The Twilight Saga

What happens when you're not like every other teenager?

What happens when you want to kill yourself, starve yourself, or hear voices?

What happens when everyone around you believes you have a problem but you don't want help?

What happens if noone sees those problems and you want help but noone cares enough to help?

What happens....

Join now and find out.





*Do not make it all about you

*Do not control other peoples characters

*Do not ditch

*Please, no more than four characters per person

*Try to keep the number of BOys and Girls even, so try to play atleast one of both

*Ask to crush

*No anime pictures please

*No text talk














My Characters:


Arielle Laufeyson

16 1/2

Depression, Anamia, Self-harm

Arielle grew up in an unloving and abusive home. Her father was mainly the one who hit her, but her mother never tried to help her. Arielle reached out for help but the police could never do anything about it. She learned how to hide her bruises and scars. She would like to think she has friends but she also thinks that none of them care. It's been a bumpy road for her and all she wants to do is move past everything but it isn't easy when she feels like she has noone to turn to.

She's a very quite and closed off person but her she isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks. She doesn't really follow a path but she is scared to make her own.



Ryder Alexander



Ryder has a pretty good life but his depression keeps him from seeing it. He knows his friends and family are there for him but his parents put so much pressure on him to be perfect that he feels like if he shows any weakness it will kill them. And, he would rather suffer than do that.

Ryder is your typical jock, for the most part. He loves sports, has decent grades, and loves girls, but there's one girl he has his eye on.


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Please Join :3

Name: Lokiana Soro Teague

Age: 16

Situation; Self Harm and Depression

Bio: Lokiana was named for tricksters. Loki and the fox. She was pushed aside by her parents in favor of her siblings. She could deal with that but what she couldn't handle was the crushing darkness that crept into her mind and refused to leave her alone. Soon she took up that razor and made the first cut. She made that cut in order to see color in the dark. She began to crave the color she could finally see. No one can see her scars, nor her pain. She covers both with masks that are carefully placed.

Personality: She's a bit introverted but a small smirk or smile can be seen on her lips. She's a liar and trickster by name and nature.

Crush: Ryder (Not that she'll tell him)


Thanks! Don't forget your male character too :)

Name: John "Jack" Hector Sparrow-Williams


Situation: Abuse

Bio: Jack was always the blackbird in his family. Even more so when his mother remarried after his father's death. For young Jack it was good, at first. When the first punch came and went he turned from the bubbly energetic little kid to the brooding teen. He became a free runner at 13 and then a stunt performer in order to hide the bruises and broken bones.

Personality; Quiet, non judgmental, angry

Crush; TBA


Yeah totally okay

Thanks for joining you guys!

And, if you wanna start we can go ahead and have Carter and Arielle paired up, so that all our people have someone. IF that's okay with you guys!

Okeii. Then, I'll go ahead and start :)

You guys jjust reply when you can!

Arielle woke and got ready for school, slipping on a black v-neck and some black skinny jeans. She threw bracelets on and then her jacket/hoodie. She did her hair, straightened out completely and then put on her makeup. Layering it on her cheek. Arielle walked to school by herself, like always. She looked around and saw some other kids walking and others driving by in their cars. She didn't live but maybee a five minute walk from the school. She pulled down her jacket sleeves to cover the cuts on her wrists and the bruises. She pulled out her pocket mirror and checked the makeup on her cheek one more time to make sure nooone would notice where her father had hit her. She sighed as she noticed the foundation coming off. Maybe she could blame it on her falling again, she thought, everyone who even bothers to talk to me thinks I'm clumsy anyway. She put her mirror up and continued walking to school.


Ryder yawned as he got out of bed slowly. He wasn't too worried about school at this point. His grades were already slipping way past his usual A-B range, a D some an F. His parents didn't think about what could be wrong all they did was yell and complain about how ungrateful he was, but he knew in a way they were right. He did feel ungrateful because he knew he had a great life but something just didn't feel right and it felt like that all the time. One day, that emptiness ate him whole and he's been like that ever since. He got dressed in a pair of black jeans and his favorite A Day To Remember shirt. Then slipped on his shoes and brushed his hair out, and walked out to his car. He started it and sat there for a minute as his music blarred and he screamed, letting out what he had botteled up for a while but it wasn't enough. He sighed and slowly backed out of his drive way and drove to school.


She slipped out of her older brother's car without a sound. She walked calmly with her binder to her chest her black and white checkered backpack with the bat man patch safety pinned on slung over her right shoulder because the left hurt from ramming her shoulder into the wall that morning tripping over her blankets. The hood of her dark hoodie was pulled up casting her face into shadow. Her waist length black hair was parted to either side of her neck so that it fell out of the shadows. She grabbed her notebook before slamming her locker shut.


He dabbed the cover up onto his black eye gingerly. This one'll be here for a while. He thought to himself before checking the medical tape wrapped around his ribs to stop them from hurting so much. He popped a pill into his mouth taking a drink of water while grabbing his bag and kissing his mother's cheek goodbye racing to his father's car that he had restored to perfect condition. He parked in the student parking lot not even six minutes later flipping down the sun visor to dab the cover up on again.

Arielle walked inside the school, feeling more alone than she had that morning. She knew she had friends but when she was here all the stress and worries of school and her future weighed her down. She sighed and opened up her locker wondering if Carter was going ot be there today.


Ryder parked his car and closed the driver door locking it. He yawned, still tired from a sleepless night. He walked inside and a slightly smile played on his lips as he saw Lokiana. He thought she was perfect but he felt like she'd never go for a guy like him.


She smiled behind her binder as she passed Ryder.Her wrists burned under her jacket sleeves reminding her that she wasn't good enough for anyone. Reminding her that Ryder would never ever like her. Her smiled died fairly quickly then as she sat in her first class letting her hood slide down to reveal her emerald eyes framed by thick black lashes.


He stepped out of his car locking it as he walked away. He slid into the building with a small grimace as a fellow student bumped into him, jarring his bruised shoulder. He managed to not limp all the way to class. He grinned as he saw his best friend Lokiana. "Hey Lokes." He sighed slipping into his seat. 

Arielle walked into class and sat behind Lokiana and Jack. She pulled out her notebook and began sketching as she thought about who all was gonna be in class, who would even talk to her, what it was gonna be like when she got back home today. She never knew, her father was always in a different mood. Some days he was okay until he started drinking then other days he was cruel before the bottle even reached his hand.

Ryder yawned again and slammed his locker shut. Slowly walking to class where Lokiana was. He sighed wishing he could show her how much he cared for her, but he knew even if he could.. that she could never, would never be with him. He walked into class as soon as the bell rang. He sat down in the back corner.


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