The Twilight Saga

The volturi has finally taken over the world and is locking up humans

Alec meets a human and falls in love and hides her and her best friend

they now must try to survive 









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Lucy took Bella and handed her to seth "Keep her warm please" she said then turned to Alec. "Come on" she said and took his hand and led him away so they could be alone

Ryan sat down beside Cameron with James and handed him to her


Cameron took James in her arms and wrapped him up in her body heat. She curledin to Ryan and shivered. He was chilly but she liked it. She was freezing and she didn't even care.

Seth held onto little Bella, it was the first time he had looked her in the eyes. He changed right there. His whole world rearranged. She was his new world. He had imprinted.

Lucy looked back at Seth. She didn't like the way Seth was looking at her daughter. She looke up at Alec "why is he looking at her like that?"

Ryan smiled and held her close "you know embry came for you to"

Alec felt a grow rip threw his throat. He went to Seth and took Bella out of his arms. "He imprinted on our daughter!" He hissed.

Cameron nodded, tracing the out line of his chest, "I know. But he will find a girl one day, he never imprinted on me. I'm not his soul mate." She said softly.

Seth stared at Embry who was at the entrance of the cave, "I imprinted!" He said happily.

Lucy looked up at Alec. "What's a imprint?" She asked as she took Bella into her arms. She didn't like the way Seth was looking at her daughter.

Ryan smiled "I'm glad your thinking like that now" he said softly and kissed her for head

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"An imprint is a bond between a werewolf and well... their soul mate. They imprint on the person who is the best possible match for them in the world. That's Bella." He said still glaring at Seth.

Cameron laughed. "I always knew i would choose you in the end." She said blushing.

(A Seth and Leah imprint story! XD)

Lucy held Bella closer to her. "I don't like that. She is mine not his" she said and ran her fingers through Bella's hair

Ryan smiled "I'm glad you chose me" he said

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Cameron smiled. She kissed Ryan and James started to whine. He was cold, Cameron knew it she was cold too. "Seth? Em?" She asked holding out the baby, she didn't want Ryan to get upset though.

Alec laughed. "I don't like it much myself love." He said kissing her hair.

Ryan took James amnd wrapped him in some blankets. He looked at Seth but seth was looking at Bella then Embry walked over "Ill warm him"

Lucy looked at Seth then back at Alec "Bella is mine" she said again and held Bella close to her


Cameron handed James over to Ryan. "Please be civil." She said to Ryan. She didn't want him to jump at Embry's throat. "Thank You." She said to Embry.

Alec looked at Seth. "Keep that to yourself dog!" He growled. He looked down at Bella who was struggling. Was she trying to get to Seth?

Ryan smiled "I dont have a reason to kill him anymore" he said and looked at embry and handed him james

LUcy held bella still "No" she said softly and turned and started to walk away from seth as bella started crying


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