The Twilight Saga

yeah based on the movie bt wd twist these people go connect dreams and control them but they help vampires and werewolves to forget some memories and werewolves to get rid of wolf telepathy 

now the cullens meet the dream controllers as renesmee gains a new power to c death of people and vampires she wants to get rid of this but the process is done they found renesmee is not able to come to come out now they all go to her dream to find her and dreamers should help cullens coz the wolves and vampires will nt leave them and wd sister of David is also there(Jennifer)down new dreamr struck in a dream wd renesmee >>>>>>>>>>

Drake Watson(dreamer secret crush-jennifer)                 David Scott(leader of dreamers)

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pls join

can i be jennifer and nesse.

u can be 1 of them as in the RP they will talk wd 1 another that would look awkward any 1 or if 2 then either jennifer and some1 else and or nessi and some1 else

i'm David Scott and jennifer


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