The Twilight Saga

Someone called me , i have to run... no i'm tried i said . again he called for me run run . i got up and started running for him for my life .

everything didn't started like this...

this is a story of a girl who believes can see her soul mate but no one believes . Her ex boyfriend a cop helps her to find out . is it all true or her imagination

Twi relation - Vampires, werewolves and etc


                                                                Scarlet Thompson (main character) me

crush-no one but to be known later . age- 22 . species- human

bio- She was the girlfriend of Sid . but after she left college , she was like mad for others , she wanted to find somebody and that time Sid helped her . she wanted to know was it her imagination or reality.

                                                                               Sid Hart (police)

crush- Scarlet . age- 22 . species- human

bio- he only wants his Scarlet back . he wants to help her be back with her and will do anything to save her . He finds Crystal the best friend of Scarlet little mysterious .

                                                                            Crystal Miller (best friend of Scarlet)

Crush- Sid . age - 21 . species - vampire

bio- she wants to help Scarlet but actually wants Sid as she thinks Scarlet has everything but she wants only one thing that's Sid . She wants to keep her identity secret and later will try to kill Henry by trying to show him that she loves him .

                                                                       Henry Harris (Villan)

Crush-Crystal . age- 22 . species- wizard

bio- He knows everything even that Crystal is a Vampire and wants to keep something secret that Scarlet knows.

                                                                  Steven Sparks (Villan) me

Crush- No one . age- 22 . species- Wizard

he has secret identity and helping Henry

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so how does this work?

can you explain to me? i'd love to join but i don't understand completely

yeah , it will be that villans discussions will be secret to all by msging 


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