The Twilight Saga

Cammys mom married Jareds dad. Now Cammy and her sister are forced to move to La Push with her mom to live with her new stepdad and step brother Jared. One thing though, Cammy and Jared hate each other.

Cammy dreads moving to La Push,  having to go to a new school, a new house and new friends. Her little sister is to young to know whats really going on because shes 7.

Jared hates that girls have to live with them, since its only been him and his dad for a long time.

The wolfs all hate the fact that its going to harder now that Jared has a new step mom, and 2 new step sisters, its going to be harder to keep the secret until Paul imprints on Cammy.

Cammy: ME

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Paul nodded, "But we don't have to date. " He smiled, "I just have to be around you."

Peyton shook her head, "It wasn't bad." She smiled, "Just my first kiss, I didn't know what to do." She heard guys laughing above them. She pulled Jared's head to her and kissed him.

Cammy looked at him "Well, if we did,  i want to know more about you first" she told him. Honestly she did want to be more then friends with him but she had never had a boyfriend before.

Jared nodded "I didn't know it was your first kiss" he said and kissed her back again

Peyton said, "It's not like I advertise it." She laughed.

Paul smiled, "I'd want to know more about you too."

Cammy smiled at him and nodded "I like being around you " she blushed and admitted to him. She normally would never say anything like that, but she felt comfortable around him and like she was really protected.
Jared laughed. "Its okay " he said then smiled at her "how are you feeling Peyton? " he asked her

Paul said, "Maybe, we should get back to the beach." He laughed. He stood up and reached for his hand.

Peyton said, "I'm feeling better."

Cammy looked at him "Yeah i guess so" She said and grabbed his hand to stand up. "This is a nice little area" she said looking at the clearing.

Jared smiled and kissed her fore head. "Good" he said "I'm glad" 

Paul said, "We can come back here whenever..." He smiled, "When Jared isn't excepting us."

Peyton turned to look around, "Where's Cammy and Paul?"

Cammy smiled and nodded "I like that idea" She told him. She was going to have to get used to the fact that Paul and Jared were friends. She was kinda mad that she could say things about Jared to Paul, because they were friends. "Lets get going" she said.

Jared looked around "Beats me" he said to Peyton. "Maybe still talking to Emily or something" he said and smiled at her

Paul said, " it's okay, I talk bad about him too." He laughed, " to his face."
Peyton shrugged, " okaaay. "

Cammy started to walk with him and looked at him every few minutes. She didnt really know how to feel at the moment. She just walked with him

Jared looked down at her."Wanna help me get a fire going? Others are going to be here soon" he said.

Peyton nodded, she saw two people walking up the road, "I think they are here!" She jumped up.

Paul looked down at her and then back at the road, he kept doing it over and over.

Jared turned around and nodded. "Looks like them" he said and stood up with her. "Hey where were you guys?" he questioned, looking at Paul.

Cammy blushed when she caught Paul looking at her. She saw Jared and sighed. "Hey Peyton"


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