The Twilight Saga

M.I.N.K. University

Monster Institution to Neutralize Knights

Founded by Albert Mink (Lycan)


Every story deserves a little action, adventure to new worlds, and maybe even some romance? It's the beginning of Fall semester at Mink University. There are transfer students, new students, current and about to graduate students. With new and exciting activities available, the days of classes just fly by. You will meet new people wherever you go. Your life is just beginning. What will you do with it?


Everyone was finally getting settled, but that was when horror struck. Where will this mystery take us.

Information you should consider:

1- There are many creatures at this university:






- Knights 

2- Knights are like the "Knights of the Round Table". Except, these knights have been trained their whole life to kill or enslave monsters. They have come to this university, like Humans, as if it were a normal college. Only in search of monsters. 

3- Students at this university do not know what monster is in which body. Each student keeps there monster identity a secret. 

4- You're friends may know what monster possess you. (They will learn as well as time passes.)

5. Roommates will be assigned to you. (By Me!)

6- I have some characters made up if you would like. You just need to fill in the details. 

If you would please fill out this form for me to determine your roommate that would be lovely! 



Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior:



Looks (Description):

Looks (Picture):




Slight Background: (Do not reveal your monster)


Serenity Adams




123 lbs

Serenity has long brown hair, caramel eyes. She is a little on the slim side. She hardly wears make-up and usually hair up in a bun if she is hard at work. Her clothing style is usually jeans and a baggy T-shirt, Leather Jacket, a bag with her favorite pins on it, black or red converse, and her camera. As well as many bracelets. 

Serenity is a girl who is usually quiet and to herself, but in the end, she will be there for anyone who needs her help. She always has a camera with her to capture the moments she finds to be the most beautiful. She will randomly snap a picture whenever she can. Those who she considers friends are the most important people in her life. 

Likes/ Interests: Cameras, writing, Music, Antiques, animals, food....

Dislikes: People that waste her time... 

Slight Background: Serenity grew up in a orphanage. She has been on her own since she was 16. She knows nothing about her past and her family. She just remembers seeing some weird things growing up. She remembers watching people change form, grow fangs, sleep for years... So many weird things happened in the orphanage she lived in. She decided MINK University would not only help her with her talents, but help her figure out her past that seems to be s blank slate before the age of 10.  



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Name: Aksaana Kumar
Height: 5'8
Looks (Description): i ll send the pic

Personality:shy but rebellious when sees wrong
Likes: writting poems,painting
Dislikes: boys who try to flirt
Slight Background: she have just been sent in this university from india.
Being new she feels very shy to speak. She is very interesting bt at the same time too mysterious too...
Heey, i m srry bt pic is uploading if u can pls put pic of katrina kaif in my character Aksaana

Name: Sebastian Hugo

Age: 21

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior: Junior

Height: 5'11

Weight: 155

Looks (Description): Bass has shaggy dirty blonde hair hair that he often styles in different ways. He has blue eyes and fair skin. Bass is very long and lean and is sometimes awkward. His wardrobe varies from sweaters to flannels to band t-shirts. Bass has a long scar on his back from a childhood accident. 

Looks (Picture):

Personality: Bass is a laid back and go with the flow type of guy. He is done for just about anything. Bass is smart, clever and cunning. He knows how to get what he wants and often uses it to his advantage. He is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. Bass will help anyone in need. Some view this as a weakness, but Bass views it as a strength.

Likes: Movies, music, sports, people

Dislikes: Tight spaces, insomnia

Slight Background: Bass comes from a wealthy family. He spent his childhood traveling the world as his father was apart of the army. Bass always knew he was different. He could never relate to his brothers or sisters. Growing up, Bass got whatever he wanted, but it didn't change who he was. He was still just as laid back then as he is now. As a child Bass would have nightmares. They were so vivd and realistic it terrific him. He wouldn't sleep for days afterwards his nightmares were so bad. Bass started seeing the things from his nightmares during the day. He told his parents, but they just sent him to a shrink. When things didn't get better Bass's parents sent him to MINK university, and he's been there ever since. 

Austin Perez




120 lb.

Austin is short for an 18 year old boy and has brown hair with "bangs" or fringe as they call it in the United Kingdom(UK). He has very feminine features like a tiny nose and thin lips, he also has bright blue eyes that turns a dark blue when he's upset or sad. He is also very slim and usually wears striped shirts and colored jeans but sometimes he wears regular blue jeans and he has his black glasses on most of the time but sometimes wears contacts, he also wears suspenders but barely wears them anymore but he still wears his TOMS and has A LOT of bracelets and wristbands.

Austin is very bubbly, silly and a jokester. He is always trying to cheer people up and either making a joke or just being a weirdo. He's also very girly.

Likes: Teddy Bears, stripes, suspenders, TOMS, Superman, Red, Carrots(LOL), Music, Cameras, Acting, Writing & Great Friends

Dislikes: Cheaters, Liars, Stealers and Overall Very Bad People

Austin had grown up in a house full of girls, having 5 sisters and him being the second oldest. His sisters had always wanted him to play girly things with them or go shopping which resulted in him being very girly. He did get bullied for that and called gay but either way he still kept a smile on his face and didn't let anyone change that. When he was 16 he noticed strange things happening to him so when he was 18, his mom sent him to MINK University to keep his "abilities" tamed and so he can figure out what happened to him.

I'm planning on joining but I'm on my phone so i will do it when I get on my computer


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