The Twilight Saga

Five girls. One destiny. The destiny of finding their true birth parents and their birthright.

Five witches. One destiny. The destiny of saving the world.

Ten people. One destiny. The destiny of true love.

[ Allyson Kai Lincoln ] [ Eighteen ] [ Photographer ] [ Witch ] [ Open ]

Allyson lives to Photograph everything. Every moment of her life, she photographs it. She doesn't let anything pass by. She wants to be able to remember it. The day she found out she was adopted was suppose to be the best day ever. It was her birthday, her eighteen birthday. She thought she was getting the new camera she wanted, but instead she got a note from her birthday parents saying how sorry they were. She left home that day, with only her note, a bag of clothes and her camera. She found the girls one day after they had already found each other. She felt like they belonged together.

[ Taben Hunter Duncan ] [ Seventeen ] [ ' Bad ' Girl ] [ Witch ] [ Lizzy. ]

Taben grew up with four brothers and four sisters, being the youngest is something she has always known. She knew that she was adopted, everyone in her home was. She lived in a three bedroom place, a room for the parents, a room for the girls and a room for the boys. She was smart enough to leave as soon as she could, it wasn't like her parents cared anyway. When she meets the girls, she finds out she's the youngest, only just turning seventeen the day before she meets them. She never had a birthday party, never had friends and everyone in her house treated her like a slave. She doesn't like being the youngest because she doesn't want anyone to think they can treat her badly. She has a smart mouth and knows how to use it. Sarcasm is her specialty. When people get close to her, they can call her Tabby, but not until she lets them.

[ Keelie Sara Hawton ] [ Seventeen ] [ Shy Girl ] [ Witch ] [ Taken ]

Keelie use to be abused, before she moved out. One night she just left. Everyone thought that she was just shy, she was honestly just scared of everyone. Everytime someone raised a hand, she would flinch because she was use to being hit, use to having to be scared. When she left, her parents left a note at the school saying she was adopted and to have a nice life. She has been searching for her parents since then. When she meets the girls, she feels an instant bond. She's the first one to put together that they need each other to find their birth parents. She's really shy but will speak up when needed.

[ Sophia Marie Johnson ] [ Eighteen ] [ The It Girl ] [ Witch ] [ Taken ; Jenna Marie]

Sophia is your average popular girl. She gets everything she wants. What people don't know is that she comes from a poor family and that she works to buy everything she has. She has beauty and brains although she doesn't want people to know that. She has always been liked for her beauty. No one ever stays the night at her house, she just says that her parents don't like people over but she would really be embarrassed. She goes over other people's house a lot. When she turned eighteen, a week ago, she moved out. Her bags were packed at midnight. Not that she didn't love her parents, she just couldn't take it anymore. She lives by herself in an apartment. When she was packing, she found adoption papers. She has been searching for her parents ever since. She meets the girls and they all instantly click.

[ Abbigail Lee Marker ] [ Seventeen ] [ Skater Girl ] [ Witch ] [ Taken ]

Abbigail didn't have a hard life, she grew up rich actually. Her parents were around much, they let her grow up with nanny after nanny. None of them stayed. Her parents kicked her out when she turned sixteen, they finally told her she was adopted. She went on a search for her real parents but all she ended up finding was four other girls who almost had the same exact story. The didn't know who they were. They didn't know they were all witches. She doesn't act much like a girl, she's always the one to play sports, and she doesn't ever wear dresses. She's can steal and lie better then a lot of people, but she chooses honesty. She instantly clicks with the girls.

[ Ayden Micheal Thomas ] [ Eighteen ] [  ' Bad ' Boy ] [ Werepanther ] [ Open ]

Ayden never cared about others feelings, until he lost both of his parents and his sisters two years ago. Since he was almost seventeen the court didn't bother to put him in the couth system. When he meets the girls, he sees his younger sisters in them. He feels like he needs to help them. He still plays with girls emotions, but wants to meet the right girl and settle down.

[ Keegan James Akationson ] [ Eighteen ] [ Skater Boy ] [ Human ] [ Taken ; Jenna Marie]

Keegan is a true skater boy. He's always skating, whenever he can, he doesn't stop even during the winter. He skates indoor. He wants to grow up and be a professional skater. Tony Hawk is his Idol. He was kicked out when he turned eighteen because his parents didn't like his ' lifestyle.' When he meets the girls, they take pity on him and let them come with them. He starts to fall for one.

[ Kaide Ryan Lowe ] [ Seventeen ] [ Shy Boy ] [ Witch Hunter ] [ Lizzy ]

Kaide has been raised to be a witch hunter, but he's always been to shy to do it. He's never actually caught a witch. He doesn't believe that they are all bad. When he's given a chance to do his family right and catch a whole group of witches, he goes but doesn't want to. He just doesn't want to do his family wrong. When he meets the girls, he falls for their charm. He wants to help them find their birth parents.

Logan Howard Jones ] [ Eighteen ] [ ' It ' Boy ] [ Shapeshifter ] [ Taken ]

Logan a true popular guy. He messes with girls head and he treats them like trash, but he can be a real sweetheart when it comes to it. He lives with his dad, his mom died when he was born. His dad has never had a perment girlfriend or wife, so he's never had a mother figure. He doesn't know how to treat a girl. When he meets the girls, he finally find girls that he doesn't want to hurt.

[ Saben Allen Ronald ] [ Eighteen ] [ Photographer ] [ Human ] [ Taken ]

Saben photographs every moment of his life. At age fourteen his parents died and they sent him to live with is grandparents. He has been taking care of them ever since, they died a month ago and he was never really sad, he knew that he did all that he could to help them. When he meets the girls he feels like he has to take care of them.


Guy and Girl.

3+ lines reply.

Third person.

not everyone falls for the other ' Bad ' Guy/Girl or the ' It ' Girl/Guy.

They fall for different peoples.

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Sophia and keegan

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Saben and Abbigail please?

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Logan and Abbigail? :)

Abbigail is Taken.


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