The Twilight Saga

A group of girls are wanderers. They never have a set home. Their families are long gone and they rely on friendship through each other. Money isn't a problem with them, a few are rich. Each one of them has a backstory, a bump in the smooth road. A ripped page in a book. 

They wander into a town, the home of the country's most powerful wolf pack. When these guys lay eyes on them, they imprint. Can they keep the girls from leaving? 

Don't ditch, a swear I will annoy you shamelessly. If you get bored with the rp, just tell me! If you feel left out, just say something! umm 3+ lines for each character, boy and girl. Put "Lostgirls" If you read this!


|| Name || age || species || powers || crush? (Or imprint of wolf. Ask!) || p/b || role in pack(if wolf) ||


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Wolf Pack~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

|| Matthew (Matt) Harvey || 17 || Wolf || Just...wolf stuff idk || NeverlandGiant || 2nd in command-Beta ||

Matt is the clown of the pack. He is often getting in trouble with the alpha but it doesn't bother him much. He is always cracking jokes and sarcasm is like a 2nd language to him. He's full of jokes that make you go HaHa but you really love em. He's that guy everyone wants to be around just because he bring a whole new atmosphere when he walks into a room. People just love him. He can be full of himself sometimes but people usually just roll their eyes and don't take it too seriously. He doesn't really think about finding his imprint. It never crosses his mind and he's not sure what he's gonna do when he does find her. 

|| Brennen Jonathan Evans || 19 || Wolf || shifting into a wolf || nevaeh || third in command ||

Brennen is what you think of when you hear the word "jock". He's a huge player, flirting with girls all the time and hooking up shamelessly. He thinks relationships are a waste of time and doesn't think he'll ever imprint. He's very intelligent but portrays himself as very dumb. He's known for saying what's on his mind without filtering it, leading him to be very rude and crude towards girls he thinks are hot. He has a bit of a temper, but has been working to keep it in check since he became a wolf. He has a sweet side, it just takes a lot to find it.

|| Alex Warren Sheathes || 18 || Werewolf || Werewolf powers ||  Honey Blood [Evon] || Pack Member ||

is the typical nice-guy. He can be such a people pleaser that he will end up getting himself stuck in the middle of an argument that has nothing to do with him because he tries to make both sides happy. He's not very good at telling people his feelings so sometimes he comes off as a jerk. When he likes a girl he tends to fall way to hard over her, and then he usually ends up with a broken heart.

|| Devin James || 19 || Werewolf || Werewolf || OllyOxall || Pack Member ||

Devin is a prime example of a wonderful person and a role model to many. Not only is he quite adorable and humorous, he teaches us/reminds us to stay positive and happy. He has been through many hardships in his life, but he doesn't let them get to him, He stays strong and positive.

 || Andy Ryan Parks || Eighteen || Werewolf || Wolf stuff || sage (sail.) || Pack member and friend of Matt ||

Andy is the son of Seth Clearwater and his wife Anna Berge. He is the type of guy who is super friendly always making someone laugh or he's laughing. That's what he loves to do beside cliff diving is laugh. Andy is a dare-devil he does anything he wants, whenever he wants and he loves doing challenges than can be life threatening because he knows he can do it. He has faith in himself. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Girls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

|| Indigo Thomas || 18 || Shapeshifter(The supernatural kind!) || She can take on the appearance of any human, access their thoughts and memories and cause severe mental pain to the original being NeverlandGiant || 

If the group of girls were a wolf pack, Indigo would be the alpha. She is sly, clever beyond her years and tricky. She loves her powers and she'll admit she doesn't always use them for good. She is constantly freaking people out and screwing with social situations. Indigo can be very cruel. She's easy to overpower physically but what she'll do to your mind is worse. She is cold, closed off and broken. She hasn't had the best of luck with guys and now just breaks hearts for the fun of it. The girls know her best and know that all she really wants is true love, someone to tell her that it's all going to work out. But she believes that love never works out the way you think it should.

|| Emilynn Marie Bunny Meyers || 17 || Siren || Her singing voice and mind manipulation || nevaeh 

Emi is very difficult to figure out. Sometimes, she's bubbly and outgoing. Other times, she's closed off and rude to those who try to talk to her. She has dozens of walls built up from her childhood. She was abandoned as a baby, and then passed, unwanted, from foster home to foster home. Finally, she grew sick of no one wanting her and ran. She found the LostGirls and eventually opened up to them. She has huge insecurity issues and fear of being abandoned again, which is why it's so difficult to get close to her. She loves photography and reading, being a bit of a nerd.

|| Blue Evon McElligott || 18 || Necromancer || She can talk to and see any kind of spirit || Honey Blood [Evon] ||

Blue is very blunt towards people when it comes to her thoughts and feelings, so she sometimes comes off very rude. Both of her parents died when she was very young so she moved in with her grandmother until she was about 13. After her grandmother died she ran away because she hated all of her other relatives and she didn't want to have to live with any of them. She believes in love, but she doesn't believe love is forever or that people can love each other for their whole lives. She's a dare devil to say the least. She loves heights and she doesn't mind getting herself into dangerous situations because she can usually get herself out of them. Usually. 

|| Scout Jenks || 16 || Human(with powers) || Photography Vision and Deduction || OllyOxall ||

When Scout was in the nursery the night after she was born, a strange man was spotted next her crib but when the nurses came in there was only a camera and a note saying it was a gift from her grandfather who had died a few days before. She was born deaf and as she grew she distanced herself from her family. Her powers being that just by looking at something then at a blank space it would appear and can read lips as if she could actually hear the person and watching a person's hand whilst drawing or writing she can tell what it exactly is without looking at the canvas. She walked out of her family's house at the age of 14 and never looked back shortly joining the Lost Girls.

|| Ryder Alaska Barnes || Eighteen || Elemental || She can control all the elements. || sage (sail.) ||

Ryder was born and raised with everything she wanted, that is until her mother and father were both murdered in the same night. She recieved a note on her nigthstand the next morning, saying that she'd be next. So she ran. She left town, state and country whe n she was only 12. She left England and is now living in the U.S. She found the group of Lost Girls who always stay on the move and she thought it was perfect, she couldn't be tracked by the murderer. Now they're in Forks and everything is about to change.






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Scout cleared her throat before carefully opening her mouth to speak. "My name is Scout" It was quite and slow, and her voice was rough from misuse. She looked at Matt curiously, not many boys took interest in her and she was ok with that because she wasn't one for talking, obviously with the whole deaf thing but also because she wasn't all that social.

Devin looks at Ryder and it's like everything that ever mattered to him, didn't anymore. Like his family, his friends, even the other wolves didn't matter, but she did. It wasn't the light bulb or the sunshine that was illuminating the room, it was her smile. 

Alex smiled and shook his head, trying to get his thoughts back together. "No. I mean- yes, I have a name. But, no, I didn't forget," He said nervously and ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm Alex," he finally managed to get out. He reached out his hand towards her, offering it for her to shake. He laughed a bit to himself in attempt to shake off his nerves. But looking at her, he knew suddenly that she was his imprint and that, even though they just met, he would do anything for her.

Matt grinned "What a pretty name" he leaned against the wall and watched her. Her voice was a little rough but it just sounded like it was from not talking for a while. "Where'd you guys move from?" He asked, watching her. He was so happy to just be talking to her

Indigo laughed a little at his nervousness. Her smile was a real one, something rare from Indigo. She gently shook his hand, watching his facial expressions. When she touched his hand it looked like he could fall over at any moment. She reminded herself to dig into his thoughts later. "Alex." She repeated "Like Alexander or just Alex?" She loved the name Alexander.

"It's Alexander," he said and nodded as he let his hand fall back to his side. "But I just go by Alex usually," he chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. He didn't want to come off too creepy, especially since he had just met her, so he forced himself to take his eyes off of her. He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked down at his feet, but he he couldn't help look at her after a second. When their eyes met again he swore his whole chest did a complete summersault.

Scout gnawed on her lip not remembering the towns name, just remembering it was a long drive. She shrugs "A town bigger than this one" she says keeping her shy aura. He seemed to happy to be talking to a deaf girl that wasn't that pretty and had the worst fashion sense ever.

Devin saunters over to Ryder. "Hello" he says dumbly, and he mentally smacks himself.

Matt grinned "lucky. I'd kill to get out of this town" he said with a chuckle. Her shyness was adorable and the way she looked up at him through thick eyelashes made his heart nearly beat out of his chest. He could barely think of anything to say to her. He rubbed the back of his neck with nervousness and looked at her with a smile "you can't remember the name huh? Must've been somethin weird" he said with a chuckle

Indigo smiled a little. He was definitely nervous. "Yeah. I'm gonna call you Alexander. I like that name. It's like Alexander the Great!" She said with a laugh. She felt a weird connection between them. He was easy to talk to. She leaned against the wall of the garage "so Alexander," she looked at his brown eyes, "are you always this articulate?" She teased with a smile. When he spoke he seemed to be stumbling over his words

"Well, I am pretty great," he said with a snif, pretending to think he was all that. He laughed and ran his fingers through his hair again- a nervous habit that he'd had since as long as he could remember. "Yes, all the time. It's one of my many great attributes," he laughed and rocked back on his heels slightly. Watching her, she seemed so relaxed about everything where as he felt as if he couldn't hardly stand still, shifting his weight back and forth between his two feet.

Indigo laughed and watched him rock back and forth on his feet. She looked at him with a small smirk "hon you don't have to be nervous! I don't bite!" She laughed a little and mimicked his looks for a split second then went back to herself. It was a habit she had. Around the girls she would do it without even thinking about it. She would look like one of them for a split second then go back to herself

"Sorry," he said with a laugh. He took a deep breath and sighed, trying to relax. He'd always gotten so nervous talking to girls, now he felt 10x as nervous now that he knew he was talking to the girl that he knew was his imprint. He tilted his head slightly at her as her face seemed to reflect his. He shook his head slightly and looked down at his feet. He must be so nervous that he was starting to see things. "So, um, you just moved into this house?" he asked awkwardly, trying to find something to talk about. "How long will you be staying?"

Scout bites her lip nervously. "Ya, we've lived in a lot of weird towns" she says distractedly as she tries to memorize his features. She knew she wanted to capture his face on a piece of paper, but in what portfolio would it go under? Maybe beautiful which held a lot of scenery, or cute which had kittens and puppies, or maybe friends which had a few of her younger brother, who was the hardest to leave all those years ago, and it also held the other girls.

"Oh, sorry," Blue chuckled. He seemed to be taking her seriously, but she didn't really feel bad. He seemed like a guy that was used to having girls falling all over him, so she purposely tried to come off as aloof. "So, Brennen," she said with a sly smile, narrowing her eyes at him and straightening up a bit. "Do all of you live next door?"

Brennen raised an eyebrow slightly at how she seemed absolutely unaffected by any of his flirting. "No, just Matt. All of us hang out there all the time, though, so we'll probably be seeing a lot of each other." He said with a smirk and wink. He didn't know if she was intentionally not responding to flirting, or simply oblivious to it. Either way, she was definitely more interesting than most girls already.


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