The Twilight Saga

You always thought that being inhuman ment you didnt have to deal with mental issues.

Well..your wrong.

Just because you turn into a dog doesnt mean nothing.

You will still have to deal with this stuff.

Lucky for you, you can here to Bryce.

Bryce is a mental hospital for all of you crazy mutts.

You might one day get out of this place.

I cant promise you that you will be alive though.

Bryce is a plae all the wolfs with mental problems think they can come to and be safe.

Sadly they are wrong.

The peole who own Bryce hate the wolfs and well they plan on killing them sooner or later.

These wolfs are going to have to work through their mental problems and find away out.


Boy and girl please

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Dont Ditch







Lucy Heart


Lucy deals with schizophrenia, she has been dealing with it since she was a young child and since then it has pretty much taken over her life. Because of this her parents want nothing to do with her. The only person she really has is her twin brother and well he doesnt even exsist. He died in the womb but Lucy thinks he is still around. She also things she sees him. Other than him all she sees is shadows and they speak to her and often grab at her which she can feel. She gets so bad sometimes they have to lock her up for days on end. She is stable and a lot of times you will see her in her wolf form. Her wolf worm is a pure while wolf. She loves music and singing though to and reading

Crush is TBA

Brad Raines


Growing up Brad was bullied in school. He was shoved against his locker and thrown into trash cans because of his differnet personalies. Yes he has mutliply persinalty disorder. One day he will be Brad and the next day he is James. His mind holds the memories of both in his head and sometimes he is often confused at whats going on. He used to love to play sports but James didnt so he ended up quiting. His wolf form is a pure black wolf. Also James doesnt come around in wolf form

Crush is TBA

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thanks (: im really bored and it hasnt looked like anyone is gonna join anytime soo should we start are wait?

can I join?



I'll add my characters soon


Sorry........ I have been busy lately. Here's my characters

Jack Frost


Jack has had many different things wrong with him. First he used to think he could turn everything into ice. Which he can. He can make snow and everything. But most of the time he's in his wolf form and he is a solid darkish blue color.


I'll make the girl soon.

I'll join I'll have them up soon

Name Shadow

Age 15

Bio she has been insane since the start her parents were terrified of her she had homicidal tendencies just imagining for hours peoples deaths she also had a special power of talking inside you head but she doesn't know what you think. 

Crush tba


Name Tavin

Age 17

Bio he doesn't give a dang about anything he hates people in general he also has a problem with being paranoid and a little mentally insane  

Crush tba


We can start(: it might be a little bit before I can start unless some one else wants to do it

Vanessa Evangeline Autumn


Vanessa suffers Hypomania which is  a mood state characterized by persistent and pervasive elevated (euphoric) or irritable mood, as well as thoughts and behaviors that are consistent with such a mood state. Some people called her Bipolar, just because they didn't know she was sick. Her mom was addicted to drugs (crack) and that made her start hating everyone



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