The Twilight Saga

Cammy and Paul were best friends when they were little, but then Cammy moved away.

A few years later things started to change, he started to phase and started to forget Cammy, but when she moves back, Paul, almost doesn't recognize her then he imprints on her. 

Where we start is at the beach. I'll get us started once someone joins

Cammy- Me (Chaos~Crazy<3*)



Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and pick a werewolf and I will be the werewolf for you.

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Jared stood near him, getting in his face "Chanel, back up" he warned her, he couldn't hurt her again. Once he knew she was far enough away from the two of them. Jared balled up his fist and punched Oliver in the nose.

Cammy looked at him and followed him into the kitchen, "Is everything gonna be okay?" she asked. She sighed "You have nothing to be sorry about, its not your fault" she told him and she started to say hi to the others in the kitchen

Chanel didn't want to step back but another pack member pulled her back. She watched as Jared punched Oliver in the nose. She glanced into the kitchen where people were starting to take notice of the fight. She knew Paul wasn't happy and Cammy was currently clueless. She jerked away from the guy holding her arm and got between them. "hey hey... hey!!" she grabbed Jared's arm as he tried to punch again. She didn't do much but push it sideways. Oliver stood behind her, getting mad

Paul could hear the fight in the loving room and sighed. "yeah everything should be fine" he said, rolling his eyes. "they can all be... kinda hot headed. Especially Jared" he explained. He wished he could explain WHY Jared was so angry but it would make very little sense to her. He swallowed and leaned against the counter, watching her talk to other girls. He smiled a little. She was definitely the most beautiful girl in the room. She was sweet and just perfect.

Jared growled at him and knew Chanel wanted to stop them, "Don't ever touch her again!" he yelled at him and felt Chanel touch his arm and calmed down a little. He looked at his imprint "I'm sorry" he whispered to her, giving Oliver a dirty look. He turned towards her and hugged her. He still could tell Oliver was shaking.

Cammy looked at them and talked with everyone a little. When she heard yelling, she turned around and looked back into the other room "Should we do something?" she asked, feeling concerned. She looked at Paul, she smiled slightly, she was glad to be back in La Push. "Does this happen a lot?" she was questioning the fight.

Paul hesitated a moment in response to her question them just nodded slowly "Oliver likes Chanel and it makes Jared mad" that sounded close enough to the truth right? He watched as Chanel managed to calm Jared down "Chanel can usually stop it though..." He watched as she got Jared upstairs and for once, wasn't annoyed with her. " that it's you wanna go meet everyone else?" He gave her a sheepish smile, "I promise they're chill. It's just the 2..."

Chanel ducked out of the hug and trotted upstairs, knowing he would follow. Talking about imprints would just confuse Cammy. She walked into their room and sighed, running a hand through her hair "I don't know why you give him the time of day" she said, looking at Jared. She knew it made him mad but that was what Oliver wanted. He liked the attention it got him and the drama it caused.

Cammy looked him and nodded "Yeah sure " she followed him out to the living room. She stood behind him and.looked at everyone. "How'd she get him to calm so fast? " she questioned

Jared followed her up stairs and into the room "Its a werewolf thing, " he told her. "Please don't be angry at me " he said "I'm sorry " he apologized to her

Paul had expected her to be social with everyone but it was clear she still had unanswered questions. He looked at her "they've just been together for so long I guess she knows how" be shrugged as if he didn't exactly know. She had a lot of questions about what had just happened. He was just grateful someone had stopped the 2 before one of then phased. He ran a hand through his hair. A girl, one of the only girls in the pack, walked up to Cammy and smiled "hi" she said, sticking her hand out "I'm luna"

Chanel shook her head. "I know it is I know" she sighed and looked at Jared as he kept apologizing "don't apologize. The sucker had it coming anyways" she said quietly. She then hugged him, he arms around his middle and her head on his warm chest. "And you know I love you too much to be even slightly mad for a long time" she said quietly

Cammy nodded "I guess that makes sense" she said. She looked up at Paul then at the girl who came up to her "Hi, I'm Cammy" she said to the girl. She played with her hair and looked around the room. She shook her hand "Its nice to meet you" she told her.

Jared nodded his head and looked at her "Alright" he told her "I'm glad  finally punched him," he admitted to her. Then wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head "Thanks for stopping me before I did something really stupid " he said and held onto her,

Paul just nodded, leaning against the wall. He found it hard to hide the fact that he had imprinted on her. He began to envy the other guys in the house who could openly show love for their imprints. He had zoned out but came back to reality when the girl said the word imprint. "Nice to meet you too!" Luna said. She began introducing different people to Cammy. Luna pointed to a blonde guy who sat beside a few other guys "That's Will. He's my imprint" She grinned. Paul stared at Luna, trying to get her attention to tell her not to talk about it.

Chanel laughed a little "You know I would've if I could" she had made that mistake when they hadn't been together for a while. She had gotten angry at one of the guys and punched him in the jaw... which did nothing but bruise her knuckles up. She looked at him and wrapped her arms around his neck "2 wolves usually tends to freak newcomers out" she teased, kissing his nose

Cammy smiled politely at everyone as Luna introduced her, saying things like it was nice to meet them or shake their hand. "I'm sorry, what? Imprint?" she repeated "Whats that? Some sort of couple thing?"

Jared smiled and looked at his imprint. He took her hand and kissed the scar that he accidentally gave her when he was fighting with one of the guys. "And yeah, 2 wolves can freak a person out" he said , holding her close to him.

Paul coughed a little, trying to get Luna's attention but it didn't work. Luna continued talking, assuming Cammy knew about the wolf thing. "Oh! It's so much more than that. Someone's imprint is like a soul mate but not necessarily in the romantic way. I mean, it usually is.  But the imprint basically becomes the gravity holding that person to earth. They'll do anything, be anything, for that person. We tend to be very protective over our imprints too. But only wol-" She finally noticed Paul. Paul shook his head quickly. "But it's just a silly myth.", Luna said, "It's just fun to believe ya know? Kinda like a fairy tale..."

Chanel watched him kiss the scar on her hand. She hated the expression he got on his face whenever he saw it, which is why she usually went out of her way to cover it with makeup. She smiled a little and gently kissed him. When she kissed him was the only time she felt what he felt all the time. That crazy feeling all over and the over whelming love. She often thought about what it would be like to have that intense feeling all the time.


Cammy listened to Luna, she was really confused about it all, she turned to look at Paul. "Uhm.. Is that true?" she asked him, she played with her hair then turned to Luna "But its only what?" she asked her.

Jared smiled and kissed her back. He loved the feeling he had for her. It was a feeling he could never explain but he had it whenever he was around Chanel. The feeling he had for her was intense. Alright he remembered the day he hurt her, he was beside himself, he didn't think she would forgive him and she did.

Paul opened his mouth but didn't really know what to say. He hadn't planned on telling her for a while. He watched as she turned back to Luna. Luna smiled a fake sheepish smile "You know, I don't really remember what I was going to say! It's just a story though. I like the idea that someone would be so protective over someone like that... but maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic!" She giggled a little. Paul just nodded, going along with it. "Yeah it's some tribal story I think. Who knows if it's true" He shrugged

Chanel smiled a little under the kiss and gently ran her fingers through his hair. She broke the kiss and smiled a little, the intense feeling draining from her. "We should probably go downstairs" She said softly, leaning her forehead against his.


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