The Twilight Saga

The Young Bella Swan, has enough issues to deal with, but she never thought she would deal with Magic in her life. As soon as she meets William's best friend Ben Barnes, she can't help but be charmed by him, but then odd things starts to happen. She swears she rans into his characters Prince Caspian, Dorian Gray and Neil McCormick, straight from the films, and even Peter Pevensie who is one of William's characters.What will happen and how will they get back to their own world?


Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan || 19 || University Student || Crush: Ben (Feelings for Caspian, Dorian and Neil)

Having to deal with the loss of her parents and the bad break up from her ex boyfriend, Bella has a lot going on while studying for her finals at a university. She now has to deal with her feelings for Ben and Magic as it all surrounds her. But it gets her in trouble a while later.


Benjamin "Ben" Thomas Barnes || 23 || Actor || Crush: Bella

Ben had been an actor for a few years and he is very talented one. Before he and Bella met, Will told him a lot about her and he was also curious to meet her in person, when they do, something clicks. He begins to fall for her, but then something magic happens and he meets his former self's in the form of 3 of his characters. Whatever he feels, his characters Caspian, Dorian and Neil feel and the other way around.


Prince Caspian || 21 || Prince of Narnia || Ben's Protective Self || Crush:Bella

Prince Caspian was born into a royal family in another world,but he had to ran from his uncle. Until his uncle Miraz got defeated and he was the rightful heir. Once he reaches Bella and Ben's worlds, he is shows affection towards Bella and protection. Just like the hidden desires that thrive within Ben, Caspian projects them.


Dorian Gray || 19 || Noble || Ben's charming self/Bad boy || Crush: Bella

Dorian was once a good person, but once he agreed to sell his soul to devil that changed and he became more cruel. Once he meets Bella, his old sweet and charming self stars to appear, she brings out the best in him.


Neil McCormick || 24 || Singer || Ben's talented self || Crush: Bella

Neil was born in Ireland with high ambitions to make it bigger than his friend Paul in the band U2. Moving to England with his younger brother he started to pursue that dream, but then somehow ended up in Bella and Ben's time.


William Peter Moseley || 21 || Actor || Bella's Friend || Crush: Non

William is a fellow actor and friend of Ben, but he has also been friends with Bella for many years now. Since Bella and her boyfriend broke up, she moved in with Will. Even though he is rational at times and has good ideas, he can sometimes annoy Bella. He can see how Ben feels for Bella, but gets confused, about who Bella really likes since Ben has 3 selves around that have the same feelings as he.


Peter Pevensie || 19 || High King of Narnia || William's annoying and rational self || Crush: Non

Peter was one of the pevensie siblings that went to Narnia, the second time he helped Caspian regain his throne rightfully. Now back in his hometown of London, but in a different time with Caspian, he gets on Bella's nerves with his annoying comments.


Jacob Black || 19 || Bella's Ex || Werewolf || Crush: Bella

He was Bella's childhood friend, and they dated for a few years, but he got really possessive over her and he turned into a jerk. When they broke up, he got mad and even worse and he swore to him self, that he'd protect her.



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Ben-"Wait! What's happening to Bella?" I looked up at the Doctors then back at Bella, as I held her hand in mine standing right beside her. "Will she be okay? Why does she need surgery? She's going to be okay, right? RIGHT?" I stood up, getting more worried and angry. I needed to know what were they going to do to her.

Neil-"Calm down Ben! She's going to be alright." I said, trying to calm his nerves.

Ben-"Do you honestly believe that I'm going to calm down?!?" I yelled at him, and as they were starting to take Bella away I was trying to follow but I was stopped by two nurses. They were restraining me from getting to Bella, "LET GO OF ME!!" I screamed out, making a big scene.

Will looked between his two friends and Neil, Neil seemed calm and positive, while Ben was freaking out and he looked at the doctors "What is wrong with my friend?" he asked, he took a deep breath, he knew what ever it was would be bad.

Meredith looked at them as she started to prepare Bella for surgery "Your friend has an ectopic pregnancy and stage 1 of brain cancer, we are going to save her life." she told Ben who was freaking out "I know you're worried and upset, but this won't help your friend, I will keep you all updated on her condition during the surgery." she told him before she took Bella into the OR

The Nurses tried to hold Ben back "Young Man...calm down..right now! This is not helping your friend, your friend is in a good hands, the best team is going to be working on her to make sure she lives. This is a hospital, not a cafe where you can make a scene, you can't go and watch her surgery, it is not allowed. As Dr. Grey said, she will keep you all posted on your friends condition."


Ben-I started to calm down, finally. I was breathing hard from all of the yelling that I was doing. My eyes were watery now, as I heard the nurse. Bella was sick, and I never even asked was she okay. My eyes widened as I heard she was pregnant. "Thank you..." Was all I could manage to say. I looked at the other nurses and nodded. "I'm...I'm sorry." I looked down.

Neil-I looked at Will with worry, then Ben who couldn't seem to cope with knowing that Bella was about to go into surgery. Wow, he must really care about her to look and act like that in a hospital. I was worried about Bella, and hoped she was okay. I walked over to Ben, and put my hand on his shoulder lightly. "Ben..."

Ben-I looked up at Neil, seeing him put his hand on my shoulder.

Neil-"She'll get through this, Bella is strong."

Will watched Ben and he sighed softly, he never seen him act like this before. It was clear that Ben had feelings for Bella-strong feelings. He ran a hand through his hair as he leaned against the wall, If he ever saw Jacob, he'd rip him to bits-This was his fault. He was the one that hurt Bella and got her pregnant, now she had ectopic pregnancy which was threatening her life, as well as Brain cancer. But he partially blamed him self as well, he noticed Bella was bit weaker then usual and sometimes bit sick, but he didn't think much off, he thought it was just the stress of everything that happened in her past, with her ex and what not.He sank down against the wall and he closed his eyes tightly. He was too worried, many things could go wrong during a surgery.

Few hours later: Will was pacing up and down the halls of the hospital. Bella was like his sister-no matter how much they argued or how annoying she found him. He stopped when he saw a doctor walking their way.

Dr. Montgomery walked over and she smiled kindly at them "You must be the patients's friends." she said. Will nodded "Is she okay? how is she?" he asked, stumbling over his questions.

Dr. Montgomery looked at him "I had to remove one of the fallopian tubes, due to the ectopic pregnancy as the tube ruptured and she was bleeding a lot. Dr. Shepherd and the other doctors are removing the tumor as we speak." she told him "She is stable and holding on. I warn you though, he recovery will be slow and she will be sore and might suffer from memory loss, so try not to take it personally if she doesn't remember much." she smiled kindly "Her memory will get back to her soon."


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