The Twilight Saga

The Young Bella Swan, has enough issues to deal with, but she never thought she would deal with Magic in her life. As soon as she meets William's best friend Ben Barnes, she can't help but be charmed by him, but then odd things starts to happen. She swears she rans into his characters Prince Caspian, Dorian Gray and Neil McCormick, straight from the films, and even Peter Pevensie who is one of William's characters.What will happen and how will they get back to their own world?


Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan || 19 || University Student || Crush: Ben (Feelings for Caspian, Dorian and Neil)

Having to deal with the loss of her parents and the bad break up from her ex boyfriend, Bella has a lot going on while studying for her finals at a university. She now has to deal with her feelings for Ben and Magic as it all surrounds her. But it gets her in trouble a while later.


Benjamin "Ben" Thomas Barnes || 23 || Actor || Crush: Bella

Ben had been an actor for a few years and he is very talented one. Before he and Bella met, Will told him a lot about her and he was also curious to meet her in person, when they do, something clicks. He begins to fall for her, but then something magic happens and he meets his former self's in the form of 3 of his characters. Whatever he feels, his characters Caspian, Dorian and Neil feel and the other way around.


Prince Caspian || 21 || Prince of Narnia || Ben's Protective Self || Crush:Bella

Prince Caspian was born into a royal family in another world,but he had to ran from his uncle. Until his uncle Miraz got defeated and he was the rightful heir. Once he reaches Bella and Ben's worlds, he is shows affection towards Bella and protection. Just like the hidden desires that thrive within Ben, Caspian projects them.


Dorian Gray || 19 || Noble || Ben's charming self/Bad boy || Crush: Bella

Dorian was once a good person, but once he agreed to sell his soul to devil that changed and he became more cruel. Once he meets Bella, his old sweet and charming self stars to appear, she brings out the best in him.


Neil McCormick || 24 || Singer || Ben's talented self || Crush: Bella

Neil was born in Ireland with high ambitions to make it bigger than his friend Paul in the band U2. Moving to England with his younger brother he started to pursue that dream, but then somehow ended up in Bella and Ben's time.


William Peter Moseley || 21 || Actor || Bella's Friend || Crush: Non

William is a fellow actor and friend of Ben, but he has also been friends with Bella for many years now. Since Bella and her boyfriend broke up, she moved in with Will. Even though he is rational at times and has good ideas, he can sometimes annoy Bella. He can see how Ben feels for Bella, but gets confused, about who Bella really likes since Ben has 3 selves around that have the same feelings as he.


Peter Pevensie || 19 || High King of Narnia || William's annoying and rational self || Crush: Non

Peter was one of the pevensie siblings that went to Narnia, the second time he helped Caspian regain his throne rightfully. Now back in his hometown of London, but in a different time with Caspian, he gets on Bella's nerves with his annoying comments.


Jacob Black || 19 || Bella's Ex || Werewolf || Crush: Bella

He was Bella's childhood friend, and they dated for a few years, but he got really possessive over her and he turned into a jerk. When they broke up, he got mad and even worse and he swore to him self, that he'd protect her.



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Bella woke up the sound of the alarm clock in her room and she rubbed her eyes as she got up, she went to the bathroom and she cleaned her self up. She then pulled her hair into the pony tail and once she got changed. she grabbed her bag and she walked down the stairs humming to her self "Will?" she called out "I am going to go in a moment or two..." she trailed off seeing the shoes in the corner "Who they be..." she then spotted Ben shirtless and her eyes widened as she streched out the words "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooong to?" she said, her voice shaky as if she was saying woah oh. She then quickly covered her eyes, not wanting to invade his privacy. Her cheeks turned bright rouge and she felt more embarrassed than she had in her life.

Will poked his head through the door and he chuckled seeing Bella like that "Oh, I forgot to mention that Ben stayed over last night." he said

Bella nodded "Yeah, I got that."she said as she turned around and walked into the wall "Ouch." she said rubbing her forehead and her nose, Will just chuckled and Bella slapped him on the arm "Not, funny Will. Not funny." she said and she shot him a smirk even though her eyes were still covered.

Ben-I looked up at Bella, seeing her cover her eyes because I was shirtless. I went over to her with a concerned look on my face. "Are you alright Bella?" I looked at her, hoping she was. I didn't want anything bad happening to my Bella. I smiled a little at the thought-but she wasn't exactly mine. I mean yeah I do like her-a lot but were not together. And, maybe she wasn't ready to be in another relationship yet anyways. I stopped thinking to myself and came back to reality.

Bella kept her eyes covered and she tried to stop blushing "I Umm...yeah...just peachy." she said and she grabbed at someone's arm, thinking it was Will but it was Ben's arm "Will..Kitchen...Now!" she spoke in the tone that told him something was wrong

Will chuckled "Umm Bells' that's Ben's arm...I am over here." he said, he was on the other side of her and he took her hand off Ben's arm and she pulled Will into the kitchen where she uncovered her eyes and she glared at him frustration, Will just laughed softly.

"Why didn't you warn me we would be having company?" she asked raising her eyebrow at him, her arms crossed over her chest.

"And miss the expression on your face?" Will asked as he chuckled "It would be less fun, plus it was late when we got back home and you were already asleep." he said "And hey it's not my fault, you always refer to Ben as Mr Perfect and one song comes into your mind when he's around." he said humming the song he was humming about.

Bella's cheeks flushed a bit rouge and she looked at Will pouting "I do that!" she said and she shakes her head and rolled her eyes at the song and she then looked at Ben "Don't pay attention to Will...he's lost his sanity at the moment." she said and she looked at Will "And here I thought you were the rational one, but so far you're annoying usual." she said

Will just laughed "Oh, I am sane alright." he said and he looked at Ben "She's the one with no sanity." he joked and Bella slapped the back of his head. He rubbed his head "Oi."

(Lol the song)

Ben-I smiled when she grabbed my arm, she was so warm...and soft.  I watched the two of them go back and fourth. "I think Will has already lost it a long time ago." I chuckled at Bella, and smiled even more when she thinks I'm Mr.Perfect. I laughed at Will once Bella hit him, "Maybe it would be a good time to shut up Will before she hurts you even more...actually don't shut up Will. Keep talking." I smiled, kind of wanting to see Bella beat Will him just for the fun of it.

(I know lol, if you look it up on youtube with Ben's name, someone made a video of clips with him to that song, it suits him lol)

Will looked at Ben, about to shut up "Ah, whose side are you on?" he asked looking at him and he then looked at Bella "Did you really have to hit my head?" he asked grumbling as he rubbed the back of it shaking his head.

"So far, it seems Ben's on my side." Bella said and she shot Will a glare "Yes, I did. If you carry on yapping, then you might get more than just a slap on the back of the head Mr." she said "I have enough things to deal with already, and I do not need to add this to my list of things." she said

"Oh, please, you can't make time on your schedule for Lover boy?" Will said and Bella shot him a glare, he knew she would do something so he ran off but Bella chased him around the house

"Take that back!" Bella said

"No!" Will said as he tried to get away from her but she ended up tackling him and she pinned him down and he laughed "Well well...hey." he teasing by winking at her.

"Oh don't you dare flirt with me." Bella said giving him a stern look

(yeah it does)

Ben-"Bella is right...I'm on her side Will." I smiled and laughed at Will as he got tackled down to the ground. "Wow Will, you are so strong." I said in a sarcastic tone. "And hey, don't flirt with my Bella..." My eyes widened in shock as I said that out loud, not really knowing what to do next. "Um...I meant to say just Bella..." I'm such a bad liar, I thought to myself and sighed.

Will shot him a glare "Oh Shut up-Benjamin." he said rolling his eyes, knowing Ben hated being called that
Bella looked at him when he said my Bella and she opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out, she then saw the time "i have to go." she said getting up and she grabbed her things and rushed past Ben and outside. As she walked, she walke into Dorian and her books fell to the floor

Ben-"Don't call me that William." I stared at him with a stern look. Then I looked at Bella, and sighed as she left. Way to go just ran her off by saying "my" like really, come on now.

Dorian-"Oh I am so sorry Miss." I said and bent down to grab her books. "I should have looked where I was going."

Will chuckled then watched as Bella left "Way to go dude, you just saved your self from a date.' he said being sarcastic.
"no the fault was mine." She said not really seeing him as she bent down to grabb her books, she looked at him-staring in shock. He looked like a spitting version of ben

Ben-I grabbed a pillow and hit Will with it. "Oh shut up. I didn't mean to and if someone wasn't saying all that stuff maybe then Bella wouldn't have been as upset."

Dorian-"Here are all of your books. Are you alright, miss? Is something wrong?"

Will pouts "Not my fault, she got all emotional about it when I was just messing around." he told him
"I umm...thanks." She said holding her books "Sorry, you just look like someone I know"

Ben-"Well she took it serious, maybe you should apologize to her about it."

Dorian-"Oh." I smiled. "Well...I should go now." I looked at her, not wanting to leave actually. I felt like I wanted to stay and talk to her. But I didn't know if that would be a good idea.


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