The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Vampire, Werewolves. Other Supernatural Creatures

Plot: A bunch of friends go on holiday but things soon turn wild, as no one expects what would happen. Their fave celebs are there as well, but nothing is as it seems, they are each a different specie. What happens when they fell in love?



Emily Scarlet Jones || 19 || Human || Ben Barnes || P/B~Me

Maria Gatherson || 18 || Witch || Tom Felton || Sofia Nettleton

Steven Carmichael || 20 || Demon || Kristen Stewart || P/B~Me

Brandon Summers || 22 || Human || Nina Dobrev || Sofia Nettleton




Tom Felton || 21 || Vampire || Maria || P/B~Me

Jennifer Lawrence || 20 || Siren || Non Yet || P/B~Me

Ben Barnes || 20 || Fallen Angel || Emily || Sofia Nettleton

Melissa Benoist || 19 || Fairy || TBA || Sofia Nettleton

Chelsea Archer || 16 || Werewolf || TBA || ChelseaDanay

Niall Horan || 19 || Werewolf || TBA || ChelseaDanay




Name || Age || Specie || Crush || P/B



Long Replies

Be a Boy and Girl

Be Dedicated

No Ditching

Tell me when going

Have fun :)

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OMG YOUR A MIND READER!! I love Tom Felton :D :D

Oh lol :) I am a fan of him too :)

I don't know anyone who isn't haha 

yeah true :) lol. He's like the ultimate sexy bad boy

he totally is :D

yeah :) I was a bit stuck for chosing my girls celeb crush :) lol. as I have so many these include Ben Barnes of course, I love him, gosh, William Moseley, Dan Radcliffe, Taylor Launter, Zac Efron and more, so you see my issue lol.


Yeah I know what you mean I'm trying to think of what guy to be I can't choose between Josh hutcherson, Ian Somerhalder, Blake Jenner or Logan Lerman

oh lol :) I might add another girl and boy too :) Could you help me out and Be Ben? please (gives puppy dog eyes) ooh be Ian, I love him :) I just realized it would be more fun to play more then 2 people. hah, but Ian all the way :)

Alright will do :D :D

thank you :) you can make the others and I will put up my other girl and boy up :)

Maria Gatherson || 18 || Witch || Tom Felton || Sofia Nettleton


guy in a sec

Melissa Benoist || 19 || Fairy || TBA || Sofia Nettleton


Ben Barns || 20 || Fallen Angel || Emily || Sofia Nettleton


Brandon Summers || 22 || Human || TBA || Sofia Nettleton


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