The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Wolves/Imprint/Bella

Plot: Bella is a friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall. She has not met Liam and Harry yet though. Louis invites her to his and the boys holiday house, for a while, but things get crazy when Liam and Harry both fall in love with her. And Bella finds her self torn between Liam, the one she has feelings for too and Harry who she likes but does not want to hurt. What will Happen when Louis still has feelings for Bella too?

Louis William Tomlinson~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's./Bella's Ex Boyfriend

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me


Can't Imprint/Torn Between Harry and Liam.

Friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall/ Used to date Louis

Niall James Horan~Khrystail Cullen


No Imprint

Friend of Bella

Liam James Payne~Khrystail Cullen


Imprints on Bella.

Harry Edward Styles~Subbed by Khrystail


Falls for Bella/Imprints on Bella as well.

Zayn Jawaad Malik~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's.


Claire Emma Johnston~Me

17 Years Old

Human/ Friend of Bella






Long Replies

Be Dedicated

Tell me when going

Have fun :)

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(could you do longer replies please :) thanks )

Bella: I giggled and squirmed in their arms as they both tickled me "Stop tickling me!" I screamed kicking my legs and giggled "It was Louis, I didnt pull you in" I said and laughed and ducked under the water and I pulled Harry under by his leg and I giggled trying to swim away but Louis then picked me up and threw me in the water again. I laughed as I did a cannon ball and made a big splash getting the other lads on the deck wet. I laughed and came up shaking my head and giggled.

Louis: "Blame Bella, she jumped on my back and made me fall and I gripped onto you." I said and laughed softly and spat the water out as Bella did a cannon ball and got us even more wet. I chuckled and splashed her again and smirked at her and then picked her up and held her upside down and chuckled. I laughed and smirked at her

((Sorry..I'm not good at playing guys))

Harry ;; I spat out water as she splashed us again. "You still deserve to be tickled!" I yelled in a dracula voice. "Give me your bloooood!!!" I went to her when Louis held her upside down and tickled her and pretended to bite her neck then I started tickling her again. "Say sorry for jumping on Louis and making all three of us fall in...Say sorry or I'll suck your blood again and keep tickling you!!! Tickle, tickle, tickle." I said laughing as she splashed water at me and Louis. "Say sorryyyyyyyyy."

(it's okay :))

Bella: I laughed and let out a pretend scream "Oh no, Dracula Harry is going to kill me" I said and squirmed in his arms laughing wiggling as he kept tickling "Stop...Harry stoooopp" I screamed...I could barely breathe and I giggled "I am sorry...sorry sorry...please no more...can''t breathe" I said panting for breath as he tickled me and I wiggling in his arms like a worm and gasped for breath and gripped onto his shoulder trying to get my breathing back to normal.

Harry ;; I smiled. "Thank you!" I said and stopped tickling her as she tried to breath. "Okay, Louis dunk her in the water when she can breathe again." I smirked and slowly went under the water until only my eyes were out of the water then I dived in. I grabbed Louis's leg and pulled him under with Bella.

Bella: I gasped for breath when Harry pulled me and Louis under and I sucked some water as I breathed wrong and I blacked out in Louis's arms slightly. When I was up in the air I spat out the water chocking and gasping for breath "Are you trying to kill me?" I said and looked at Louis.

Louis: I chuckled softly "No sorry Bells." I said and rubbed her back and patted her back softly "You do need to be careful, miss Clumsy" I said and chuckled and set her on the deck so she could get her breath back

Harry ;; I got out the water. "Oh my god!! Bella are you okay? I'm so sorry!!!" I said. I went next to her on the dock, looking at her. "I'm sorry. I really am. I promise I won't do that again."

Bella: I got my breath back after a while and looked at Harry "It's okay, I'll be okay" I said and gave him half a smile, as my heart beat calmed down against my chest.I bit my lip slightly

Harry ;; I frowned. "You sure?" I asked, putting my hand on top of hers hoping she wasn't mad at me.

Bella: I looked down at Harry's hand on mine, his hand was warm and soft, it made me blush. I looked at him and gave him a soft smile "I am sure, Harry" I said softly and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. I looked at him into his eyes as I said it making sure he knew I meant it and was okay.

Harry ;; I blushed when she looked down at our hands. I looked into her deep choclate brown eyes and nodded slowly, not being able to look away.

Bella: I saw him blush and could not help but smile to my self softly, he looked rather adorable like that, I bit my lip slightly as I felt my cheeks getting hotter when he looked into my eyes deeply, I could not force my self to look away from him, my hair fell over my eyes slightly, as my hair was layered some I could not pull all of my hair up fully, so some bits always fell from the pony tail, or hair bun I pulled them up in. As I looked into his eyes, I saw a sparkle in them, his features matched his hair and figure perfectly. I gave him a soft warm smile so it didnt just look like we were staring at each other to the guys lads. I kept looking into Harry's eyes but that Zayn started singing "Ooh Harry and Bella sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G. first comes love, then comes marriage and kids strolling along in a baby carriage!" I looked at Zayn and raised an eyebrow at him and rolled my eyes

Harry ;; I blinked and shook my head when Zayne started singing. "Shut up." I said, feeling my cheeks heat up. I cleared my throat awkwardly, looking away from Bella. What just happened? I thought. "Oh brother. Uh..Bella..Uh..I gotta t-talk to Louis real quick. Be right back." I said and got up, running to where Louis was at. "Uh..Louis..I gotta talk to you, fast."


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