The Twilight Saga

This is set 10 years into Future after the events from Breaking Dawn

The Cullens are living in peace after the battle. everyone is till alive and together.

Renesmee has come of age she is now forever 17 years old and Jacob has come to love her but does she love him? Nahuel returns to see The Cullens and falls in love Renesmee too but Renesmee has grown close with seth?!..........

Charlie finds out that Bella and the rest of The Cullens are vampires?!...........

Also The Volturi return to plot revenge on the cullens for their unsucessful attempt 10 years ago.

What is going to happen next............

Read/Play On to find out!!!!



  • You Can Have Up To 4 Characters, No MORE!!! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED
  • Ask Me If You Want To Make A New Character
  • BE Polite To OTHER MEMBERS and ME
  • If you don't come on here within 5 months , your character will become free for other members to play it or if you have more than one character then one of them will be taken off you.
  •  and Lastly If you WANT anything ASK ME, I am not going to bite your head
  • off
  • The Ones Highlighted IN GREEN are taken



The Cullens

Dr. Carlisle Cullen -








 Esme Cullen - Bella Swan-Cullen(Natyna Smith)






Edward Cullen- Jonathan' Coven











Bella Cullen -  Bella Swan-Cullen(Natyna Smith)














Renesmee Cullen - Renesmee Carlie Cullen
















Jacob Black - Wolf Girl





















Alice Cullen - Me
























Jasper Hale - Lexi



















Emmett Cullen - Lexi



















Rosalie Hale - Pack of Witches and Vampires































The Wolf Pack

Seth Clearwater - Bella Swan -Cullen (Natyna Smith)
















Leah ClearwaterThe Montgomery Coven™

















Sue Clearwater - Pack of Witches and Vampires















The Denali Coven


Tanya- Green Fantasy Group






















Kate- Green Fantasy Group















Garrett -


















Carmen- Green Fantasy Group
















Eleazar -













The Volturi


Aro -



















Caius -

































Jane - Pack of Witches and Vampires


















Alec- Violet Harmon


















Felix -










Demetri -























 Heidi - The Montgomery Coven™














                                                   Other Characters:

Nahuel - Bella Swan-Cullen (Natyna Smith)


































Huilen - Green Fantasy Group






























Charlie Swan -


The Clarke Family:

They meet the cullens when the volturi come for them as aro tries to get people with powers.

Rachel Clarke - Me

She is a Telepathic vampire who feeds on humans and has two sisters called Amber and Natalie.

She has Telepathy,Mind Control and Reality Warping with Absolute Immortality.





















Amber Clarke - Bella Cullen (Natyna Smith)

she is the middle of the Clarke Sisters and drinks human blood too like the rest of sisters.

She has retrocognition(to see into the past) undying loyalty with absolute immortality.





















Nataile Clarke- Renesmee Cullen (Chole Dames)

she is the youngest out of the Clarke Sisters and drinks Human Blood 

She has Reality Perception,Trust Manipulation and Absolute Immortality


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Sure you can be Renesmee, do you want to be anyone else?

no thanks

Will be Bella, Rose, Sue and Jane

ok sure

ok shall we start or wait for other people to join?

if so I will start

we can start and other can still join

can i please be bella and esme plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease alice

Ok I am going to start the role play but before I do this concerns Pack of witches and vampires and Bella Swan-Cullen(natyna smith)

Ok I know that both of you want to be Bella.

Pack of witches and vampires would you mind being someone else instead of Bella because someone else wants to be Bella.

if not i will ask you both 3 questions each and the winner will be bella and the other one will have to be someone else.

Ok I am Starting Now But Your Welcome to join in at any time

Ok so Emmett, Jasper, Edward and Carlisle are sitting down watching football and talking about who is winning and who is losing meanwhile Me, Esme, Rose, and Bella are talking about going shopping to get some new clothes for Nessie and visiting the Denali coven sometime soon, while that was happening Back at Nessie's house she and Jacob Were talking  and watching a movie when the footaball match had finished Edward, Jasper, Carlisle and Emmett  went hunting while me, esme, rose and bella still taking about getting nessie some new clothes as well as fashion and what was the latest trend and the fact that we are happy and in love , nessie and Jacob came into the house after their movie had finished and I asked Nessie:" What have you and Jacob been up to?"

I look at you and say."we we're watching a movie it was really good Jake picked it." I up at jacob and tell him, "Next time Im picking the movie though" I tell him with a smile


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