The Twilight Saga

Cammys mom married Jareds dad. Now Cammy and her sister are forced to move to La Push with her mom to live with her new stepdad and step brother Jared. One thing though, Cammy and Jared hate each other.

Cammy dreads moving to La Push,  having to go to a new school, a new house and new friends. Her little sister is to young to know whats really going on because shes 7.

Jared hates that girls have to live with them, since its only been him and his dad for a long time.

The wolfs all hate the fact that its going to harder now that Jared has a new step mom, and 2 new step sisters, its going to be harder to keep the secret until Paul imprints on Cammy.

Cammy: ME

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Peyton grinned, "Yay!" She said, she walked over and sat where Paul was sitting. In between Seth and Jacob. She smiled at them, and they smiled back, she laid her head on Seth's shoulder since he was the one she knew the most. "It sounds fun."

Paul smiled, "Jared doesn't really like anyone." He said, grabbing a bag of chips from the cabinet, "He'll learn to like you in time." He said to her, he sat on the island across from her, "What ya think about Peyton?" He asked, "She wants you to go cliff diving with us."

Cammy smiled at him. "I dont know about that, i mean you were at that wedding, you saw how he treated me, and seriously hes the only one that finds the need to call me Cameron. No has called me that since i was in grade school" she told him "Well Peyton seems nice and i'll go clff diving but i gotta find someone to watch Carrie, because shes not coming cliff diving" she told him, "Hey, would Emily watch her do you think?" she asked

Jared looked at Seth then at Peyton. "Cool, Peyton have you ever been cliff diving before?" he asked then realized Paul was in the kitchen with Cammy. He sighed. 

Paul laughed, "He'll come around, and I think she would." He pulled out his phone, "Hey, Em. Would you watch Carrie for a couple hours?" He nodded, "Thanks." He said, "She said yeah, bring her over anytime." He smiled.

Peyton laughed, "I didn't even know what cliff diving was, I asked you." She paused, "No, I've never been cliff diving."

Cammy smiled and nodded. "Hey Paul? Is it always this cold here?" she asked. "I'm really glad Emily can watch her" she said and washed her plate.

Jared laughed and looked at her. "Paul, what are you doing in there?" he asked/yelled to him.

Paul said, "Asking Cammy if she wants to go cliffdiving!" Then he said, "Its none of your business anyway!" He turned to Cammy, "Most of the time."

Peyton said, "What should I wear?" She felt stupid for asking.

Cammy smiled at Paul, he was cute but she wasnt going to go there. She groaned when he said it was cold most the time. "Thats what i get for coming from Arizona to Washington right?" she laughed.

Jared looked at her. "Well, a bathing suit but bring something warm to leave on the beach for after you get out of the water."

Peyton nodded, "Alright, I'm gonna go change and meet y'all back here in ten?" She said, as she started to stand p.

Paul smiled, "Yeah, but you'll get use to it." He said. "Well, I'll talk to you in a little bit, I'm gonna go back in here."

Jared nodded. "Yeah sure" he said then looked at Paul walking back in "Theres not something going on between you two is there?"

Cammy nodded and looked at him "Text me sometime" she told him and walked up stairs to get Carrie ready to go to Emilys.

Peyton ran home. She changed into her purple bathing suit and then put her clothes back on over it. She grabbed her beach towel and a long sleeve shirt and threw them in her bag.

Paul glared at Jared, "Duh, I'm secretly in love with your stepsister." He was hoping he'd get the hit that he imprinted. ""

Jared chuckled and got some food ready for afterwards. He grabbed his swim tunks then looked at Paul and laughed "Yeah right" he said

Cammy got ready for the day and and got the oh so gumpy Carrie ready . "Hey, your going to go hang out with Emily for a little while" She told her and got her dressed and made her a bag of extra clothes and a few snacks that she had hidden in their room. Then she made a her own bag of warm clothes and a blanket and a towel.

Paul glared at him, "oh so, SECERTly." He said, emphasizing the secret part. He was still hoping that Jared put it together so he wouldn't have to tell him.

Peyton walked back to Jared's house, "Hey, Hey, Hey!" She said, opening the door.

Jared looked at him. "You better not have" he said, not finishing his sentence. He stood up "You imprinted on my step-sister?!" he whisper/yelled at him.

Cammy gave Carrie her bad and held her hand as they walked down the stairs. "Okay, I guess we'll drop Carrie off on the way there?" she asked then looked at Peyton. "Hey" she said "This is Carrie, my little sister"


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