The Twilight Saga

Cammy and Paul were best friends when they were little, but then Cammy moved away.

A few years later things started to change, he started to phase and started to forget Cammy, but when she moves back, Paul, almost doesn't recognize her then he imprints on her. 

Where we start is at the beach. I'll get us started once someone joins

Cammy- Me (Chaos~Crazy<3*)



Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and pick a werewolf and I will be the werewolf for you.

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No problem I'm at dinner with my family right now. And I'll be up then so don't worry about it.

Paul just nodded "Of course. We have extra rooms, it's no big deal" He looked at the fire that was burning down because everyone was too tired to get up and tend to it. "We should probably get going to bed" He said with a yawn and looked at her

Chanel smirked a little "I love me too" she said with a slightly giggle. When Jared made a face, she laughed "I'm kidding I'm kidding I love you" She poked his cheek then yawned a little, standing up. "I'm going to bed" She said, starting back towards the house

Cammy  looked at him and nodded. She noticed that mostly everyone had left and the fire died down a lot. She yawned again and stood up.

Jared chuckled at his girlfriend and stood up "I'll go with you" he told her and took her hand walking with her 

Paul stood up with her and started walking back towards the house. He smiled a little as he walked and looked up at the sky. He felt perfectly happy, like there was nothing wrong the world at the moment. He looked back to her and smiled a little before looking back down at the sand in front of him. They walked into the house and it was almost completely quiet. There were a few quiet voices in the living room and the TV was on very low. "Here follow me" He said, walking down the hall towards the guest bedroom.

Chanel nodded and just continued walking until he caught up. She intertwined their fingers and walked up to the house. When they walked in, there were a few guys in the living room. Chanel walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. She yawned and ran her fingers through her ponytail.

Cammy smiled as they walked to the house. She was happy to be back in La Push with everyone. "Alright" she nodded and followed him up stairs to their guest room. "Thanks Paul" she smiled at him.

Jared walked with her to the house and stood in the door way of the kitchen and waited for her. He covered his mouth as he yawned and looked at her and smiled slightly. Just happy to be around her. He thought of the day he imprinted on her, and smiled, knowing it was one of the best days of his life.

Paul smiled "Of course!" He showed her where the bathrooms and stuff was in the house then walked back to the room. "I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight" He gave her a quick hug then walked down the hall to his own bedroom. He walked in, closed the door and changed into just some sweats. He sat down on his bed and just smiled uncontrollably at the thought of Cammy.

Chanel got her glass of water and walked past Jared, grabbing his hand as she sipped the cool water. She walked upstairs and into their bedroom. She set the glass on the table next to the bed and grabbed one of Jared's t-shirts. She quickly changed into it, throwing her clothes across the room into a white hamper. She looked in the mirror that hung above the dresser and made a face "Good lord I look like a homeless person"

Cammy smiled and nodded as he showed her where everything was. She hugged him back and took her shoes off and got ready for bed. She layed down on the guest bed. She heard it start raining. She curled up and thought of Paul.

Jared took her hand and walked up stairs with her. He put on sweat pants and looked at Chanel. "You look fine love " he kissed her cheek and sat on the bed

Paul couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. He eventually turned the light off and laid back in bed. He couldn't stop thinking of her. He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair. It kind of sucked just being down the hall from her. He couldn't imagine being in another state or something. He closed his eyes and just laid there, thinking about her.

Chanel rolled her eyes then smiled a little to show that she wasn't actually annoyed. "Yeah ok whatever floats your boat" She said with a small laugh. She flopped down on the bed on her stomach and sighed. "It's been a long day" She mumbled into her pillow

Cammy layed in the bed and thought of paul. She saw the lightning and flinched. She didn't mind rain but hated lightning. She thought about going to Pauls room.

Jared chuckled and layed with her. He wrapped his arms around her "I know it has " he told her and smiled a little

Paul opened his eyes when he saw the lightning out his window. A moment later, rain started pounding on the window. He rolled onto his back and sighed. He loved the sound of rain, it made him sleepy. He slowly started to fall asleep to the sound of the patter on the roof and window.

Chanel snuggled into his body and was just about asleep when there was long crack of thunder. She just about leapt a foot into the air and fell off the bed. She laid on the floor and groaned in annoyance and pain. She rolled over onto her stomach, not wanting to get up.

Cammy watched the lightning out the window and sighed. She didn't like the thunder or lightning. She covered her head with her blanket and tried to ignore it. She knew Paul was right down the hall but she didn't want to wake him up.

Jared held her close to him as they layed in bed. Then as thunder cracked Chanel jumped and fell off the bed. He got up and went around the bed "Chanel are you okay?" he asked, helping her get up.

Paul kept waking up from the thunder. More annoyed than anything else, he eventually got up and wandered out into the hall. He walked down the hall towards the rest of the house and paused for a moment outside his imprint's door before continuing on into the kitchen. He grabbed some strawberries and leaned against the counter, eating them. The storm had gotten louder from before.

Chanel groaned again "Yeah I guess" She mumbled, rubbing her eyes. She was grumpy from being woken up and grumpy from hitting the floor. She glanced out the window and in the flash of lightning, saw rain pouring down and wind whipping the trees around. She immediately felt a twang of fear in her stomach. She HATED strong winds. She hid the fear from her face, not wanting to upset Jared.


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