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Storyline:  From the moment she started phasing, Leah always had suppressed all her emotions, all her anger that was building inside of her. She often would let her thoughts slipping into the mind of other pack members which at first they understood but soon they become agitated. It was resulted for Leah to keep doing what she is doing. When she have learned for legend imprinting, she started hating it with such intensity that it caused her not to attack Emily her own cousin. On her shock, Emily asks Leah one day to be her maid of honor on her and Sam's wedding. On her way back home, destiny have prepared something that even Leah can't expect.







Main Characters:

Leah Clearwater


She is Seth's sister and Sam's ex fiance, they have been dating for 4 years before he didn't imprinted on her cousin Emily, which caused Leah to be heartbroken.

P/B: Dani*DeeDee*


Sam Uley


He was first to become wolf out of all pack members. He is an alpha. He used to date Leah for 4 years they have been engaged but everything changed when he met her cousin Emily. He blames himself for what he did to Leah. At some way he has soft spot for her and still is very protective of her.




Emily Young


Emily is second cousin of Leah and Seth.She became Sam's finace after the accident that was caused when Sam phased while she was standing too closer to him. When she have learned about legends she wouldn't gave her heart to Sam knowing that it would hurt Leah but in the end she gaves in.



Cody Blake


He is a Shape shifter he is from a pack that he is Alpha from his pack he thought he would not imprint at all but until he got tired of his pack telling him that he need someone he ran and end up in La Push there is where he see's Leah for the first time what happen's when he imprints on her and he has to go back to his




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Not for a million million years he never thought that he would have aching heartache, but he has it now. Ever since Leah phased, which passed two years, he kept listening to her line of thoughts, he could handle them because he knows he deserved that, but the other pack members hated Leah even more. Everyday she would fight with one of them. It was devasting for him as an alpha it was hard for him. If he had put alpha order on her it wouldn't work because she would disobeyed it. He sighed,"I know..I feel like...everything is falling apart, Em." He whispered as he kissed her lips tenderly.


She glanced at Sam who had return from patroling the area just when she was helping Emily about lunch she figured she could do at least something to show Emily that she had forgiven her. But in that moment Sam came in and she tried so hard not to phase right there. She looked at Emily and said,"I just made potatoe salada, umm...I'll go now.." She replied as she placed gently the bowl on table and than headed back towards her home. Running was on her mind constantly but if she would runaway she would knew that it would hurt Seth the most. Her heart stopped as she saw the wolf on the ground. She bit her lip as she finally phased him. She bit her lip."Phase back please.." She murmured.

Sam took deep breath as he back hugged her, deep down he wanted to do something. To make things right as far only Jacob supported him in all this but others pretended like they don't care. He buried his head into her neck."I love you."

Leah couldn't believe what just happened. She can t believe that she just imprinted. He was the puzzle of her broken soul. He was part of her now. As much as she wants to runaway she can't. Power of imprint is too powerful. She blinked as her eyes eying his handsome figure, she was breathless."I'm Leah...Nice to meet you Cody." She murmured.
Sam watched her falling asleep against him, he pecked her forehead and scars lovingly as he closed slowly his eyes breathing in her scent. He knew that she was his without a doubt.

Leah blushed when he smirked at her, she felt a strong pull towards him as she leaned closer to him, as soon as she heard his words she put her hand on the back of his neck pulling him for a kiss.
Sam smiled softly looking at her, as he pulled her lips to his kissing her feverishly holding her tightly to himself."Yours always, baby." He spoked husky.

Leah felt her heart flutter on those three words, scared to be hurt again, zbe didn't know how to reply to him, she can't made herself to say it."I...can not reply on your words, Cody...I'm not rejecting you." She murmured as she kissed him softly again.

Leah felt an emptiness as soon as he pulled away from her and when he told her that he has to go. She looked at him softly than whispered,"I-i will...." She stuttered out her heart already clenched as she ran forward and wrapped her arms around his waist."Don;t go...please..."

Sam smiled when he held her in his arms softly, rocks her from side to side slowly closing his eyes again."Want my help about lunch baby?" He asked.

(Could you sub for Jacob for awhile?)

Leah looked at him softly as she placed deep kiss on his lips wrapping her arms around his waist. She knew this was her true destiny she decide finally to follow her heart. She felt happy and content for the first time."Yes. I'll go with you." She told him smiling at him.

Sam looked at watch on the wall, Emily was right. It wasn't in her style to just go and disappeared she always arrives before anyone or she calls when she is home. She knew how Emily would be worried. He sighed. When other wolf pack members left he placed Emily on bed beside him, getting up he walked towards them."Jacob, can I have word with you?" He asked.

Leah glared at Jacob and both Sam as she looked at Jacob about to attack Cody. She phased in mid air and growled at Jacob.'That guy you just growled at is my imprint and my mate! If you hurt him, I swear I'll kill you. Leave him alone. I am out of this god-damn pack' She growled and phased back into her clothes looking at Cody than at Sam."Before you tried and ask me questions I am over you Sam, I realized that you can not fight this fate. I am happy. Make Emily happy. And you Jacob? Do not let Bella poisoned you even more." With that she turned back to Cody and said,"We will talk later, let's go, please." She murmured.

Sam's eyes widened in front of showdown that just were about to happen, his thoughts were all over the place, he didn't knew what to think or what should he do. He looked over at Emily who stood there watching all of this. Deep down I was glad that Leah found her happiness, but I knew that she might leave the pack. I never knew this coming, maybe that's exactly what she wants. Maybe I should just let it go. Let it go from my past."Jacob..Calm down...Step back..." Sam ordered him, putting his hand on Jacob's furry back."Come on, Jake...Let her go." Sam spoke softly.

Leah stopped in dead tracks hearing words from both Emily and Seth. Two person that she cared about. She looked at Cody than whispered," Give me a moment." She murmured than turned around."Emily...Just because I am leaving the pack that doesn't mean I am leaving you. Seth will be my connection with you only." She looked at Seth and whispered,"I am not leaving because of you, Seth buy because I had to do something with my life and I cant do that here. Understand me please." She said.

Leah looked thankfull at Cody than looked at her brother again as she hugged gim,"So, wanna come little one?" She asked softly Seth, hopeful that he will accept her offer, than again she wouldn't blame him if he chooses to stay behind, she knew that her mom would need help more than ever.

Leah grinned at her brother, she was happy for the first time in her life she looked one last time at Emily.'Be happy,' she mouthed to her cousin than her and Seth slowly followed Cody. She finally could say that she was happy. She was happy with Cody, with her soulmate.

Leah phased as soon as they hit the woods, she finally felt happiness in her heart. This was her chance to be happy, to have happy life she always wanted. She hoped that his pack would accept her. She was a bit afraid. She smiled softly back at Cody than looked at her brother Seth with smile.

Sam smiled, watching Emily giggling at him. He smiled as he pulled her closer to him."I love you, Emily." He murmured.


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