The Twilight Saga

Cammys mom married Jareds dad. Now Cammy and her sister are forced to move to La Push with her mom to live with her new stepdad and step brother Jared. One thing though, Cammy and Jared hate each other.

Cammy dreads moving to La Push,  having to go to a new school, a new house and new friends. Her little sister is to young to know whats really going on because shes 7.

Jared hates that girls have to live with them, since its only been him and his dad for a long time.

The wolfs all hate the fact that its going to harder now that Jared has a new step mom, and 2 new step sisters, its going to be harder to keep the secret until Paul imprints on Cammy.

Cammy: ME

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Please join. Who ever is Paul and Jared the sooner we can start. I'll even make someone for you if you want me too.


I'll be Paul, and can I be Jared's imprint ?

Yeah sure.!

Peyton Kyn Duncan


Jared's Imprint !


I'll start us out.

Cammy hated the fact that she had to move to this cold, wet place called La Push, she hated the  fact that she, her mom and little sister had to move in with her new step dad and step brother, who she hated. She hated that she had no friends and had to start a new school. She decided to get up since it was a Saturday, she woke up late, she was gonna let her sister, Carrie sleep in too. She walked down stairs in her warm pjs. Only to find her step-brother and some of his friends sitting there. "Oh great" she muttered and started to make chocolate chip pancakes.

Jared sat down stairs with his friends that were in the pack with him. He didnt like that he had to share his house and food with Cammy or Carrie. He had to held them move, move in. He hated Cammy. They were the same age and in the same grade. He was hoping she wasnt going to embarrass him. "Nice pjs dork" he snorted 

Peyton was walking around La Push, looking for a guy name Jared's house... She had met his friend Seth a few days ago and he invited her to their little get together this morning. She saw a house where a bunch of guys were, she knocked on the door, Seth let her in. "Hey guys, this is Peyton." Seth said. She smiled at all of them. She had only lived in La Push for a week, the first two days she stayed to her house and the small yard she had but the first day she went out she had met Seth.


Paul watched as Jared's new step-sister came down the stairs, she was gorgeous. He forced a laugh when Jared called her a dork, he didn't want Jared to know that he had imprinted on her yet, although as soon as they phased together he would figure out. He at the door as the door open, Seth was letting some girl in, she said her name was Peyton, "Hello." He said to her.

Jared looker up when Seth let Peyton into the house. It was like his world changed. His smiled at her "hi Peyton, I'm Jared " he told her and smiled. "Cameron! Get out! " he yelled into the kitchen using her full name. "Sorry my step sister "
Cammy signed at the dork comment. She choked back tears. She made her breakfast and made Carrie some. She let her pancakes cool and walked into the living room "be quiet Carrie is still sleeping" he told them

Peyton said, "Oh, my.' She smiled at the girl, "Hey, I'm Peyton!" She said, and went across the room to go shake her hand. She completely ignored Jared. He seemed rude.

Paul choked back a laugh when the girl walked right past Jared. He turned away from them and silently laughed, that's what he got.

Cammy sighed "Hi, i'm Cammy" she told her. "And Jared, like it or not, i live here now too" she said to him, "Sorry to rush away Peyton but i gotta make breakfast for my sister now" she said and walked back into the kitchen and took out her phone. She texted Paul, since she had met him a few days earlier. 'hes a jerk'

Jared looked at Peyton talking to Cammy. He rolled his eyes and watched them."Hey do you guys want to go cliff diving later?" he asked

Peyton smiled, "It's alright." She said to Cammy, then turned towards the guys. "What's cliff diving? and can I go?" She asked, "And will she be there?" She was referring to Cammy. It would be nice to be around another girl.

Paul watched at Cammy left, he felt his phone buzz but he didn't dare check it until he was away from the guys. He stood up, "I'll go ask if she wants to go." He walked to the kitchen and pulled out his phone. "Yeah, he is." He laughed.

Cammy was cutting up her pancakes and sitting at the counter eating her pancakes. She turned around when she heard someone walk into the room. "Oh, hi" she sighed. "He really doesnt like me" she told him as she ate her breakfast.

Jared looked at Peyton, "Yeah sure" he told her "And its what it sounds like, jumping off a cliff into the water." he explained "And maybe"


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