The Twilight Saga

The volturi has finally taken over the world and is locking up humans

Alec meets a human and falls in love and hides her and her best friend

they now must try to survive 









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(So i know you don't read fanfics but will you check some of mine out PLEASE? :)

since me the link and ill save it to my kindle and i will check it out next week while im in haiti since i dont have a book to take with me )

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cameron snuggled closer to him. "Bendito." She said sighing into his chest.

"That's fine babe. Unless she wants him to hold her. Then I wont argue with it"

(:P im smart i know lol)

Ryan kept rocking her as he mumbled to her that he wasnt going any where anytime soon. he kissed her forhead

Lucy looked up at him "but i also hold her when we sleep"

Cameron opened her eyes slightly. "Babe?" She asked. She clung to him as she saw he was above her. "I love you." She said. Tears streamed down her face.

"Fine. Then she sleeps with us." He said matter o'fact.

Ryan whipped he tears away and held her close. "What's wrong?" He asked as he rocked her slowly and kisse her forhead. "Don't cry. I'm not going any where" he whispered

Lucy turned on her heels and went I Seth and Bella "come here bell" she said as the little girl got up and ran to her

Seth got up and layed right at the foot of their bed. "Goodnight Bella Bug." He whispered.

Cameron snivled. "Nightmare. Just please hold me. Don't let go." She nuzzled her face into his neck. "Can we go back to thecave?" She asked.

Alec got up. He followed Lucy. He growled at Seth who didn't even budge. He crawled in next to Lucy and Bella. He knew though he and Ryan would have to hunt tonight.

Lucy glared at Seth "my dad was a cop ANSI used to watch a lot of criminal minds. I can kill you ad make it look like a accident. Remember that" she said as she wrapped her and Bella up and scooted close to Alec

Ryan looked at her "we are in the cave "


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