The Twilight Saga

Co- Written with: Ellie & Sage

Everyone has their dreams and ambitions…

Whether it be to become very rich…To Travel The World…To Become a Rock star…to be with that one

guy or girl that you've been in love with for as long as you can remember….

But like everything else…it always comes with some consequences….

There 10 teenagers, who are all different species, but remain in harmony, because that's the world today, everyone lives in perfect harmony with each other. There is no fighting between species. 

 While camping out in the forest, laying on the huge hillside, overlooking the town they are staring up at the star and spot a shooting star.

All of them made a wish…hoping that what they wished for would come true.

What if the universe and fates answered them…but somehow switched their dreams. The dream that

they had, they no longer have, they are living someone else's dream, while it could be their nightmare.

What will come of it? What are the consequences? Will this dream become a dream come true? Or will

it become an nightmare?



Before Dream Came True Pic/Gif

After Dream Came True Pic/Gif

Name || PB || Age || Species || Crush || Real Dream || Dream They Received || Face Claim ||

|| Bio ||



Boy & Girl Please


Long replies please, no one liners 2+

Ask for a crush, don't just assume

No Percet People, no on is perfect

No God Modding, control people

Stay Active!


Sorry, but I have the right to kick you out/ban you from this roleplay if you aren't following rules

When I'm not here Ellie & Sage are in charge!

If you read this put "Waiting For Life To Begin|



Ariella Elizabeth Lightwood || Sammi || Seventeen || Werewolf || Slightly like Kyler || Be a professional dancer || Became an actress || Jennifer Lawrence ||

|| Ariella loves to dance, she's been dancing since she was 5 and has ever since. Winning competitions and getting trophies at recitals makes her feel good about herself. What some people don't know about Ariella is that she hates public speaking, sure she can model and dance on stage, but when you ask her to talk in front of a camera or audience she freezes. When she is being herself she is very loving and outgoing, but also a very random person. She is most likely the sweetest person you will ever meet and will make you laugh.  ||

Aiden Jonathan Merryweather || Sammi || Eighteen || Wizard || TBA || To Be A Pro Football Player || Became an actor || Colton Haynes ||

|| Growing up Aiden was taught to play football since he could walk. He has been playing on a team since elementary school and loves the feeling. He knows next to nothing about acting or public speaking, all he knows how to really do well is play football. His personality is rather charming and protective. He is you could say a ladies man, but when he does find a girlfriend he treats her like a princess and is very nice to her. ||

Lynnea Marie James "Nea" || Ellie || Seventeen || Shape Shifter(fox) || Aiden || Get back into doing gymnastics || Ended up playing Lacrosse || Adelaide Kane ||

|| Nea has been training in gymnastics as long as she could remember. Its been the biggest part of her life since her parents put her in her first class when she was five. She'd been competing up until her Sophomore year. Making state competition as a freshman. One night late after practice, just before sub districts, she practicing on the balance beam, she was practicing a new dismount. She miscalculated her landing and fell on her back, get a big back fracture. Doctors said she shouldn't compete anymore or else the injury will get worst. Overall personality, she is funny, very outgoing, stubborn as anyone can get, reliable, can never sit still, very protective of her friends.||

Jordan Grant Bennett || Ellie || Eighteen || Werewolf || TBA || To become an Director || Becomes an Actor || Dylan O'brien ||

|| Jordan loves to make movies with friends. Loves helping directing shows with the theater teacher. He's never been the one to go on stage. He's been more of the behind the scenes guy. Overall personality, he is a happy go lucky guy, really funny, stubborn, reliable, shy, and can be very protective of his friends. He used to play baseball. It was the biggest part of his life until he broke his arm in three places, ending his baseball career forever. ||

Naiya Kai West || Perry || Seventeen || Elemental (Water/ice) || TBA || To become a Pro Surfer || Becomes a model || AnnaSophia Robb ||

|| Naiya has loved the water ever since she was little. She was born in Hawaii and lived there until she was 15 with her parents and then they moved to wherever this rp is set. Her father taught her how to surf when she was five years old. When she was 13 she developed the power to control the water and turn it into ice. She was ecstatic. You can almost always find her at the beach. Naiya means water nymph in Greek. She is very bubbly and outgoing. She is very smart but scatterbrained. Naiya is very feisty and has a very big temper ||

Mason Anthony Williams || Perry || Eighteen || Werewolf || TBA || To get a scholarship to college for sailing || Becomes a singer || Zac Efron ||

|| Mason has been sailing almost all of his life. He was on boats since he was born and his dad taught him how to work a sail boat when he was seven. He loved it so much and he entered competitions for it and has won almost all of them. Mason is very cocky and arrogant but fun to be around. He is a charmer and a ladies man. This is all just a wall that he built up because he was hurt before and doesnt want to be hurt again. If he actually lets you in then you will find that he is very loving and sweet. He has a big temper. ||

Ayrena Parks "Ayr" (Name pronounced;; air-eh-na) || sage || Eighteen || Werewolf || TBA || To be a pro dancer || Became a singer/model || Selena Gomez 

Bio later

Kyler Parks || sage || Eighteen || Shapeshifter(Panther) || TBA || To be a model || Became a pro surfer || Tumblr boy 

Bio later


Eleanor "Ella" Dryer || Pewds || Seventeen || Elemental || TBD || To Be Successful || Became an Actress/Model || Kaya Scodelario ||

Eleanor had threw her life away as soon as she hit her senior year of high school. Started dating some bad guy she barely knew, and followed after his every footstep. She changed extremely since then. She was no longer apart of the Drama club at school, nor did she hang out with her friends, or kept up with her grades. Ella became a low-lifer, and she barely knew herself anymore. She had wanted to be her old self again, but it wasn't easy to do, and ever since then, she'd just wish she wasn't so head-over-heels for some rebel. 

Nic Lennox || Pewds || Seventeen || Werewolf || TBD || To Be Popular || Became A Model/Photographer || Logan Lerman ||

Nic was the loneliest kid in high school. He didn't have any friends, he was severely bullied, and all he could do all throughout high school, was to let it happen. He didn't socialize with anyone anymore, not even his parents, started to lose some hair because of the stress. All Nic wanted was for it to all end. He'd always pray to have one friend atleast, and in the 11th grade, he met Jordan. Nic and Jordan didn't click at first, mostly because Nic was pushing him away, but when Jordan didn't give up, Nic took it as a sign and finally let him into his life. But just because he made a friend, finally, didn't mean his life became all "rainbows and unicorns". He still had a rough time, and all he wanted to be was like everyone else; popular, loved, cared for.


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Waiting For Life To Begin~!

Can I join?

Yeah of course :)

I only have two gifs and they are from Rise of the Guardians...

I can find gifs for you just tell me who you want 

I really need an albino boy with blue eyes...

Um... can you be more specific like actor/ actress wise? If not I can try

hmmm.....never mind how about Logan Lerman?

I can try if you really need an albino boy but I'll look

I just need someone that looks like Jack Frost.

After Sage, Ellie and Perry make their people we can start :)

Ohh I like the last picture of Logan and the second picture of the Albino~


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