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Cammy and Paul were best friends when they were little, but then Cammy moved away.

A few years later things started to change, he started to phase and started to forget Cammy, but when she moves back, Paul, almost doesn't recognize her then he imprints on her. 

Where we start is at the beach. I'll get us started once someone joins

Cammy- Me (Chaos~Crazy<3*)



Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and pick a werewolf and I will be the werewolf for you.

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Please join

I'll play Paul for ya! And i'll create a girl who is already Jared's imprint. She could be the one who introduces Cammy to Paul.



Chanel's known for breaking the rules and being quite the trouble maker. Definitely the person your parents warned you to stay away from. She doesn't seem like the type to be loyal to a guy and this often worries Jared. The pack doesn't like that Jared imprinted on someone as reckless as she but they can't really do anything about it. She argues a lot with him but loves him anyways. When she meets Cammy, she introduces her to the pack.

Thanks, I have a good idea how to start with your idea and mine.

Cammy walked to the beach, she was meeting her friend there. Cammy had just moved back to La Push after being gone for a few years. She got there and saw her friend, Chanel, sitting with her boyfriend that she had met a few times. Cammy looked around, trying to recognize faces from we childhood. She didn't know most of them but thats why she had Chanel, to introduce her to everyone. "Hey there love birds" she said to them as she stood there, shifting weight from one leg to the other. She looked around "Does Paul Lahote still live around here?" she asked, not sounding hopeful.

Jared sat on the beach, with his imprint and his love, Chanel. Jared love to spend time at the beach, it was probably because the cold weather didn't bother him to much since he was a werewolf and his temperature runs hot. He had told Chanel about the imprint earlier on in their relationship so there wasnt any lying. He saw Cammy, Chanels friend walk down to them "Paul Lahote? Yeah, hes around here somewhere" he told her then looked at Chanel and smiled at her

(Darn! I thought it would be very dramatic to have Cammy have a crush on Jared for a bit. Drama between Chanel and her)

Paul was in the ocean playing in the cold waves. The cold water didn't bother him much which made it even better. He dove through one and came back up after a bit. He glanced over at Jared and Chanel. Just the thought of Chanel made him roll his eyes. She was quite the hassle for the pack... always getting into trouble. He saw another person with them but couldn't recognize them from the distance he was at. He swam towards the shore and stumbled a little as he hit the ground, trying to get his balance back.

Chanel sat with her head on Jared's shoulder as they both watched Paul and some of the others dive in and out of the waves. His heat radiated through his shirt and warmed her cheek. She looked up at Cammy and grinned. Her and Cammy were best friends when they were little. Obviously, Chanel had changed since then. "Yeah he's here somewhere" She looked around the ocean "Maybe. He could've drowned by now who knows" She joked and stood up, hugging her friend. "It's been so long since I've seen you!"

Cammy smiled at her friend and hugged her back. "I know, its been forever, I just got back into town" she told her and explained that she was back for good and told her why. She looked around for Paul but couldnt place a face to him. "You've changed a lot" she told her friend Chanel.

Jared smiled at Chanel and kissed her head "Be nice now"  he told her. and looked at all the guys coming in, he looked at Paul and nodded for him to come over to them.

(Remember that Paul isn't supposed to remember Cammy)

Paul caught Jared's nod and held up a single finger to tell him he'd be there in a bit. He walked over to some nearby rocks and grabbed a towel. He dried himself off then put his shirt back on. He ruffled his hair with the towel as he walked closer to the 3 people. As he got closer, he felt more and more warm until it suddenly hit him. He stopped dead in his tracks and all he could see was the girl standing with them. He didn't know the girl but he had just imprinted on her.

Chanel just shrugged "I mean I'm still the same person" She had always been a troublemaker even in their elementary school days. She watched as Paul came towards them. Then watched as he stopped dead in his tracks. She gave him a weird look before realizing that it was the same look Jared had given her a few years ago when her and her friends were at the carnival. She looked back to Jared hoping he had noticed.

Jared nodded and then looked at his friend who are staring at Cammy. He grinned and looked at Chanel knowing what Paul just did, he imprinted. "Babe, we should let these two talk" he told her and stood up and took her hand.

Cammy looked at the guy coming out of the water then started towards them "Still a trouble maker?" she asked and looked at her in a joking way, but her friend had always a trouble maker. She looked at him, he was staring at her, she started to fix her clothes then played with her red hair "Paul?" she asked, uncertain "Oh my goodness" 

Brb, taking a shower

Chanel snorted in amusement "No no" She said softly "I honestly want to see how this goes down" She snickered. First meetings between a wolf and his imprint were always very awkward because the imprint often didn't know what was going on. She laughed again when Jared pulled her away. "Oh come on" She rolled her eyes "You know he always picks on you for how awkward you were when we met" She giggled again at the memory

Paul shook his head quickly, trying to break out of the daze he was in. He was standing right in front of the girl, looking down at her. God she was beautiful. More than beautiful even. There were millions of words in the English language and he couldn't think of one to describe her. He went to speak but nothing came out of his mouth. He coughed a little " do you know my name?" He wanted to hit himself. That's honestly what he said to her for the first time? He had always imagined it being something a little more charming.

Jared nodded "alright alright " he laughed and listened ti what she was saying "That's very true" he told her and put his arm around her and watched Paul and his new imprint.

Cammy. Looked at him "You don't remember me? " she asked feeling very hurt. She stepped back a little looking at him "Its Cammy! " she said to him. She looked down at her feet

Chanel just shook her head after he got the first sentence out "Oh no no this is just too awkward to handle" She teased, earning herself a glare from Paul. She stood up, pulling Jared with her "Lets go" she wandered towards the street where the pack's house was. She swallowed, suddenly very quiet. She had gotten a phone call from her parents who lived across the country. They were thinking about making her move back to where they were. She hadn't broken the news to Jared because she knew it would kill him.

Paul didn't like the hurt expression on her face. It made him feel hurt too. He remembered Cammy suddenly "Oh..oh my gosh" He exclaimed, half because he couldn't believe he didn't recognize her. And half because he couldn't believe he had imprinted on her "You just look... you just look so different!" He ran a hand through his hair, looking at her "And you remember...I've always been a little ditzy" He chuckled a little in a pathetic attempt to make her happy again.


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