The Twilight Saga

two friends living in America decide to go to India by train but they took the wrong train , this train also reaches India but this train is full of different species and they find two girls being kidnapped , they don't care about them they want to get out but by mistake they see ticket checker being thrown away from the train and they become eyewitness now they have to go to meet the head of this gang

they will fall in love with the girls but how will they get out?!!


name- Dwayne Waters / age- 18 / crush- Vanya Singh maybe / role- 1st friend (main) / bio- He was born in America and his parents died at his age of 11 . he grew up with his best friend William . He is the one who gives best ideas . but because of his habit of drinking he lands into troubles . he doesn't understand the language of kidnappers. p/b- me

name- William Young / age- 18 / crush- Jasleen Kapoor maybe / role- 2nd friend (main) / bio- He was born in America too and his parents too died though he has a grandmother . he is the best friend of Dwayne . he is the one who is the most afraid and he takes out a solution to the problems in non-sense ways . he doesn't understand language of the kidnappers . p/b- ™ anna .

name- Vanya Singh / age- 18 / crush- Dwayne Waters / species- Vampire, control elements of earth / role-1st girl / bio- She was running from her father because her father wanted her to be married with a supreme vampire in there gang . She and best friend would have escaped if William would not have stopped the train and helped their kidnappers when there train was missing . she knows to speak English . p/b- ™ anna .

name- Jasleen Kapoor / age- 18 / crush- Chris and William / species- witch / role- 2nd girl / bio- she also was running from her father but because she was in love with a vampire (Chris) and that was not accepted . she gets confused b/w Chris and William . p/b- me

name-Chris Davis / age- 18 / crush- Jasleen / species- Vampire / role- only wants Jasleen enemy of William / bio- He grew up in the royals and fell in love with a witch which was not accepted he made a plan to run with her . Jasleen goes by train and he will come after she reaches there but everything got disturbed with the entry William . He is too literate knows English . p/b-   

other characters small characters like kidnappers and the father of the girls will be played by me .

Father of Jasleen , name- Samar Kapoor (a sophisticated witch trainer or you could say leader)

Father of Vanya , (A very proud person leader of vampires in India)


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vanya and william please.


others join pls

we need Chris Davis and maybe i will add more if everyone likes 



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