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So my fellow role-players, I have some good role-plays that I have been wanting to put up for a while now, and I have

some new ones aswell. So, I'm just going to lay all of my ideas out on the line for you all,

 and if you guys like them, and are willing to join them, I'll make them! :D

 1. I have some movie ideal role-plays that I wanted to create, such as: Moonrise Kingdom, Dark Shadows, Now Is Good, Perks of Being A Wallflower, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, and other suggestions would be awesome if you have any!

2. I wanted to make this huge couples RP, but it'd be pretty screwed up pairings with crazy backgrounds and stories behind them. So I'd like to try something out with that!

3. I also wanted to do an RP off of something I read [ just barely XD ] off of Wattpad, about a group of friends who end up in this madhouse in the middle of nowhere, where they all have to play these games [ sort of like the games they play in the Jigsaw movies, but less brutal ] and only one can survive [ also sorta like the Hunger Games ].

4. I wanted to try and attempt the American Horror Story RP I tried to do before.

5. This idea, is from a story I wrote a couple months ago, but I never continued it, and I thought it was going to make a pretty good RP. Basically, it is about a fresh out of college girl, who moves thousands of miles away from home, and to a big town to start her adult life. She then, accidentally meets this mysterious man, who seems to be following her late a night when she's grocery shopping. They meet when she is pulled into a dark alley with him, when the mystery man is being chased by bad men. She then realizes that this man is dangerous, and the more the man is in her life, she slips into his life as she gets involved and she is now living a 'crazy life' with him. [ I will go into more details if anyone is interested ]

[ These Ideas I had to get from the Internet & Tumblr because I am very uncreative, and stuck XD ]

6. "A group of people chat online, and don’t realize they pass by one another everyday.”

7. [ Here are some RP Ideas that I liked, but there's no way to put alot of that info here, so, I would just to just name them by A., B., C., D., etc. { } ]

8. A very cute RP based off of the Peter Pan movie [ A twist where Wendy decides to stay in Neverland, and they get into more danger ] 

[ I'll put more ideas up in this discussion if I have any! For now, this is it! Enjoy.. sort of... XD ]

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Pewds, my dear friend, I would join any of these. 

I like two and four. c:

I looooooooove American Horror Story. 

I really like 6! It's different and we could pull it on for a long time. 

and it's simple

I like number six, it's like You've Got Mail. And I was going to start a Peter Pan roleplay. So, maybe we can work that out together.

2 would also be dramatic XD 

1, 6, or 8

But I like all of them

I definitely think you should do 6. 2 is way too common...

I would enjoy doing six with you :)

I love 2 and 6!

I like the 6th idea :)

I like all of them so whatever you pick I'd join


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