The Twilight Saga

J U S T   F R I E N D S 

Imprints are a bit different - instead of looking at a girl and imprinting, the wolf has to figure out that she is his imprint. He will have a feeling in his gut or a voice in his head. Something that will get him to realize she is his everything. 

Dany and Roy 

They have been friends since they were six years old and promised never to split apart When Roy is forced into the pack, he pushes Dany out of his life trying to protect her. When he finally does talk to her again because he realized he imprinted on her, she wants nothing to do with him, she's pissed off that he just left her. Now, Roy is trying to fight for her because he realized what he did was wrong, she was/is his best friend and more. 


Dany - *Olivia*

Roy - 

Amber and John 

Amber is the girl who is disliked because she is not afraid to speak her mind, John is the opposite of that. When he finds out he imprinted on her, he does not know how to approach it, but Amber wants to break him out of his shell and they become friends. But, that is all she wants to be, her heart belongs to someone else (or so she thinks). Daniel, the one guy John can't stand. 


John - 

Jo and Alec 

Alec has always had a crush on Jo, there was something about her he could not shake, when he finds out he imprints on her, he can't believe it. In order to get close to her and not feel like a creep he offers to tutor her. But, while doing this, he finds out she  does not really like him other than as her tutor. He wants to show her he is more than just brains, but he does not know how or if she even cares. 


Alec- *Olivia*

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