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Twi Relation: Wolves/Imprint/Bella

Plot: Bella is a friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall. She has not met Liam and Harry yet though. Louis invites her to his and the boys holiday house, for a while, but things get crazy when Liam and Harry both fall in love with her. And Bella finds her self torn between Liam, the one she has feelings for too and Harry who she likes but does not want to hurt. What will Happen when Louis still has feelings for Bella too?

Louis William Tomlinson~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's./Bella's Ex Boyfriend

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me


Can't Imprint/Torn Between Harry and Liam.

Friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall/ Used to date Louis

Niall James Horan~Khrystail Cullen


No Imprint

Friend of Bella

Liam James Payne~Khrystail Cullen


Imprints on Bella.

Harry Edward Styles~Subbed by Khrystail


Falls for Bella/Imprints on Bella as well.

Zayn Jawaad Malik~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's.


Claire Emma Johnston~Me

17 Years Old

Human/ Friend of Bella






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Be Dedicated

Tell me when going

Have fun :)

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Bella looked at Liam as Zayn ran off. She bit her lip. Oh dear God help! a voice screamed inside of her head. She was not sure what to tell Liam, or where to even start. Where was she supposed to? She was rather nervous around him."I umm.." she said as she ran a hand through her hair and she twirled it between her fingertips in a rather nervous manner. She looked at the lake while standing beside the door and she leaned against the frame. She closed her eyes for a moment and she wondered if she should just go ahead and tell Liam what Harry said, would it make things worse or better? She had no idea, but she was bit scared of what he might say.

Claire looked between Harry and Zayn, she then looked over at Liam and Bella. She could tell both of them were rather nervous, it was so sweet. She smiled softly shaking her head and she looked at Harry "I think, Zayn might be doing the same thing you are. Giving them a space to talk." she said and she smiled softly. She grabbed a drink and an apple from the kitchen, she looked at Niall "Do you want anything?" she asked him smiling softly.

Zayn nodded at what Claire said "Yeah, exactly that." he said as he grabbed an apple and he started to eat it.

Liam: "Tell me Bella, nothing can make us not be a close as we are now." Though I figured I already knew what she was going to say. I still wanted to hear if from her, not from anyone else. I was nervous, but I didn't show too much of it. But, knowing Bella, she probably could tell.

Harry: I nodded, though I knew what she was going to say to him, I don't think anyone else needed to know.

Niall: "No thanks, I think I'm good." I said, and turned back to the TV. I swear, with this group, everything is always complicated. I thought to myself, and turned on Britain's Got Talent.

Bella looked at him a little surprised, he wanted to hear it. She bit her lip more as she looked at him "Harry...he umm well he told me what you think of me." she said and she bit her lip more as she chewed on it in a nervous manner, not sure what he would say to that.

Zayn nodded as he ate his apple.

Claire was still beside Niall and she looked at the tv, she hadn't seen that tv show in ages and she wondered if the boys would join her and Niall or what.

Liam: "Yeah, and what exactly did he say?" I asked, glaring at Harry in my head. I thought he was my best friend, he wasn't supposed to tell anyone, especially not Bella.

Harry: Ummm, so I didn't know how much I should tell them, but I didn't think Liam would be happy with me if I told them. He's already going to be mad at me for what I told Bella.

Niall: I casually put my arm around Claire's shoulders, and continued watching the show. I had a feeling Harry and Zayn were too anxious to sit with us, but they didn't leave the kitchen. Every little while I would catch Harry glancing over at the door where Bella and Liam were talking.

Bella looked at him nodding "Yeah.he said something about you telling him that I am great or perfect or was it both, but if you ask me, I far from perfect." she said honestly, she was not one of those girls who thought a lot off them selves like some. She bit her lip looking at him.

Zayn stared at the door with Harry "Is Liam gonna be mad?" he asked Harry whispering, if so,. He hoped Liam would not yell at him.

Claire leaned against Niall softly as she watched with him, she looked over at Harry watched Liam and Bella. She then carried on watching the tv show

Liam: "You are perfect, at least to me anyway. And no matter what you say, you can't change it." I said a little nervously. God, this girl made me so nervous.

Harry: I shrugged. "I'm not sure." I said, though I probably had a good feeling about it.

Niall: I whispered in Claire's ear, "Do you think she'll be okay?" I asked. Not taking my eyes from the screen.

Bella blushed and she bit her lip and she looked down at the floor slightly nervous before she looked at him.

Zayn nodded as he watched. "Gosh, why doesn't he just kiss her already?" he asked.

Claire nodded "I hope so." she said watching

Liam: "Bella... I started, then I wasn't sure what to say. I stood, and stepped a little closer to her.

Harry: I looked at Zayn, and back at them. Liam had stepped closer to her, and she was looking at the ground. That could two things, it was going good, and he was about to kiss her, or it was going badly, and he was about to do something stupid.

Niall: I nodded, and layed my head back on the back of couch.

Bella bit her lip as she took a nervous breath and she looked up slightly hearing her name, she saw he was a bit closer to her, her cheeks turned rouge as her heart sped up and she looked bit nervous

Zayn watched and he was curious what Liam was doing. He watched with Harry intensely

Claire cuddled into him as she watched the show with him.

Liam: Bella, I... I love you." i said, and then I did something, I never thought I would. I kissed her. And not a little small peck on the cheek, I mean a real kiss. It was a passionate kiss.

Harry: I gaped. "Did.. did anyone else see that?" I asked stupidly, knowing they all had seen it.

Niall: "See what?" Then I looked over towards the door as Liam kissed Bella, and stared. Well, I've gotta hand it to him. The boy wasn't afraid.

Bella blinked in surprise, before she could even answer, his lips were against hers, warm, soft and passionate. She started to kiss him back as her body melted into his and she let her fingers tangle up in his hair softly. Zayn watched Liam and Bella kiss on the porch with his jaw dropped

Louis came down wondering what the racket was about and he blinked seeing Liam and Bella kissing by the door way-she moved on? and with his band mate? well not that he was expecting that-he knew she would move on, but with Liam? that hurt a little.

Claire watched and she smiled softly, she then saw Louis and she glared over at him. She didn't like him much, since he hurt one of her close friends, frankly he deserved what he got at the moment

Liam: Unthinkingly, I wrapped my arms around her waist. And continued kissing her.

Harry: I had nothing to say. I heard someone coming down the stairs, and turned to see Louis watching Liam Bella like the rest of us.

Niall: I couldn't take my eyes off Liam and Bella, but I heard Louis come down the stairs. And I could tell Claire was was glaring at him. I tightened my arm around her shoulders.


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