The Twilight Saga

Bad vampire are after Kate's daughter cathy. Will kate and her husand get here in time to save her life or will she dead. 

Kate Denali: Ginny




Cathy: Me



Jane: Ginny


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Thanks for putting me up.I'll take Jane too.

Ok. Do you want to restart or start were we leave off. I said 

Where we left off


Cathy: So you are not mad I am pregnant. I said *Looking at you*

Kate:"no sweetie"


Cathy: *Rubbing my belly* I am scary. I said *Holding your hand*

Kate:"everything is gonna be ok."

Cathy: *Hugs her andf head her face in your shirt* Are you sure? I ask

Kate:Pats your back in response

Cathy: *Starts to fell asleep on you* I love you mom. I said 

Kate:I love you too.I say patting your back


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