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Twi Relation: Wolves/Imprint/Bella

Plot: Bella is a friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall. She has not met Liam and Harry yet though. Louis invites her to his and the boys holiday house, for a while, but things get crazy when Liam and Harry both fall in love with her. And Bella finds her self torn between Liam, the one she has feelings for too and Harry who she likes but does not want to hurt. What will Happen when Louis still has feelings for Bella too?

Louis William Tomlinson~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's./Bella's Ex Boyfriend

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me


Can't Imprint/Torn Between Harry and Liam.

Friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall/ Used to date Louis

Niall James Horan~Khrystail Cullen


No Imprint

Friend of Bella

Liam James Payne~Khrystail Cullen


Imprints on Bella.

Harry Edward Styles~Subbed by Khrystail


Falls for Bella/Imprints on Bella as well.

Zayn Jawaad Malik~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's.


Claire Emma Johnston~Me

17 Years Old

Human/ Friend of Bella






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Be Dedicated

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Have fun :)

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Bella: I looked at Annabella "Zayn always stares a lot and Niall tends to exxagarate at times," I said when Niall said Liam was in love with me and I nudged Zayn who was still staring "Zayn, speak and don't stare it's rude." I said and giggled and he just ingored me, like he was blind or deaf or something, he just stood there gawking at my friend

Bella: I looked at Annabella "I do not have a lover" I said and rolled my eyes at her then smirked and looked at Zayn "Annabella has a crush on you." I said and walked off and giggled to my self, is she teases me back, I'd get her back. I walked into the house to take a shower, I walked into my room to find a note from Louis, I picked it up and opened it up to see what he wrote to me, It was bit off seeing he was my ex, but still a friend of mine.

Zayn: I smiled at her friend then grinned when she said she had a crush on me "Oh really now?" he said as he looked at Annabella

Niall: "Well, that was completely unexpected." I laughed, Bella never talked about me like that. I looked back at Anabella, and smiled. "Liam, is like completely in love with Bella. And he just met her today. It's kind of funny how he falls in love quickly." I said, in a mess around voice. Liam gave me a, "your dead" look, and I started running.

((what's happened?? o.O))

(bella and Liam met and He likes her and Niall sort of is saying Liam loves her, which Liam does lol. Bella thinks it's just a joke and Zayn and Bella's friend Annabella are talking, Bella went back to the lake house and found a note from Louis she's about to read)

((how does harry come in?? he kinda loves her too :/ sorry for the late replies..i'm playing fruit ninja :3))

(I know he does, it's a Bella/Liam/Harry love triangle)

Bella: I read the note from Louis:

Dear Bella,

I am not sure where to start, I guess I should start by saying I miss you and I still love you. I made a mistake by letting you go and I regret that, I know you want to move on and I should let you, no matter how hard and painful it is for me. I will never stop loving you, but being your friend is fine by me, I hope that one day you'll find someone who will love you and won't let you go. I want you to be happy again.

Love Louis

I sighed at the note and set it down on my bed, I turned around and slammed right into Liam "Gosh, Liam" I said and looked at him "You scared me, I didnt hear you" I said as I looked at him into his eyes

Liam: "Hey sorry Bella, I didn't mean to startle you. Just wanted to talk to you." I smiled and looked at her. I felt really bad about earlier. "I wanted to apologize for earlier. It was very ungentlemanly for me to stare at you like that. But Niall was right. I do like you, you are pretty. Sorry for the drool. I'm not entirely good with girls." I swallowed hard.

Bella: I looked at him and smiled at him slightly "It's okay Liam, you don;t need to apologize, no hard feelings about before" I said and looked at him "You're really sweet Liam, but we just met and frankly I am not even sure if I am looking for anything at the moment, I mean me and Louis broke up about a month ago, he still has feelings for me and I am just trying to adjust to being on my own again for a while" I said looking at him

Liam: "It's all good. I'm not looking for a relationship either. I don't think I could handle one right now. Not after my last one." I answered, smiling. I did like her, but not enough to want to date her right now. She wasn't ready for a relationship anyway. It was too much hastel.

sorry didnt see your comment


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