The Twilight Saga

Cammys mom married Jareds dad. Now Cammy and her sister are forced to move to La Push with her mom to live with her new stepdad and step brother Jared. One thing though, Cammy and Jared hate each other.

Cammy dreads moving to La Push,  having to go to a new school, a new house and new friends. Her little sister is to young to know whats really going on because shes 7.

Jared hates that girls have to live with them, since its only been him and his dad for a long time.

The wolfs all hate the fact that its going to harder now that Jared has a new step mom, and 2 new step sisters, its going to be harder to keep the secret until Paul imprints on Cammy.

Cammy: ME

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Paul frowned, "I just told Jared today. He didn't want me to tell you."

Peyton said, "Oh, you're old." She laughed.

[ Okay(: ]

Cammy looked at him "Were you scared of Jared? and you listened to him?" she asked

Jared chuckled. "I'm 18 thats not very old" he told her

Peyton laughed, "I'm seventeen," She smiled, "You're still old."

Paul said, "I respect Jared," He turned away, "He's my bestfriend, I just couldn't keep it in any longer."

Jared chuckled "Im a year older, that doesnt make me old" he smiled

Cammy looked at him as he turned away. "I can leave, i just upset you" She said.

Paul said, "What? You didn't upset me!"

Peyton laughed, "It makes you way older!" She grinned.

Cammy looked at him "How did i not? Jared my step-brother, he hates me and your his best friend" she said "I guess i have to respect that" she said "I mean yeah i have a, you know, a crush on you but you and Jared we friends first" she admitted.

Jared looked at her. "Well, i'm not that old, you are a year younger than i am" he said then tickled her sides

Paul said, "He can't do anything..." he paused, "Keeping us apart would kill me." He smiled at her slightly, "Literally."

Peyton started laughing, "Don't..." She giggled. "Just because you're old." She laughed.

Cammy looked at him "Wait literally?" she asked "And where does that take us?"

Jared looked at her "I'll stop when you stop telling me i'm old" he said, tickling her sides.

Peyton laughed again, "I'll stop telling you you're old when you stop being old." She laughed again.

Paul nodded, "Wherever you want us to be."

Jared tickled her again then his lips met hers.
Cammy looked at him "how is it literally? " she said "and I'm not sure." She admitted. She hadn't even had her first kiss yet, let alone a boyfriend

Peyton was shocked. She didn't kiss back. She didn't know what to do. It was her first kiss, well her first time being kiss. Since she didn't kiss back it didn't really count as her first kiss.

Paul said, "I don't know how to explain it, I just know that I would die from loneliness, there will never be another one for me."

Jared pulled away "Im sorry i shouldnt have done that" he apologized.

Cammy looked at him and nodded. "Thats awful" she said.


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