The Twilight Saga

A new girl moves to LaPush and Seth imprints on her, only one problem, so has Paul. What happens when she finds out about the supernatural? And who will she choose?


1. boy and girl
2. only humans, werewolves, and vampires
3. must play an already made character if you want to do a OC
4. no ooc drama
5. must have 2+ replies

Main Characters:

Katrina "Kat" Owens
Kat moved to LaPush because she needed to get far away from the big city where she used to live. She has a small voice and is very sweet and shy. Kat is a total nerd and works at a bookstore in Forks. She is both Paul and Seth's imprint but has no idea about werewolves or vampires.
Played By: Left Of Me

Seth Clearwater
Seth is the youngest of the pack and imprinted on Kat. He is always trying to find something happy in everything that happens and is very fun loving. Seth gets along well with vampires and doesn't mind helping them against other supernaturals, he usually likes hanging out at their house.
Played By: Forever Young. ∞

Paul Lahote
Paul is Sam's beta and imprinted on Kat. He is very stubborn and hard headed. He hates vampires and wants nothing more than to kill everyone of them because they killed his parents when he was very young.
Played By: OPEN!

Other Pack Members:

Sam Uley - Left Of Me
Jacob Black - OPEN
Jared Cameron - OPEN
Leah Clearwater - OPEN
Quil Attera - Miss Sixx
Emily Uley (Sam's Imprint) - OPEN
Nessie Cullen (Jake's Imprint) - Forever Young. ∞


Lucilla "Lucy" Yates
Lucy is Jared's imprint and lives with him on the reservation even though she is a vampire. She lives off blood bags and helps when the werewolves have to deal with vampires without killing them. She is an excellent tracker and has the gift of being able to control earth. Lucy is very calm and laid back, unless you mess with her family or friends.
Played By: Miss Sixx

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Sam and Katrina

Accepted. Thanks.

welcome :)

by the way, gif for Paul is not showing up

Is it showing up now? It showed on my computer...

yeah :)

Seth & Nessie?

Accepted. Thanks.

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