The Twilight Saga

In a town called Mystic Hills, Pennsylvania, is a internationally famous school called Mystic Hills Preparatory School. One the outside the school looks like any normal hard-to-get-into school, but in reality it's the only school specifically for species other than human. To avoid certain situations, they separate the students into three different dorms, Vampric, Wolfe, Magyk. 

Twilight Reference ~

Werewolves, Vampires, Hybrids


1. Between 1-4 characters, but must have an even amount of boys and girls.

2. No out of character drama. (Be nice, it's not that hard)

3. Have fun! :)




Name: (f,m,l)

Age: (16-19)


Dorm: (Wolfe, Vampric, Magyk) (If Hybrid, whichever dorm you choose.)



Name: Ariel Nicole Winters

Age: 16

Species: Werewolf

Dorm: Wolfe

Crush: Logan


Name: Cory Bryan Winters

Age: 18

Species: Werewolf

Dorm: Wolfe

Crush: Tba


Peyton Kyn Duncan


Witch-Werewolf Hybird.





Logan Ray Wall





Aribella Lane Lincoln







Kayden Michael Roll




Name: Katie Ann Aquatica

Age: 17

Species:  Mermaid

Dorm: Magyk

Crush: Kayden

PB: Roman Cullen

Name: Leena Heather Barnes
Age: Seventeen
Species: Werewolf
Dorm: Wolfe
Crush: Logan
PB: Sage
Name: Dallas Brandon Riverent
Age: Seventeen
Species: Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid
Dorm: Vampric
Crush: tbd
PB: Sage
Name: Andria-Karter Reanne Florinct
Age: Sixteen
Species: Witch
Dorm: Magyk
Crush: tbd
PB: Sage
Andrew "Andy" Gregory Parks
Age: Nineteen
Species: Werewolf-Wizard Hybrid
Dorm: Wolfe
Crush: Ariel

PB: Sage

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Peyton turned and looked at Cory, "I really wouldn't mind sharing a bed with you." She said, and then laughed, "But I'm a kicker, so I'll sleep on the bunk bed?" She smiled at them. And then snapped her fingers so that Ariel's stuff showed up in the room.


Logan watched as they exchanged who was going to sleep where. It ended up with Logan and Ariel sleeping on the bed and Cory and Peyton sleeping on the bunk bed. He smiled.

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Sorry. I had a lot to do today and couldn't get to a computer. :)

Cory grinned at the girl. "Well that sucks. I was hoping that we would share

the bed, but anything is fine with me." He turned to look at Logan. "Don't try any funny

business with my sister, will ya?" He laughed, but there was a serious undertone to the


Ariel was glad her wish was granted. She was going to share a bed with

a cute boy. Really life couldn't even better. She leaned over and kissed Logan's

cheek. "I will do whatever I want, sasquatch." She said jokingly. "I'm just kidding, we

won't try anything we're not in a relationship." Ariel smiled.

Peyton grinned, "Its okay," She said, "No one said we had to use both bunks." She winked at him, then turned towards Ariel, "I hope you wouldn't try anything with us in the room!" She giggled, "Who wants to go get some food?" She dragged out the ooooo sound.


Logan laughed, "I wouldn't try anything." He said to Cory, "She's your sister, I understand, I have a younger human sister at home." He shrugged, "I could go for some food." He turned towards Ariel, "How bouts you?"


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