The Twilight Saga

What is Peter Pan had actually been a careless boy?  He was reckless, and destructive, and he didn't care about much.  He never worried about his actions.  He was emotionally vacant.  Until he meets Wendy.  She doesn't like the way he acts, but Peter won't stop at anything to get her to run away with him.

Peter Pan; Me.

Wendy Darling; Taken

John Darling;

Micheal Darling; 

Other Characters;

Autumn Jean Rose


Peter's cousin & Micheal's girlfriend.



Boy and girl.

Don't ditch.

Long replies.

Form for other characters;



Relation in story



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Wendy darling at your service c:

Hurray! Ahah. Would you mind playing a boy too?

sure hmm I can be john or i can make another character

You can do which ever

alright give me a moment 

Steven Rogers ( Slightly )


One of peters friends in the lost boys group 

Where the Wild things are ♥

his he good 


Yes! Sorry, I had to do something

Its "a" okay 


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