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Now that roleplayplayground shut down, I need a new site that allows me to create the rps I want to create.  No offense to The Twilight Saga, but we are kind of limited here.  If you could just leave a link for new sites in the comments that would be greatly appreciated.

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I totally agree

Mhm! :/

There's ... that's all I know of, but I am searching too.

If anything, I'll let you know :)

I'm kinda looking 4 a new site 2

Thanks Pewds:)

Okay guys:)  So I joined the site that Pewds recommended.  Theres not too many members on there which kind of sucks but if we tell everyone we know about it then hopefully people will join.  You have to be approved by the site creator but I just joined like 20 minutes ago and I'm already approved so it seems like they get to them pretty fast

I also joined the site but too less members:-(


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