his rash actions. Alejandro would never be able to hurt anyone and is a very nice and smiley dope. A lot of people find him to be incredibly annoying, considering that he can never seem to take things seriously. Everything is a big joke to him and nobody has ever seen this guy cry or get mad. His father was a very powerful and cruel demon. He got knocked around a few times by his father and promised himself to never be mean. He never knew his mother, and his father left him when he turned Eighteen. Alejandro used this as the perfect opportunity to make re-make his life in Violet Hills. At first, he was treated pretty badly by people because everyone thought he was going to end up as twisted as his father. However, once they got to know him a little better they realized that he was a goopd kid (a bit annoying, but good overall). Alejandro is a social butterfly and a people-pleaser. Of course, this means that he gets trampled on a lot. He has been in played by a lot of people but he can never seem to hold a grudge. Despite what everyone else might think, Alejandro can be very mature at times.

Ophelia Marrianne Villecrosse| Nineteen | Human | Single | From Forks| Roleplayed by Ran-chan Ophelia was born into a rich family. Her mother was a talented singer and her father was a well-respected politician. Growing up, a lot of people expected a lot out of her. However, she wasn't born with her mothers talent and beauty nor her father's brains and charisma. She was a very normal girl who pretty much failed at everything she did. She wasn't the smartest kid around, she was really tone deaf, her coordination is really bad, she can't speak in front of a crowd, she can't act.... girl can't even catch a ball to save her life. The only thing she really excelled at was drawing. She would spend almost every waking moment drawing. Despite her status, Ophelia didn't have a lot of friends and she certainly didn't have any good friends, so she was alone a lot. At first,  bothered her not having any good friends but after a few years she became content with it, prefered it even. Due to the fact that she completely lacks the basic human social skills she tends to say her honest opinion wether it is good or bad. A lot of people don't really like this and think that she is trying to be rude when in reality, she was just trying to help. She isn't shy she is just.. akward. She came across Violet Hills when she lost her way back home from an art exhibit.

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HONEY BLOOD! lol let me make my people

Lucy Rose Heart| 18| she can cause others to see unpleasant things | TBA | From Violet Hill | Lucy
Lucy was abanded as a baby and a older couple took her in, though as she got older she started to have some mental issues. She sees things that isnt there, there is a name for that but she doesnt like to use it. The things she sees are also able to talk to her. Lucy on the other hand loves life and music but she has to get past her problem first. She also has a power, those things that only she sees she can force them upon others

boy is on his way

Joespeh Adam Raines (Joe)| 21  | human | TBA| From Forks| Roleplayed Lucy
Joe is a book worm, he loves to read. In highschool he was the dork and that was fine with me. He will always have a book in his hand. He doesnt remember much about his parents. His mom died a few years after he was born and he has no clue where his dad is. He also loves music and painting andd rawing



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So I have to leave pretty soon, but I'm gonna go ahead and start.:)

Blue was walking through the woods on her way home with her backpack slung over her shoulder that carried her school books and her ukulele. She often used the woods as much prettier and relaxing route to get to her house from school, though she wasn't sure if it was any quicker. She had gotten familar with the woods so she could just put her head phones in and walk with out getting lost. But today it seemed like a significant amount of time more to get back to her house than it usually did. As Blue looked around her, she realized that she didn't recognize the wood here. She walked in a couple other directions for a few minutes, trying to stay calm and hoping she would see her house through the trees, but she was quickly getting more and more panicked every direction she turned. She set off in a jog to her right thinking that the forest had to run out eventually and she would find a road or something and then get back on her way home. Finally she saw something in the distance and she sighed in relief.


Max sat on a bench in a park located exactly in the middle of his home, Violet Hill. Sitting at this park was something that he had always done ever since he was little, and he often came back to it so he could just sit and relax. It wasn't like he had somewhere else to be. There wasn't much to do in this small town. But there wasn't anywhere else to go, either. He had heard old stories that there were other places out there, and some people still believed thouroughly in them. But he was perfectly content where he was, doing what he was doing. Though sometimes he did wish that there were other places to go and explore, as opposed to just walking the same circles day after day.


Giselle stood behind the counter at the general store that her mother owned with her elbow on the counter and her chin resting in her hand. Every once and a while some one would come in, grab what they needed, check-out, and be off. She often absent-mindly watched them leave and then stare out the window after they left, wishing that she didn't have to be working here everyday. Sure, her mother was rich and they lived in a beautiful condo above their store, but now that she was 18 her mother was having her make her own money. Her mom also said that she was old enough to living on her own, so she's been threatening her that either she pays rent or she finds her own place to live. So, currently she was on the look-out for an apartment to live in. Giselle sighed and pulled her hair up in a bun and turned the music up on the radio in the corner of the store.


Chris pulled his leather jacket tighter around him and tugged his back pack up onto his shoulders as he stood up from the stump that he was sitting on. The sun was just starting to sink below the trees, turning everything into a burning scarlett color. It made everything look like it was on fire, and Chris almost could feel the warmth of it, but it was too chilly of night. He had been out on his own for almost a month now, trying to make his own away from his abusive dad. He had moved out of his house and into a friend's as soon as he turned 18, but some how his dad would find him and call him, and Chris just didn't have enough money to get out of the state and fine his own place. So he decided why not just go out on his own with nothing but a one person tent and an extra pair of clothes stuffed in an old school backpack. He didn't know where he was going and he was ok with it. He smile as he saw a town up up ahead. He had a few extra dollars so maybe he could stay a night in a motel.

Ophelia walked out of the art exhibit while carefully putting her sketch book back in her bag. A strong wind flew by her making her shiver just the slightest bit. She zipped her black sweater and hugged her arms as she walked. She made her way to the woods. Normally she would take the long way and walk around the woods, but today she wasn't exactly feeling to well so she decided to take a shortcut.

After a few minutes of walking and daydreaming about the wonderful art she just saw (not the smartest thing to do) she stopped when she realized that she had been walking for a bit too long. She hardly ever took the woods as a shortcut she she wasn't exactly familiar with them. Luckily, she had drawn a quick map back just in case she lost her way. Ophelia turned to her bag and took out the map as soon as she found it. However, just then another gust of wind passed through her and she accidentally let the paper go. She frowned as she saw that it was being dragged by the wind and she chased after it. The wind finally stopped, dropping the piece of paper. She quickly went over and grabbed it "Ah-hah!" she said to herself proudly before looking around again. Great now she was even more lost. Her eyes then spotted a small town just a few feet away. What the... since when is there a town here? Putting the map away on her back again she decided to walk to the town. Maybe someone could give her directions on how to get back home.

Alejandro stretched out his arms as he walked out of his house. It was a pretty big house for one guy, two stories, with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, an atic and a basement it felt kind of lonely being there. Maybe he should rent some of the rooms? A lot of people did that and he didn't mind who lived in his house as long as they didn't trash it. Then again, a few people might not be comfortable sharing a house with him. Wether it was because of his loud personality or because he was a demon, he would never know. Alejandro didn't work, not just because his father had left enough money for him to live for a long time comfortably, but mostly because he wanted to focus in his studies. There wasn't much one could do in a small town but he wanted to move out of here. He was one of the people who believed those stories that there were other places rather than Violet Hill. Not that he hated Violet Hill or anything. He just wanted to go on an adventure. There were times were he became so bored being here. Alejandro wanted to learn new things and meet new people. Just the thought of going out there and finding something spectacular made him smile. Then again, anything could make him smile. He ruffled his dark brown hair as he let out a long yawn. He had just woken up from a nap and he really wanted to go back to it. However, he had realized that he had ran out of milk and was now on his way to the general store. Once he got there he opened the door and flashed the owner one of his big doofey smiles "Hey!" he greeted cheerfully before making his way to the food aisle.


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