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Have you stayed up all night ripping petals off of poor flowers?
Have you ever stayed up all night wondering if they love you. or if they don't?

Peyton does this everynight. She was born into a poor family but her parents died in a car crash when she was three.  She was adopted by a rich family when she was four and a half. She grew up being raised by butlers, nannies and house keepers.

Her parents hated each other, the wife always cheated and the husband home late at night and drink a lot.

She never believed in love, until she met Kayden. He made her believe. She would sneak out at night just to see him.

Her parents arranged a marriage, between her and another rich person's son, Logan. She doesn't want to marry him, but they forbid her to see Kayden anymore.

Kayden was from a poor family, and all her parents cared about was money, they say she shouldn't marry for love.


Anabelle has always been in love with Logan, Anabelle is rich also but not as rich as Peyton's family, so his parents also forbid him to see Anabelle, even as a friend. Logan doesn't like Peyton but he's not sure if he likes Anabelle either. He knows that he likes Alex, Kayden's younger sister.


There's a new guy in town, he's dark and mysterious, all the girls start to fall for him. But He only has eyes for Anabelle.


[ Peyton Kyn Duncan ] [ Eigtheen ] [ Lizzy ]

Peyton usually goes by Kyn, only a few select people are aloud to call her Peyton. Kyn is a sweetheart but when she is made mad, people tend to leave her alone. She loves to smile and laugh but she hates the fact that she can't be with Kayden, she only wants Kayden. She is hateful to her parents when they try to make her marry Logan. She doesn't hate Logan, she actually likes Logan, but not as boyfriend material. Her and Logan are friends and she tries to help him. Kyn wants to run away to be with Kayden. She knows she finally found the one because she never believed in love until she met him.


[ Kayden Micheal Wall ] [ Nineteen ] [ ChelseaDanay(: ]

Kayden is a rebel guy, he was never one to care about others feelings until he met Peyton. He's one of the few aloud to call her Peyton. He knows that Logan has fallen for his sister, he is happy for him, but he also knows what everyone expects of them. He doesn't want to have to behind everyone's back to be with Peyton, but he's willing to run away to be with her. He just doesn't want to leave everyone else to face the wrath.


[ Anabelle Mae Stevenson ] [ Eighteen ] [ sail. ]

Anabelle, or Ana, is Logan's bestfriend but she started falling for Logan when they were about thirteen, now at age seventeen, she is ready to tell him, but when she does he tells her that he's getting married. She asked his parents if they could marry and they told her no. She just wants to be with Logan, so she decides that she hates Peyton. She hates Peyton because she wants to be with Logan and Peyton is standing in her way. When Peyton comes up with a plan for all of them to run away together, so they can be with whoever they want.


[ Logan Ray Thomas ] [ Eighteen ] [ sail. ]

Logan knows that Anabelle likes him but he knows that he likes Alex a lot, almost enough to say he's in love. He asks Logan for permission to date Alex, he gives it to him but Logan doesn't want to hurt Anabelle. When Bryden comes to town and show interest in Anabelle, he is happy because he finally doesn't have to worry about hurting Anabelle. He get excited when Peyton comes up with the plan for them all to run away together, he finally gets to be with Alex.


[ Alexandra Marie Wall ] [ Seventeen ] [ ChelseaDanay(: ]

Alex really likes Logan, she's completely head over heels, but he is destined to marry her bestfriend, and her brother's girlfriend. She tries to ignore the feelings. She is surprised that Kayden gives Logan permission to date her. She thought Kayden hated Logan because that's what it always looked like but it seemed to be an act. Kayden and Logan secretly have been going behind everyone's back and planning to run away. She wants to run away with Logan.


[ Bryden Lane Stone ] [ Eighteen ] [ Lizzy ]

Bryden is new to town. He doesn't know anyone, the first person he meets in Alex and he thinks that he likes her but when she introduces him to Anabelle, he falls for her at first sight. Love at first sight. Bryden is a gutartist and a singer. Everyone loves his voice, everyone expect his parents, they say that music isn't a serious business and he needs to forreal be thinking about his future but he only wants to be in a band. When the plan to run away is brought up, he's all for it. He doesn't want to be somewhere he's not wanted.




Guy and Girl. [ No Exceptions. ]

Three+ Lines Reply.

Third Person.

No being your own couple.

Drama is Loved.

No God-Modding, controlling other's character in your replies.

Don't play your girl more then your guy, or vice versa.

Write " Over the Rainbow . " In your reply if you read this. (:


Kayden & Peyton.

Logan & Alex.

Bryden & Ana.


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"Well, it might, but I heard it's really hot in the summers. We can't

expect to be scorching since it's October, but it's not cold. I've always wanted

to live there." She explained with a smile. This was the first time she had told

anybody about her dreams to live in North Carolina and she was excited to

have the possibility of living there.


"North Carolina sounds like a great idea. No one would think to find us

there because it's all the way across the United States, but it's up to you

guys where or not you want to go through with it." He smiled at his sister, fully

supporting her decision.


Peyton shrugged, "I want to be wherever y'all are." She smiled at them, "Because I finally know what a family is supposed to be." She smiled again, weakly at all of them. "North Carolina sounds fine to me." She looked around to see who all agreed with Alex, almost everyone was nodding there heads, Kayden, Bryden, Alex and herself, they were just waiting on Logan and Ana to answer.



Bryden was nodding. North Carolina sounded fine to him, "We'd need a lot of money for gas." He said, since they were basically taking two trucks, two gas hogs. "I know that I can have at least five thousand. My parents don't care about money." He said.


Alex smiled happily. "Sounds like a plan. Before we do anything

though, we need to plan out our living arrangements, pick a

city, apply for jobs, stuff like that, so we're not totally

unprepared." She said seriously, grabbing Logan's hand.


Kayden nodded in agreement. "Being unprepared is bad and we

don't want that, so I'll start looking for a job when I get home."

He smiled slightly at the aspect of everyone would be

getting to be with their loved ones.

l o g a n ;
he looks around at Peyton then at his girlfriend. "I have about 10,000 dollars in savings and a checking account, my parents spoiled me, but I have full access to both." He says looking at everyone as their mouths drop in shock of the money. "I know, it's a lot of money, but most of it was for a car, but I have an old truck right now too."He says.

a n a ;
ana got quiet over the conversation about running away. she was nervous, what if their parents found out. what would they do, would they file police reports? so many questions run through their heads. She looks at Bryden and cuddles into his side before saying. "I'm in. I've got money too. About 5, 000 dollars."

Peyton. [ Kyn. ]

Peyton laughed, "I forgot about my trust fund and my savings," She smiled, "I have around 10,000 also." She smiled, "So we have around $45,000?" She smiled, "That's more then some people make in a year." She turned towards Alex, "Yeah, how about we go to [ Name of City ], North Carolina?" She suggested.



Bryden smiled, "That seems good, and that's a lot of money." He said. He looked around. They were really going to do this, but he was wondering if any of their parents would file missing persons. They all came from homes where their parents were never home, so he didn't think so.



[ I blanked on a city, lol. ]


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